Best electric bikes for travelling that are under £1000


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Electric bikes are pretty fun to ride and provide loads of benefits as compared to regular bikes, such as greater speed and more power. But good electric bikes are usually quite expensive, and some cost more than £3000! In this guide, we mention 9 of the best electric bikes that you can buy for under £1000.

These bikes include the Eskute Wayfarer Electric City Bike, the Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike, the Swifty Electric Mountain Bike, and the Ancheer 26” Electric Mountain Bike.

Read on to discover more about these excellent bikes that you can buy for under £1000. Also, find out what an e-bike conversion kit is and which ones you should buy. Happy reading!

What advantages do electric bikes have over standard ones?

Electric bikes offer many advantages over conventional bikes. Firstly, they require less effort to operate and are thus perfect if you’re tired and don’t feel like pedalling a lot. This is also great for elderly riders as they may find it easier to ride. Another advantage of riding an e-bike is that you’ll be able to reach your destination sooner and won’t feel tired at the end of your trip. On average, an e-bike is two times faster than a conventional bike!

Moreover, riding an e-bike is good for your health as it does burn a significant number of calories. Some might think this is not as effective as riding a standard bike. While this may be true, electric bikes still require pedalling, which burns calories. Electric bikes are great for riding in cities since you can ride them on bike lanes and sidewalks, and you can travel much faster than you would in a car if there’s lots of traffic.

Things to keep in mind when buying an electric bike

If you’re on the hunt for an electric bike, there are a few things you should consider when buying one. Here, we list some of them.

  • Type of brakes. Disc brakes are more efficient than traditional bicycle brakes as they offer better stopping power, which is especially useful as you’ll be going at higher speeds.
  • Motor placement. Choose a bike that has the motor placed in the middle, as opposed to the front and back. This makes your bike more stable as it improves weight distribution.
  • Frame. E-bikes can come in lots of different frame shapes. Pick a frame that suits your purposes best. A comfortable frame will be big and heavy, whereas a foldable one will be less comfortable.
  • Range. You should definitely consider the range when buying an e-bike. Bikes with greater ranges have bigger batteries and thus higher prices.
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Best electric bikes under £1000

Read on to find out which electric bikes we think are worth buying when you have a budget of £1000. These bikes offer great value at reasonable prices. They have great designs, excellent performance, a nice range of riding modes, and informative displays. Let’s find out which bikes we’re talking about!

1. Eskute Wayfarer Electric City Bike (£999)

The Eskute Wayfarer Electric City Bike is one of the best quality bikes you can buy for under £1000. The quality and design of the bike are comparable to much higher-priced offerings. This bike is a hybrid bike, which means it is a combination of a regular road bike and a mountain bike. The bike is a unisex one and can comfortably accommodate the average-sized rider.

According to Eskute’s website, the Wayfarer has a 250W motor, a 360Wh battery, an estimated range of up to 40 miles, and a payload capacity of 120kg. It also has a top speed of 25km/h.

The good

  • very reasonable price
  • has a rack
  • smooth ride
  • great, sturdy frame
  • excellent tires with good road grip

The bad

  • has a tad less power than other high-end electric bikes
  • some might find the design not sporty enough
  • the motor is placed at the centre of the rear wheel, which may affect the stability
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2. Mycle Compact Folding Electric Bike (£999)

The Mycle Compact is a great folding bike that you can buy for £999. Since it is a folding bike, you can fold it and easily store it in the back of your car, without using a bike rack! The folding mechanism is quite straightforward and easy to use. The Compact has mechanical disc brakes on both wheels, a headlight mounted at the front, and a reflector at the rear. The information display is simple and clear and allows you to select a power assist level from five options.

The Mycle Compact has a 230Wh battery pack mounted under the seat, which can also be taken out and charged separately. The bike has a 40km range and a 25km/h top speed.

The good

  • very compact and easy to fold and store
  • battery can be charged separately
  • weighs only 17.5kg

The bad

  • may be a bit small for taller-than-average riders
  • motor not placed at the centre

3. Swifty Electric Mountain Bike (£733.48 – £854.72)

The Swifty Electric Mountain Bike is an amazing e-bike that you can for less than £1000! The quality of the bike is comparable to those that cost around £2000 or £3000. The bike comes in only one frame size, but two colours: electric blue and sleek black. The frame is of average size and can accommodate tall and short riders. The bike also has an adjustable seat and interestingly, a quite useful kickstand.

The Swifty weighs 24kg and has a removable 345Wh battery on its downtube. The average range is 32km and the company claims it’s up to 48km. 

The good

  • the electronic assist controller offers lots of modes to choose from
  • excellent battery life, relatively short recharge time
  • 7-speed system
  • has a great sporty design
  • the gears and suspension work great
  • made by a UK-based brand

The bad

  • some users have had issues with durability
  • very minimal display that doesn’t display some useful information
  • some riders may find the saddle too hard
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4. Ancheer 26” Electric Mountain Bike (£829.99)

The Ancheer 26” Electric Mountain Bike is one of the best all-round e-bikes you can buy for under a thousand pounds. Ancheer is a relatively new electric bike company that is based in the US, and that sources many bike components and parts from countries such as China. The brand is known to make good, affordable electric bikes.

This particular model has a 288Wh battery, a top speed of 27km/h, and a range between 35 and 60 kilometres. The bike has great mechanical disc brakes that work pretty well since they have good stopping power. The battery is removable and can be charged separately. The charging time is between 4 and 6 hours.

The good

  • very affordable price
  • powerful mechanical disc brakes
  • a battery that can be removed easily and charged separately
  • has a nice rear rack

The bad

  • the display provides only the most basic information
  • long charging time
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5. Hyper 26” MTB Electric Bike (£699.99)

The Hyper 26” MTB Electric Bike is one of the best options to consider when buying an electric bike under £1000. It costs only £700! The bike has a strong and lightweight aluminium frame that makes it good for absorbing shocks when riding on bumpy terrain and climbing hilly areas. The bike has a rear hub motor and a Shimano TY21 6-Speed gearing system. It has a removable 280.8Wh battery housed in the downtube, which has a charging period of 4 hours. The bike has a maximum speed of 24.8km/h and a range of up to 32 kilometres. The bike has V-brakes at the front and rear instead of disc brakes.

The good

  • reasonable price
  • good paint quality and nice, sporty design

The bad

  • doesn’t come with mudguards
  • no disc brakes
  • charging time is relatively higher
  • its range is relatively less than that of other bikes in this list
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6. Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Bike (£849.99)

The Eleglide M1 Plus Electric Bike is another excellent option to consider when buying e-bikes under £1000 since it costs about £850 and offers loads of great features at that price. The design of this bike is quite good, and it looks beautiful. The M1 Plus offers five levels of pedalling assistance based on the maximum speed the bike can go at. It has a large 450Wh battery and a top speed of 25km/h. The charging time for the battery is about 7 hours and has a range of around 50km without pedal assistance. The battery is removable and can be locked into the frame to prevent theft. The M1 Plus is equipped with mechanical disc brakes.


The good

  • great design and appearance
  • big battery and good range
  • has mechanical disc brakes
  • removable battery

The bad

  • the battery is big, so the charging time is also more
  • the brakes could have been of better quality
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7. Hyuhome Electric Bike (£749)

If you’re thinking of buying a good, very affordable electric bike, you should definitely consider the Hyuhome Electric Bike, which costs about £749. It is perhaps the cheapest electric bike you can buy in the UK! It is quite popular on Amazon and has received lots of positive reviews from buyers in the UK. One of the best things about this bike is that despite its low price, the manufacturers haven’t cut any corners when it comes to design and build quality. The bike has a top speed of 35 km/h and is available in three 36V battery options: 8Ah, 10Ah, and 13Ah. The charging time is between 3 and 4 hours.

The good

  • one of the cheapest bikes on this list
  • very popular on Amazon
  • good build quality and performance
  • has a large display that shows a lot of useful information
  • available in different battery capacities

The bad

  • the charging time is relatively longer than that of other bikes in this list
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8. Basis Protocol Hybrid Electric Bike (£799)

The Basis Protocol Hybrid Electric Bike, which costs around £799, is another excellent option to consider if you have a £1000 budget. This bike is a hybrid one, which, as we mentioned previously, is a combination of a normal road bike and a mountain bike. The Basis Protocol has a 346Wh battery, a front-mounted motor, as well as disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The assist range of the bike is up to 48km and has a top speed of 25 km/h. It has a low-step steel frame and weighs about 23 kg.

The good

  • it is quite affordable
  • good quality and design
  • big battery and good range
  • has powerful disc brakes
  • has front and rear mudguards
  • good display, provides all the necessary information

The bad

  • doesn’t have lights either at the front or at the back
  • has a charging time of 4 to 6 hours
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9. Basis Hunter Unisex Integrated Electric Mountain Bike (£699)

The last under-£1000 electric bike we’ll be talking about in this guide is the Basis Hunter Unisex Integrated Electric Mountain Bike, which costs about £699. It has a large frame, a great design and great 26” tires that are perfect for riding on hilly and bumpy terrain. The Basis Hunter has a 250W rear hub motor that produces little noise and is thus great for driving on public roads without making too much noise. The bike has a 280.8Wh battery built into the frame and has a range of up to 40 kilometres. Since the battery is hidden inside the frame, the bike has a quite discreet profile and looks just like a regular bike from a distance. The Basis Hunter is equipped with a 6-speed Shimano gear system and can go as fast as 24.8 km/h.

The good

  • it is one of the cheapest electric bikes on this list
  • the battery is integrated into the frame, which can help prevent battery thefts
  • has a large, strong frame
  • has a nice LED display that allows you to choose between 3 power-assist modes

The bad

  • doesn’t have front and rear mudguards
  • doesn’t have disc brakes
  • has only 6 speed modes

What are e-bike conversion kits?

We’ve just looked at some of the best electric bikes that you can buy in the UK for under £1000. The average price of these bikes is around £850. Besides these budget e-bikes, there are lots of better-quality bikes that can cost upwards of £2000. This is a lot of money. Even these under-£1000 bikes may be pretty expensive for many people. What if you want an electric bike but aren’t willing to spend this kind of money? Fortunately, there’s a way you can turn your regular bike into an e-bike! You can do this with an e-bike conversion kit.

Conversion kits pack all the items needed to convert a standard bike into an e-bike. They normally consist of motorized wheels, LED displays, pedal-assist modes, batteries, wires, and loads of other tools and equipment that you’ll need to build your e-bike. E-bike conversion kits are quite popular and come in many different varieties. These varieties offer different selections of tools and equipment based on your requirement and the size of the bike. Check out some of the best conversion kits you can buy below. 

  • Swytch (£529)
  • Street Legal Electric Bike Kit – Samsung Power 2.0 (£599)
  • Revos eBike Kit With 200Wh Battery (£594.99)


In this guide, we mentioned 9 of the best electric bikes that you can buy for under £1000. These bikes prove that you do not have to shell out a lot of money to buy a decent electric bike and that great quality and design need not cost a lot. Every e-bike mentioned in our guide has its pros and cons but all of them offer great value overall. And if you think that these bikes are too expensive for you, you can always buy an e-bike conversion kit that can convert your regular bike into an electric one.

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