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Malvern Hills Walks

Recently we visited the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire for some walking in some of the most stunning countryside scenery we have seen in the UK. We hadn’t ever researched or looked into the Malvern Hills before so we were not sure what to expect but we were so pleasantly surprised, we felt like we needed to tell you all about it!

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What are the names of the Malvern Hills?

There are actually quite a lot of hills, the area is a lot bigger than we realised and we only covered a tiny section of it, there’s a lot more we’d love to go back and do when we get the chance.

  • Broad Down
  • Hangman’s Hill
  • Swinyard Hill
  • Midsummer Hill
  • Hollybush Hill
  • Raggedstone Hill
  • Chase End Hill
  • Worcestershire Beacon
  • Summer Hill
  • Perseverance Hill
  • Jubilee Hill
  • Pinnacle Hill
  • Black Hill
  • Tinkers Hill
  • Herefordshire Beacon
  • Millennium Hill
  • End Hill
  • Table Hill
  • North Hill
  • Sugarloaf Hill

What towns are in the Malvern Hills?

  • Malvern.
  • Tenbury Wells.
  • Upton upon Severn.

Is Malvern Hills hard to climb?

The route that we walked was rated moderate. The hills are quite steep to climb which can make the walk difficult at points. If you are ok with climbing steep hills, then the walk is amazing, the absolutely unreal panoramic views at the top of the hills make the walk up them totally worthwhile. If you prefer a flat walk then this route may not be for you.

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Where can you park your motorhome in the Malvern Hills?

We parked in a car park just over the road from the start of our walking trail by the Malvern Hills hotel.

We got there early, around 8am, on a Friday morning so the car park was empty when we first arrived. We managed to get a double parking space as the car park was not busy, but I’m sure this would be different at the weekend. The car park was around £4 for the whole day.

This car park was at the bottom of a hill, there was also a car park at the top which was smaller, had no double spaces and the hill was quite steep, so not ideal for us in our motorhome.

What is the best walk in the Malvern Hills?

We did the Malvern circular – black hill to Wyche walking route. Black Hill to Wyche is an approx. 9 kilometer loop trail (car park to car park).

Black Hill is in the middle part of the Malvern Hills, the 8-mile ridge which here marks the border of Herefordshire with Worcestershire.

This walk had a bit of everything, one side of the hills bathed in sunlight and very exposed but beautiful scenery for miles – the other side heavily wooded and shaded.

There are some public toilets and a pub at the half way point of this walk.

We also came across some cows on the way down the hills which were so lovely, we got some amazing photos of them!

The walk took us around about 2 hours, but we stopped quite a lot to take photos, video footage etc and stopped at the public toilets.

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We finished off with lunch at the Malvern Hills hotel which was a great end to the walk.

We would 100% recommend a walk in the Malvern Hills if you ever get the chance, the nature and views are so stunning and make it well worth the day out.

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