There is always something holding everyone back from travelling and the majority of the time the #1 reason is money. People think it takes a lot of money and they would never be able to afford it. Let me share with you some simple tips for helping you save for the holiday you’re dreaming of or even a 6-month travelling fund;

Tip 1. Plan Everything

If you have a holiday in mind or a trip and it’s looking like it could be expensive we would always recommend starting 12 months in advance. For our trip to Disney world, we booked the holiday 18 months in advance to make sure we could afford the holiday of a lifetime. By starting so far in advance we were able but a little bit aside each payday and didn’t feel the strain so much on our funds. Plan and work out all your incomings and outgoings and from there try and work out a reasonable plan for how much you can set aside each month. Make sure you account for any sudden payments then if you have more than you thought at the end of the month you can transfer that over.

Tip 2. Little by Little Savings

If you work out that you can’t put large amounts away each month start small and work your way up. Get a sealed money box, leave it out in the kitchen and at the end of everyday check your pockets and empty out what change you have and place it into the tin, trust me the money you put in will feel like it’s worthless but by the end of a year this can amount to a lot! There are also a few different ways check out the 52 Week saving challenge, the way this works is in week 1 you save £1, week 2 £2 and so on and can really mount up to something! 52weekchallenge

Tip 3. Don’t Rush Into Booking

When we start planning a holiday the main thing to do is see how much it’s going to cost, the only problem is prices go up and down so much especially flights, so we would always recommend you spend the first few months each day checking websites like Skyscanner and Expedia and writing down in a notebook the prices each day so you can keep a record of how much they are and figure out what you should be paying so when a good deal comes along you can span it up! 

Tip 4. Prebook Everything

When we are booking a holiday or trip we always research exactly what we would like do. After you have paid for accommodation and flights the next thing that takes up your budget is activities. Checking out exactly which tours and activities you want to do and pre-booking them before you leave can help you manage your budget a lot more. The last thing you want to do is get to the last day of your trip and have missed out doing something you really want to do because your budget is running too low.

Tip 5. Check & Check again

Once a day we would suggest in the first few months instead of checking your social media simply spend 10-15 minutes checking your accommodation prices and activities and start to make notes of how much they cost and keep track of any deals so you can get into a routine of doing it every day so when you come across that amazing deal you can grab it quickly. We always use when looking for accommodation, they offer hotels and hostels are usually the best prices you can find also after 5 bookings you can qualify as a genius and you can get 10% hotels.

Tip 6. Pay For the Expensive Things First

When planning your trip make sure you pay for all the big expensive things first like your flights and accommodation that way you know exactly how much you have left so that you can start saving for all the good stuff.

Tip 7. Traveling as a couple – pay for yourself

Traveling with someone has to be the best experience, having someone to share all the memories with is the best thing and when it comes to saving having someone to go halves with you on everything cuts the costs down but you need to make sure you put a few rules in place. Traveling can put a strain on your money so making sure you both pay your own will help your money go a lot further. There is no reason why you still can’t treat your partner but when it comes to paying for flights we would suggest you just pay your own way.
piggy-bank saving for traveling
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