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Did you know that there was a Blue Lagoon in Wales? A lot of people don’t, but there is! The Blue Lagoon Wales is located at Abereiddy Beach and is truly an amazingly beautiful spot to visit in Wales. Read on to find out more in this blog post.

What Is The Blue Lagoon Wales?

The Blue Lagoon Wales (formerly known as St Brides slate quarry) was previously a sea quarry that flooded, leaving behind this beautiful spot that is popular for swimming, coasteering, paddle boarding and other water sports.

The Blue Lagoon wasn’t always the tranquil haven it is today. Its story dates back to the 19th century when it served as a slate quarry. Workers tirelessly excavated slate from this very site, shaping the Welsh economy and way of life.

Surrounded by rugged rocks and cliffs and the ruins of the quarry buildings, this makes for a really unique spot in Wales.

Does The Blue Lagoon Wales Have a Historic Backstory?

The slate quarry was active up until 1910 and was the main slate quarry of the St Brides Slate Company before it was abandoned.

The Blue Lagoon was formed when the narrow channel that connected the quarry to the sea was blasted and the sea flooded in. The ruins of the old quarry buildings and the workmen’s cottages can still be seen surrounding the Blue Lagoon.

The quarry operations ceased after the First World War, leaving a deep, gaping hole that would later become the Blue Lagoon. As the years passed, natural springs and rainfall gradually filled the quarry, creating a deep pool with an enchanting blue hue, thanks to the minerals in the slate.

blue lagoon wales

Where Is The Blue Lagoon Wales Located?

The Blue Lagoon is located at Abereiddy Beach on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. It is quite a remote beach and is down some very narrow country roads so this is something to be aware of if you are travelling in a motorhome or campervan.

We managed it in our 7.5 metre motorhome but we did go first thing in the morning to try and beat some of the traffic, and we had the whole Blue Lagoon to ourselves whilst we were there which was great. We would recommend visiting early in the morning if you want to beat the crowds.

How To Get to The Blue Lagoon Wales?

You will need to park at Abereiddy Bay Beach which is just a gravel car park and it costs £4 to park for the day. The post code for the beach is SA62 6DT.

From the car park it is a short 5 minute walk up to the Blue Lagoon. You will take a stepping stone pathway up and then follow the coast path round to the Blue Lagoon viewpoint.

If you just want to view the Blue Lagoon then this is a great spot for that. If you want to get down to the water and get into the Blue Lagoon then this is a little more tricky. You will have to scramble over a few rocks to get down to the water and the rocks can be slippery, so it’s a good idea to wear sensible shoes.

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How deep is the Blue Lagoon Wales?

The Blue Lagoon is 25m deep.

Why is the water at the Blue Lagoon in Wales blue?

The water in the Blue Lagoon is said to get it’s blueish/green tint from the minerals in the water from when it was previously a slate quarry.

Things to do at the Blue Lagoon Wales

The Blue Lagoon is a popular spot for coasteering which in a nutshell is a mixture of cliff jumping, rock scrambling, cave exploring and more.

The best way to enjoy coasteering is as part of an organised group. The Blue Lagoon has very cold, very deep water and a strong current, so the safest way to enjoy the Blue lagoon is as part of a group. You can find a place to book these kinds of activities at a stand on Abereiddy Beach.

Besides cliff diving, the Blue Lagoon also offers opportunities for snorkelling and diving. Its crystal-clear waters offer an incredible underwater experience, where one can explore a mesmerising world beneath the surface.

You can also swim, paddle board and kayak in the Blue Lagoon, but make sure that you have the right equipment and know how to keep yourself safe.

Never enter the water alone, as it’s so cold and deep, and beware of children in this area as it could be dangerous if you’re not careful.

If the idea of getting into the freezing cold water, or taking on adventurous water sports doesn’t appeal to you, you could enjoy a coastal hike around the surrounding area of the blue lagoon instead, or if the weather is nice, sit by the side of the blue lagoon, or above at the viewpoint, and people watch!

Is There Accessible Parking Available When Visiting The Blue Lagoon Wales?

No, there is no accessible parking. The parking for the Blue Lagoon is just a gravel car park at the Abereiddy beach and there is a short 5 minute walk to the Blue Lagoon but you do have to climb some steps.

Once you get to the Blue Lagoon you do have to scramble over some rocks also if you want to get into the water so it is not very accessible for anybody who may have have any mobility issues.

Do You Have to Hike to Reach The Blue Lagoon Wales?

The Blue Lagoon is just a short 5 minute walk from the Abereiddy Beach car park. There are other Pembrokeshire Coast walks and hikes that you can do around the area though which you could incorporate the Blue Lagoon into.

Another hiking option is to park at Porthgain which is around a 10 minute drive from Abereiddy Beach, and take the same coastal path to walk around which takes roughly around 45 minutes. On a good weather day, this walk around to the Blue Lagoon would be beautiful, finished off with a dip in the water once you arrive!

Abereiddi to Blue Lagoon – Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit the The Blue Lagoon Wales?

The best time of year to visit the Blue Lagoon would be in the spring/summer when the temperature starts to warm up. The water is very cold, so unless you enjoy cold water swimming, you are more likely to want to get in it during summer months when the weather is a little warmer.

You can of course go and visit the Blue Lagoon at any time of the year but if you plan to get into the water then we would say spring/summer would be best.

Is It Considered Safe to Swim in The Blue Lagoon Wales?

Yes, it is considered safe to swim in the Blue Lagoon, however, the water is very cold and very deep, so you need to be a confident swimmer to be able to swim here. The Blue Lagoon can also have strong currents so you do have to be careful.

Our advice would be just to take a dip in the water before you dive right in, to prepare yourself for the temperature of the water, because it can be shocking, and to also get a feel of the depth of the water.

A wet suit may also be a good idea to keep you a little warmer in the cold water.

What Should I Pack If I Plan on Visiting The Blue Lagoon Wales?

If you want to get into the water at the Blue Lagoon then you will need to pack swimwear and a towel. The water is very cold so you may even want to go into the water in a wetsuit if you have one. Also we would recommend sea shoes as the ground under the water is quite rocky and slippery.

If it’s a warm day and you plan to spend a few hours at the Blue Lagoon then you will need sunglasses, sun cream and some water to drink.

The water is cold so even on a warm day we would recommend taking something warm to change into when you get out of the water.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy Beach is a really unique and exciting thing to do in Wales, and we highly recommend a trip here as it’s a lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy.

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