7 BEST Waterproof Sprays for Fabric + Buyer’s Guide


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Don’t forgo outdoor activities just because it is raining. Instead, grab a can of waterproof spray for fabric and hit the outdoors. With the help of the spray, you will be able to wear breathable yet waterproof materials. You can even use this spray on other gear, such as tents.

Of course, you will have to purchase a great can of waterproof spray for fabric for the spray to do its magic. If you’ve never purchased waterproof spray before, we have got you covered. In this article, learn about the seven best waterproof sprays for fabric. All these sprays are reliable and ideal for a variety of fabrics.

Keep reading to read reviews of the seven best waterproof sprays for fabric, as well as to get some help from our convenient buyer’s guide at the end. Let’s get started.

7 Best Waterproof Sprays for Fabric

1.      Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield – Best Overall

  • Brand: Scotchgard
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Ideal For: Clothes, upholstery

The best overall waterproof spray for fabric is Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield. This spray is a favourite for thousands of people across the UK because of how simple, reliable, and efficient it is. You can spray it on practically all clothing items, including shirts, ties, and suits. It is even strong enough to repel spills on household items, like table linens, couches, or upholstery.

In terms of price, the Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield is pretty affordable, but it is more expensive than some of the other products on our round up. Even so, the price is well worth it given the fact that it is so efficient and reliable.

If you need something more heavy-duty, there is even a heavy-duty version of this spray. This spray is designed for more intense uses, such as spraying tactile objects and clothing. Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield, which is why it is our best overall pick.


  • Great for many fabrics
  • Reliable
  • Great reviews
  • Heavy-duty upgrade options


  • Slightly pricey
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Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield

2.      Nikwax Fabric & Leather Spray – Best Budget Pick

  • Brand: Nikwax
  • Capacity: 125 ml
  • Ideal For: Fabric and leather

Even if you are on a budget, there are great waterproof spray options to select. Our favourite budget pick is the Nikwax Fabric & Leather Spray. This spray is the most affordable option on our list, but it is still super reliable and convenient. It even comes with a large capacity, further ensuring the value of this product.

The Nikwax Fabric & Leather Spray is a great budget pick because it is good for more than just traditional fabric. It is actually designed for both fabric and leather. In other words, this spray is good for a variety of materials so you don’t have to purchase multiple cans for different products.

Reviews note that this can of spray does not lie about its abilities. It delivers exactly what it promises. The only potential downside is that there are some postal charges, which increase the price. Still, this option is the most affordable in terms of price and value.


  • Highly affordable
  • Large capacity
  • Great for fabric and leather


  • Postal charges
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Nikwax Fabric & Leather Spray

3.      Muc-Off Rain Shield Re-Proofer – Premium Pick

  • Brand: The Muc-Off Store
  • Capacity: 250 ml
  • Ideal For: Technical or waterproof fabrics

If you need a waterproof spray for fabric and don’t want to settle, you need the Muc-Off Rain Shield Re-Proofer. This spray is our premium pick. Although it is the most expensive product on our round up, it is one of the most advanced sprays to ensure your material gets waterproofed.

The Muc-Off Rain Shield Re-Proofer is specifically designed to help you waterproof outdoor and tactile clothing. It can allow you to vamp up the waterproofing capabilities of clothing that already have waterproofing properties. All the while, the formula is PFC free, meaning it doesn’t harm the environment.

Because of how safe the formula is, it is suitable for all waterproof fabrics, including Gore-Tex, soft shell clothing, hard shell clothing, and even down filled garments. In other words, the high price tag is certainly worth it if you are looking for the best overall waterproofer for outdoor and technical clothing.


  • Safe for all outdoor clothing
  • PFC free
  • Highly powerful


  • Expensive
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Muc-Off Rain Shield Re-Proofer

4.      Nikwax Fabric and Leather Spray – Leather Pick

  • Brand: Nikiwax
  • Capacity: 125 ml
  • Ideal For: Fabric and leather

The Nikwax Fabric and Leather Spray is the perfect pick if you are looking for a waterproofer for leather specifically. This product can be used with fabric, but it is especially great for leather. Especially when you pair the waterproofer with the Nikwax Footwear Cleaning Gel, your shoes will be waterproof.

For convenience, this product comes with a sponge on applicator. This applicator makes it easy to apply this water based, biodegradable product on shoes and other similar items. The liquid is also free of PFC, VOCs, scent, or optical brighteners.

Surprisingly, this price is pretty affordable given its offerings and sponge applicator. However, this spray isn’t right for all uses. If you need to spray clothes, you will probably want a spray applicator because this sponge applicator can take some time to apply the liquid.


  • Great for leather
  • Affordable
  • Reliable and easy to use


  • Can take a while to apply to large pieces of clothing
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Nikwax Fabric and Leather Spray

5.      Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof Spray

  • Brand: Nikwax
  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Ideal For: Tents and other tactile gear

Another great Nikwax product to try out is the Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof Spray. This spray is perfect if you need to spray down tents and other large tactical appliances. Although you can use this on clothing, it is best suited for appliances.

With a 500 millilitre capacity, the Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof Spray will easily be able to cover your tent and other products. It even blocks UV, ensuring that your outdoor products do not get damaged from the sun at the same time.

If you are looking for a waterproof spray for clothing specifically, this product will likely be too powerful in terms of its projectile spray. It’s best to go with a different option if you want spray for clothing, but this product cannot be beat when it comes to waterproofing and protecting tents and other large pieces of fabric.


  • Great for tents and other outdoor appliances
  • Protects against UV
  • Large capacity


  • Not suited for clothing and other small pieces of fabric
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Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof Spray

6.      Grangers Performance Repel Plus

  • Brand: Grangers
  • Capacity: 275 ml
  • Ideal For: Technical fabrics

There’s nothing worse than buying a waterproof product only for the waterproofing capabilities to wear off prematurely. This scenario is especially problematic whenever you love the article of clothing. If this is a situation you find yourself in, you need the Grangers Performance Repel Plus.

This spray is specifically designed to help restore water repellent finishes of all technical fabrics. At the same time, it maximizes breathability and adds additional water repellents. It is even blue sign approved. In other words, this spray can help you continue wearing your favourite waterproof clothes.

Because this product is designed to help restore water-repellent finishes, this might not be the pick for you if you want the spray to waterproof articles of clothing that are not already waterproof. Instead, select one of the sprays above if you need to waterproof fabric that is not already waterproof to some degree.


  • Great for maximizing the life of your water-repellent clothes
  • Maximizes breathability
  • Blue sign approved


  • Not ideal for clothing with out water-repellent capabilities
61yXRyJYyRL. AC UY879

Grangers Performance Repel | 275ml Waterproof Spray

7.      Impressions Water Proof Spray Fabric Protector  

  • Brand: Impressions
  • Capacity: 300 ml
  • Ideal For: Tactile clothes and fabrics

Finally, the last waterproof spray for fabric to check out is the Impressions Water Proof Spray Fabric Protector. This protector is designed for a multiplicity of fabrics, ranging from shoes to umbrellas to tents to clothes. In other words, this is a great product to keep in your bag for a rainy day, quite literally.

The price is also pretty affordable. At the same time, it has a large capacity to ensure you get great value from this product.

Even though this spray is a great go to item when you are in a pinch, it is not as powerful as the other sprays on our list. So, this might be a good spray to keep in your closet for emergency situations, but the sprays above will be better suited at providing heavy-duty waterproofing capabilities.


  • Great for all fabrics
  • Affordable
  • Large capacity


  • Not as powerful as the other sprays
51qa41g5YEL. AC SX679

Water Proof Spray Fabric Protector

Does Waterproofing Spray Work on Fabric?

Yes. Waterproofing spray is suitable for fabric if you select spray specifically designed for fabrics. Untextured materials, such as nylon, leather, and canvas, can be protected with basic waterproofing spray. All other materials will require specialty spray designed for that material.

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How Do You Make Fabric Permanently Waterproof?

Technically speaking, nothing is permanently waterproof. Even so, you can opt for heavy-duty waterproofing spray to make your fabrics semi-permanent. The waterproofing spray should last a long time and help your materials stay dry, even in the rain.

In order to maintain the waterproofing capabilities, it’s imperative to care for the fabric and apply the spray correctly. For example, you have to apply the spray after it has been cleaned and free from dirt or debris. Reapply the spray according to the spray’s directions to keep the waterproof layer intact.

How long does a waterproof spray last?

A waterproof spray will last anywhere from eight hours to 3 weeks, depending on the brand. The longevity of any spray depends on the type of coat you are spraying onto, how many layers you put it on and how transparent or pigmented it is.

Sprays also work better in dry coats than wet coats because of their solvent nature.

Waterproof Spray for Fabric: Buyer’s Guide

It can be difficult to select the best waterproof spray for fabric because the different options all promise the same thing. As a buyer, it can be confusing to know which sprays actually deliver what they promise and meet your needs.

In order to select the best waterproof spray for fabric, it’s important to keep these four factors in mind:

Ideal Fabric

Before you purchase a waterproof spray for fabric, double check the recommended fabric that the spray is used on. Some sprays will be designed specifically for leather, whereas other sprays will be designed for textured fabrics. You want to select a spray that matches the material you intend to use it on.

Some sprays will be designed for a variety of fabrics. These sprays are convenient because you don’t have to buy different bottles. However, there are some drawbacks to these products. They often aren’t as effective or heavy-duty as specialty spray bottles.

So, waterproof spray designed for all fabrics is best to keep on hand for an emergency, but it’s a good idea to get specialty products as well.


Once you find products that match your ideal fabric, read reviews about the product’s reliability. The reviews will tell you a lot about the efficiency and true waterproofing capabilities of the spray. If there are a lot of complaints about the spray’s effectiveness, select another model.


One factor that can make a huge difference in terms of convenience is capacity. The capacity refers to how much spray or liquid is within the product. Most waterproofing sprays have capacities between 125 millilitres and 500 millilitres. It’s important to match the capacity to the intended item you will spray.

For instance, you don’t need that big of a capacity if you are only spraying a single pair of shoes. In contrast, you will need as big of a capacity as possible if you will spray multiple garments, a tent, and a canopy. You may need to purchase multiple bottles for large jobs.


Although you shouldn’t base your decision entirely on price, don’t forget to think about this factor. The price can be the tiebreaker between two sprays that fit your needs in terms of fabric, reliability, and capacity.

Always Use Waterproof Fabric Spray Safely!

No matter what type of waterproof spray for fabric you select, make sure that you apply it safely. Waterproof fabric spray is toxic to inhale and is combustible. If you do not use waterproof fabric spray safely, you could land yourself in a world of pain as a result.

Make sure to read the instructions of your waterproof fabrics spray carefully. The directions will tell you how far away the can needs to be whenever you are spraying the garment. They should also tell you how many layers you need to apply for your individual product.

While you are applying the product, make sure to stay in an open area, free from any flames. The open area will ensure that you still have enough breathable oxygen while applying the material. Staying away from any flames will also ensure that nothing catches on fire in the process.

After you have finished spraying the product, make sure to place it in a well-ventilated area that is free from flames or sparks. That way, you will allow the fumes to dissipate while the product is drying.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to go hiking or need waterproof work boots, any one of the seven products above will allow you to waterproof your products and stay dry in the process. Although all seven of these products are great, some stand out more than others.

The overall best waterproof spray for fabric is the Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield. This spray will keep your garments dry, and the product is affordable with some of the best reviews.

If you need something more affordable, the Nikwax Fabric & Leather Spray is another great alternative because it offers fantastic reliability and efficiency, all while being cheap.

No matter which of our products you select, make sure to make your decision based on the four factors above. Then, ensure that you are applying the waterproof fabric spray safely.

If you don’t remember how to do so, read the directions that come with the spray. These directions will tell you all you need to know, including how to apply the spray safely.

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