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Old Man of Storr

To outsiders, it may seem like nothing more than a rocky hill, but The Old Man of Storr is one of the most popular attractions on the Isle of Skye. In fact, scratch that. It is one of the most popular attractions in Scotland. Every year, countless people make the journey between Ulg and Portree …

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Best Electric Cool Box

Whether you are buying an electric cool box for the first time, or simply want to buy a new one, choosing the right one for yourself can be a difficult process given the plethora of options available. Before you buy one, you should factor in the following aspects: type, capacity weight, and power connectivity. So, …


A Complete Guide to Scotland’s Balmoral Cairns

Prince Albert’s Cairn, more commonly known as the Balmoral Pyramid, is a memorial stone in memory of Prince Albert. The site is popular amongst tourists, not only for its history but also for the beautiful surroundings of the Cairngorm National Park.  You wouldn’t expect to see an Egyptian-style pyramid in Scotland, which is likely why …


Wailing Widow Falls

The story of the Wailing Widow Waterfall has been passed down through centuries in the Scottish Highlands and hiking to get there is, fortunately, simpler than you may assume.  Located along the North Coast 500, Wailing Widow Falls, is a 30-metre waterfall that cascades from Loch Na Gainmhich into a tiny valley below. As a result, …

motorhome tow a caravan
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Can a Motorhome Tow a Caravan?

A motorhome provides enough space so that you can live on the road and be on the go. However, you might need even more space and consider pulling a caravan with your motorhome as a result. It’s important that you follow the rules and regulations in order to do so safely. In the UK, it …