Top 5 things to do in Corfu

We have been visiting Corfu for a long time now and everyone always asks us why we love this island so much and we can never really give them an answer other than “we just do!”.

Since we have started Three As A Bird we have spoken with a lot of people who also share our love for Corfu and they all say that they can never quite put their finger on why they love it but there is something about Corfu that really connects with people and makes you just admire this stunning island. We often get asked what is there to do there? So we have put together a little list of our top 5 things to do in Corfu ..

1. Explore Corfu

We have put this on the list of top things to do in Corfu because we feel there are so many hidden gems in Corfu that you just won’t find without getting out there and exploring! We found that hiring out a quad bike is such a fun way to do this.

You can turn down a narrow one track road and it will bring you out to a secluded beach with a tiny taverna. Also we love exploring the mountains. You may see a tiny little town high up over looking the ever green views with people still riding around on donkeys and it looks like you have just driven 200 years back in time.

If you’re out exploring and see a road that looks interesting, turn down it. We found some of our favorite places by doing just this.

Lake Korission Beach
Lake Korission

2. Achillion Palace

This is our absolute favorite building in the whole of Corfu. The history and the story associated with this building is very interesting but the main reason why this is such a special place is the architecture and the building work is nothing like you will see anywhere else in Corfu.

With some amazing artwork in the ceilings to all of the statues outside to, in our opinion, the best part, the painting of Hector and Troy. Then there is the amazing statue of Achilles in the beautiful gardens. The palace is high up so the views from the gardens are stunning.

Achillion Palace Views
Achillion Palace Archway
Achilles at Archillion Palace

3. Greek Food

The one thing you must do while visiting Corfu is try as many restaurants as possible! Greek food is so delicious. We love finding stunning restaurants with the best views over the sea or over looking the mountains, it’s something we look forward to every day when in Corfu.

We usually just stumble across restaurants that we like the look of whilst out exploring and we have found some real gems whilst doing this, the main one being the Kaiser Bridge Restaurant. It’s just stunning, the views are unreal and the food is great!

Kaiser Bridge Restaurant Corfu

4. Corfu Town

No trip to Corfu is complete without a visit to this historic city. There is so much to do and see, you can visit the new and old fortresses, see the old churches, navigate your way through the tiny narrow cobbled streets and stumble into a wonderful handmade woodwork shop.

The Liston is our favourite part of Corfu Town. It’s a beautiful picturesque street with marble flooring and archways filled with restaurants and cafes. It’s the perfect place to have a catch up and relax with a coffee. You can find more about Corfu town here.

Corfu Town Shopping
Corfu Town Old Fortress

5. Explore the ocean/beaches

Hiring a boat is a must in Corfu. It’s the perfect way to explore the stunning coastlines and get out to the secluded beaches that may not be so easy to access any other way.

You can stop off along the coast exploring in the caves and mooring in the greek tavernas for some lunch or a cold drink. A great taverna that we could recommend is Taverna Agni. Corfu has so many amazing beaches and snorkelling is such a fun activity to do if you get the chance, there is an array of marine life to be seen.

Having the opportunity to jump off your boat into the beautiful turquoise Ionian Sea is something that just cannot be missed which is why we highly recommend hiring out a boat in Corfu and getting out there to explore the ocean.

Hire a boat Corfu

We hope you can take something from our top 5 things to do in Corfu when you visit and hope you love the island as much as we do!

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  1. Corfu seems so lovely! I went to Greece first time last year and I felt in love with that country! Its so beautiful, with stunning forms, beautiful beaches and delicious food! I would love to rent a boat and explore around, thats such a great idea! You have a beautiful photos here! Thanks for recommendation !

  2. I’d love to go back to Corfu! I went once for work many many moons ago and I didn’t even get to visit a beach once let alone see the island’s attractions. I did get taken out for a meal by my work colleagues but that was it! And it looks so beautiful!

  3. I remember going to Corfu ten years ago on my only trip to Greece. I love the views from the fortress in Corfu town but I remember mostly chilling on the beach and doing sod all after four weeks on the road, rail trips, etc. 😀

  4. Corfu is indeed a revelation. It looks so pristine and untouched. Apart from the natural landscapes, the mountains, and the beaches. I find the Achillion Palace, really fascinating. The Corfu town too looks exotic and so colourful. Indeed Corfu seems to hold the promise of a tranquil and rejuvenating getaway.

    1. It’s one of our favourite places we have been to, Corfu is so stunning, thank you for taking the time to read our blog post we really appreciate it and hope you enjoy reading some of our others!

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