Lake Bled: The 6 Best Things To Do


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Are you planning a trip to Slovenia? We have no doubt you’ll most likely be planning a trip to Lake Bled too. Lake Bled is definitely one of the major highlights of Slovenia and is a seriously beautiful tourist spot, it looks like something out of a fairy-tale.

We wanted to share with you the best things that we found to do there, to help you plan your own trip to the wonderful Lake Bled.

1. Hire a rowing boat to Lake Bled Island

Whenever you imagine Lake Bled, you immediately see the beautiful picture-perfect image of the island in the middle of the lake. It is definitely the most well known part of Lake Bled. And you can actually pay the island a visit!

We hired a rowing boat which cost 20 euros for an hour, and there are several spots around the lake where you can hire these. This was enough time for us to get to the island, have a look around (it’s a very small island so there’s not lots to see) and get back. It took roughly around 15 minutes each way to row there and back, leaving roughly half an hour to explore the island.

On a sunny day this is the perfect thing to do at Lake Bled. On the island there is an historic church called the Church of the Mother of God on the lake which you can go inside, and there is a café.

You can also get to the island via a pletna boat, which is a larger boat which holds up to 20 people and somebody rows you over to the island.

But we found hiring a rowing boat and having our own little adventure to get to the island was more fun and was our favourite thing that we did at Lake Bled!

Lake Bled

2. Take a hike

There are many hiking routes around Lake Bled, whether you’re looking to do a leisurely stroll around the lake or more of a fast paced and strenuous hike, there is something for everyone.

One thing is for certain, whichever route you choose you will have the most stunningly beautiful views of the lake.

The total distance of the lake is roughly 6km which should take around about a couple of hours, but if you’re anything like us, it will take much longer as you’ll constantly be stopping to take photos! It’s so hard not to, Lake Bled is simply too picturesque.

We use the All Trails app to find all of the best hiking routes wherever we go, and this is where we found the trail that we followed all around the lake.

3. Visit Bled Castle

Bled Castle is a medieval castle built 130 metres above Lake Bled, so the walk up to the castle is quite a steep one! It is the oldest Slovenian castle and is a major attraction at Lake Bled. The views over Lake Bled from the castle are beautiful with the surrounding mountains in the background.

You can pay to go into the castle which we didn’t do as we were with our dog, but even walking up to the castle grounds is worth it even if you don’t intend to pay to go all the way in.

From the ground over the other side of the lake, perched up high, the castle really does look like something from a fairy-tale.

If you’d like to learn more about Bled Castle, or book tickets, you can do so here – Bled Castle (

Bled Castle

4. Go Swimming

Lake Bled is a fantastic place to go for a swim! Swimming is not permitted in all parts of the lake but there are certain areas that it is. In the spring when we visited, the water was very cold!

We only dipped our feet in as we couldn’t resist, and we hardly saw any other people swimming at all, but we can imagine that in the summer this would be completely different, and a dip in the lake would be so nice and refreshing after a hike around the lake.

In the summer you will also find lots of people doing various different water sports, like kayaking and paddle boarding.

5. Stop at one of the cafes and restaurants – try Bled Cream Cake!

Also known as Blejska Kremna, Bled Cream Cake is a local speciality at Lake Bled, you’ll see it advertised in the cafes and can find it in the supermarket too! Having tried the cake, I can confirm it is absolutely delicious! Made of layers of puff pastry, custard and cream, it is a real treat.

You will have deserved it after a hike or a swim in the lake, and no trip to Lake Bled is complete without trying this local delicacy.

Bled Cream Cake

6. Watch the Olympic rowers training

Did you know that Lake Bled has it’s very own Olympic Rowing centre?! You are able to watch the rowing teams training on the lake which is a fun thing to do if you are there at the right time.

One thing is for sure, that whatever you do at Lake Bled, you will have the most wonderful time in this stunning part of Slovenia!

Other spots to visit near Lake Bled

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  • Vogel Cable Car
  • Skocjan Caves
  • Postojna Caves

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