A Guide To Overnight Motorhome Parking.

So you bought a van and are ready to hit the road, but now you’re faced with the daunting question of where you’ll sleep once you’ve left the comfort of your permanent home. Whether you’re travelling through, visiting a vast region, or searching for a longer-term stay, it’s simple to discover excellent camping places or overnight motorhome parking.

We’ll look at some of the favourite options for camping in your van in this article. We discuss free and paid camping as well as our top tips for finding those spectacular campsites you’ve always wanted, including ones with phone service.

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Free Overnight Motorhome Parking and Camping.

The ability to travel for less money and save money on housing costs are two main advantages of van life. And, for the most part, camping for free is the best way to do both.

Free camping and overnight parking are available for every scenario, including extended stays in the wilderness, fast stops off the roads, and parking in towns and cities.

Here are the most excellent free sleeping choices for van life, ranging from magnificent wilderness camp locations to the unpleasant but often necessary reality of car park sleeping.

Parking on Public Lands.

Free camping is available in many national parks. These locations are free, accessible and have few to no neighbours, and provide excellent stargazing, wildlife encounters, and the feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere.

With a few exceptions, you may usually camp in the same place for up to 14 days at a time. Always ensure to keep your eyes open and follow the signs.

If you want to uncover the most excellent public camping places, you’ll have to be willing to take some risks. There are places closer to essential roads that are simpler to get to but generally busier. Motorhome enthusiasts have discovered that the fewer neighbours you desire, the deeper you must travel.

You may use various applications, websites, and resources to discover parking places. You can typically camp on public property unless there is a no camping sign.

Store Car Parks

There are also local and regional businesses that permit camping.

On long travel days or when they go into town for a jam-packed “errand day,” van-lifers frequently sleep in car parks. They avoid looking for wilderness campsites too late in the day, and especially after nightfall.

You’re effectively camping in a car park, which isn’t ideal, but it’s occasionally required. The critical difference is that you might not have access to 24-hour restrooms unless there’s a petrol station nearby.

Stealth Camping in Urban Areas

In cities, covert parking is not advised. Motorhome lovers, on the other hand, tend to avoid cities as much as possible. They can be overcrowded, have too many restrictions, and make driving a misery. A tranquil area in the middle of nowhere trumps a metropolis any day for motorhome owners.

However, you can sleep on the street in some cities. Check the local rules to ensure that you adhere to all local ordinances when parking in that region.

If you want to camp in a city, be sure you know the local rules regarding sleeping in a vehicle. It is not recommended to sleep where you aren’t supposed to, especially in residential areas where you could be unwanted. However, it is acknowledged that it may occur from time to time. Make an effort to blend in, be courteous, and clean up after yourselves.

Don’t be surprised if you get “the knock” if you’re camping where you shouldn’t be. When you go stealth camping, you assume that risk, and most of the time, you’ll just be advised to go somewhere else. Consider yourself to be a good ambassador of the nomad community at all times. Otherwise, you’ll make things more difficult for the following individual.

A Guide To Overnight Motorhome Parking.
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People like to camp for free whenever feasible, but paying for camping is not a bad idea.

When campers need a shower, a respite from the outdoors, or want a fast and straightforward site to camp for the night before looking for a free long-term area, they tend to pay for it. Paid campsites generally provide water, bathrooms, toilets, and laundry and WiFi, which are pretty helpful after a long duration in the wild.

Unless you have money saved to spend, paying for camping too regularly may rapidly eat up all of the money you’re saving by living in a van — thus, it is recommended to try to camp for free as much as possible.

Get Out There and Look for the Next Perfect Spot!

Finding a place to sleep at night is one of the things that makes van living so exciting daily. Campers come to like the sensation of uncertainty since it keeps them on their toes and makes living more enjoyable.

However, by planning ahead of time, finding someplace to sleep at night may be very simple – even remote ones in breath-taking wilderness regions where you might wind up staying for a week.

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A Guide To Overnight Motorhome Parking.

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