Best kettle for campervans and motorhomes


Best kettle for campervans and motorhomes

Embarking on a road trip or living the van life can be one of the most rewarding and adventurous experiences. However, having the right equipment is crucial to making your journey more enjoyable and hassle-free. One such essential item is a kettle for brewing a hot cup of tea, coffee, or soup to keep you warm and cosy on the road. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best kettle for campervans and motorhomes, complete with detailed buying tips and frequently asked questions.

Collapsible Silicone Travel Kettle

The Collapsible Silicone Travel Kettle is a popular choice for campervan and motorhome enthusiasts due to its compact and lightweight design. This space-saving kettle is made from food-grade silicone material that can handle high temperatures without compromising safety. It features a dual voltage system, making it suitable for international travel. The collapsible design allows for easy storage when not in use, and its quick-boiling capabilities ensure that you’ll have hot water ready in no time.

Foldable Electric Kettle

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Portable Kettle for Travel

Collapsible Kettle with Separable Power Cord for Outdoor Hiking Camping

  • Made of medical grade silicone that is PBA free
  • Quickly boil water in about 3-6 minutes
  • Super easy to operate
  • Very convenient, lightweight and space-saving

Whistling Stainless Steel Stovetop Kettle

The Whistling Stainless Steel Stovetop Kettle is a durable and reliable option for those who prefer a traditional stovetop kettle. Its stainless steel construction provides rust and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting use. The kettle’s whistling feature lets you know when the water has reached boiling point, preventing unnecessary energy waste. With compatibility for gas, electric, and induction cooktops, this versatile kettle is perfect for campervan and motorhome users who value convenience and simplicity.

ROSSETTO Camping Whistling Kettle

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2.5L Stainless Steel Stovetop Kettle for Gas Stove or Induction Hob


Electric Car Kettle with 12V DC Adapter

For those who prioritise speed and efficiency, the Electric Car Kettle with a 12V DC Adapter is an excellent choice. This kettle plugs directly into your vehicle’s 12V DC power outlet, providing fast boiling times for hot beverages or meals. It features an automatic shut-off function for added safety, ensuring that the kettle won’t overheat or cause any accidents. The insulated handle ensures comfortable use, while the stainless steel construction provides durability and easy cleaning.

Portable 1000ml 24V Travel Kettle 

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Foe making tea, coffee and other hot drinks in car

  • Quick Heating
  • 1000ML Large Capacity
  • Auto Cut Off Power When Water is Boiling
  • Safe, non-toxic and long lasting
Best kettle for campervans and motorhomes 2

Choosing the Best Kettle for Campervans and Motorhomes

Power Source

When selecting the best kettle for your campervan or motorhome, consider the power source that best suits your needs and preferences. Gas-powered kettles are compatible with portable gas stoves and electric kettles require a power outlet or adapter. Evaluate the fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness of each option to determine the most suitable choice for your travels.

Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of your kettle are essential factors to consider for efficient storage and use. Compact and lightweight kettles are ideal for limited space in campervans and motorhomes, while collapsible options provide additional space-saving benefits. Assess your personal requirements for hot water, taking into account the number of people travelling with you and your preferred beverage or meal consumption, to determine the appropriate capacity for your kettle, typically ranging from 1 to 1.5 litres.

Material and Durability

The material and durability of your kettle will impact its performance and longevity. Stainless steel kettles offer excellent durability and rust resistance, while food-grade silicone kettles provide a lightweight and collapsible alternative. Plastic kettles can be cost-effective but may not withstand high temperatures as effectively. Choose a kettle made from materials that ensure safety, durability, and longevity to maximise your investment.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a top priority when selecting the best kettle for your campervan or motorhome. Look for features such as automatic shut-off capabilities for electric kettles, which prevent overheating and potential accidents. Cool-touch handles can provide comfortable use without the risk of burns, while whistling features in stovetop kettles alert you when the water has reached boiling point, preventing wasted energy or fuel.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

A kettle that is easy to use and clean will make your campervan or motorhome experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. Opt for designs with simple and intuitive operation, whether it’s a traditional stovetop kettle or an electric model. Look for kettles with easy-to-clean components and dishwasher-safe parts to minimise the time and effort required for maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Best Kettle for Campervans and Motorhomes

Can I use an electric kettle in my campervan or motorhome?

Yes, you can use an electric kettle in your campervan or motorhome, provided it is compatible with your vehicle’s power system. Look for kettles with a 12V DC adapter that can plug into your vehicle’s power outlet. Ensure that the power consumption of the kettle is within the limits of your vehicle’s electrical system to prevent overloading or damage.

Are collapsible kettles safe for boiling water?

Yes, collapsible kettles made from food-grade silicone materials are safe for boiling water. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain their structural integrity during use. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper use and care to ensure the safety and longevity of your collapsible kettle.

How do I choose the right size kettle for my campervan or motorhome?

To choose the right size kettle for your campervan or motorhome, consider factors such as the number of people travelling with you, the available storage space, and your personal preferences for hot beverages or meals. A compact and lightweight kettle with a capacity of 1-1.5 litres should be sufficient for most campervan or motorhome users. Collapsible kettles can offer additional space-saving benefits, while larger capacity kettles may be suitable for larger groups or families.

What should I look for in a solar-powered kettle for my campervan or motorhome?

When selecting a solar-powered kettle, look for features such as efficient solar panels, a lightweight and portable design, water purification capabilities, and a durable construction. Keep in mind that solar-powered kettles may take longer to heat water compared to gas or electric options, depending on weather conditions and sunlight availability. Choose a solar-powered kettle that meets your energy and environmental requirements while providing the functionality and convenience you desire.

Is a whistling kettle suitable for campervans and motorhomes?

A whistling kettle can be suitable for campervans and motorhomes, as it provides an audible signal when the water is boiling, ensuring you do not waste fuel or energy by overheating. Ensure that the whistling kettle is compatible with your cooktop, whether it’s gas, electric, or induction. Additionally, consider the kettle’s size and capacity to ensure it meets your needs for hot water consumption.

How do I clean and maintain my kettle in a campervan or motorhome?

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your kettle will ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and care, using mild detergents and non-abrasive cleaning materials. For electric kettles, ensure they are unplugged and cooled down before cleaning. Stovetop kettles can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher if they are dishwasher-safe. Regularly descale your kettle to remove mineral deposits and prevent build-up, using a descaling solution or a mixture of vinegar and water.


The best kettle for campervans and motorhomes ultimately depends on your individual needs, preferences, and travel habits. By considering factors such as power source, size and capacity, material, safety features, and ease of use, you can find the perfect kettle to suit your requirements.

Our expanded list of top recommendations, buying tips, and frequently asked questions should serve as a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision when selecting the ideal campervan or motorhome kettle. Enjoy your travels and savour the convenience and comfort of having hot beverages and meals at your fingertips!

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