Best Towing Mirrors for Your Vehicle


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Choosing a towing mirror can be difficult given the range and the options available. Having a towing mirror for long hauls, a towing business, or to haul a trailer can be an important part of road safety, but only if you choose the right mirror that fits your vehicle well. 

Below you’ll find some of the best towing mirrors available on the market, as well as some features and drawbacks that’ll help you narrow down your selection. Be sure you always check if the mirrors you’re interested in are universal for most vehicles, or if they will only fit on certain makes and models. 

Before You Buy A Towing Mirror 

One thing to keep in mind before selecting one of the best towing mirrors available for all of your hauling needs is the law surrounding them. Your mirror needs to be able to get good visibility behind your vehicle. You should have one on each side of your vehicle attached to the side mirrors at the front of your vehicle. 

The UK law specifically requires that mirrors need to have at least 20m visibility back from the midpoint of your vehicle. There also needs to be a width of 4m visibility. Most mirrors should give you that, but be sure to test out the mirror before you stick with it.

It’s not likely you’ll find towing mirrors that won’t fit this mould unless you choose very small mirrors. If you were to get into an accident without having towing mirrors, there’s a chance insurance won’t cover you. Thus, it’s best to make the investment now so you don’t have to pay for it later should something happen.

Not only do you not want to worry about that kind of liability, but having something extra to help you see around you when towing offers some peace of mind. 

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The Best Towing Mirrors 

Below are some of the best rated, highly enjoyed towing mirrors you can get for your vehicle so you can practice road safety with the highest quality in mind. Not all of these mirrors will fit every single vehicle, so it’s important to use this information as a jumping-off point for your search. 

Fit System 81810 Towing Mirror 

If you have a Ford F150, you’ll want to consider this pair of highly rated towing mirrors. These are quite versatile mirrors, however, so you may be able to make them work with other vehicles.  All you need to do is snap these mirrors into place, and you’ll be ready to start your travels with your haul attached to your truck. 

The functionality of these mirrors is also fantastic, as even though they’re easy to remove, they can just be folded out of the way when you’re not using them. 

Pros for the Fit System 81810s are:

  • Easy to install without any tools 
  • These mirrors can fit on many types of vehicles outside of the F150 they are designed for 
  • The price is affordable compared to other towing mirrors 

Cons for the Fit System 81810s are: 

  • These are flat mirrors, so they don’t offer the widest view range possible 
  • Some customers report that they vibrate slightly when you’re driving 

Fit System Clip-On Towing Mirror

Milenco 2899 Universal Mirrors

These universal mirrors come in a pack of two and are convex mirrors. As such, they’re ideal for those who want as much visibility as possible behind them when carrying a heavy load. The mirrors are also wide in and of themselves and have a long rod at the end. 

Given the structure of these mirrors, you’ll find them especially useful if you have a more narrow vehicle and are trying to lug a haul on the back that is sufficiently wide. They are designed to fit on many types of vehicles, including many cars, 4x4s, and vans. 

Pros for the Milenco 2899 are:

  • The mirrors are easy to use and adjust 
  • Offer wide visibility due to convex design
  • Affordable price point compared to some other mirrors

Cons for the Milenco 2899 are: 

  • Without careful installation, these mirrors can fall off 
  • There might be some slight vibration while driving 
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Milenco 2899 Universal Aero 4 towing mirrors

Sanooer Towing Mirrors 

If you’re looking for something more high-tech for towing mirrors, these ones might just be the right fit. There are both flat and convex mirrors within this particular model, with LED lights that flash when you’re signaling on the one end. You can also keep visibility intact with the ability to eliminate frost, and with the puddle lamp. 

Even though you will need to grab a toolbox to put these mirrors on, they are fairly easy to install in terms of mirrors that don’t snap on. As such, you can trust that these mirrors are going to stay put and serve you during your hauling trips for years to come. 

Pros for the Sanoor Towing Mirrors are:

  • There are a lot of modern technical touches to these mirrors
  • They offer a great range of visibility due to their unique design 

Cons for the Sanoor Towing Mirrors Are: 

  • Mirrors come at a high price point
  • Designed for various Dodge Ram models, so they might not fit for your vehicle 
  • These have to be installed with tools 
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Towing Mirrors for Dodge Ram

Milenco MIL-4381 Falcon Towing Mirrors 

Here you have some dependable stainless steel mirrors that can screw onto your existing mirrors easily. All you need is one screw to secure these mirrors in place and you’re good to go. The mirrors feature a long stem and as such, are made so they won’t shake and vibrate as you’re on the road. 

The design also affords you the visibility you need to see your surroundings as you’re driving with a haul, helping you avoid any unsavory accidents while trying to navigate through tight roads or are trying to back up. The mirrors are also easy to adjust so they can sit exactly where you need them to on your vehicle. 

Pros for the Milenco MIL-4831 mirrors are:

  • Mirrors are a competitive price comparatively 
  • Offer great range of visibility to help with seeing around wide hauls 
  • Mirrors don’t vibrate while driving 

Cons for the Milenco MIL-4831 mirrors are: 

  • The mirrors themselves are small compared to other available models 
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Milenco MIL-4381 Falcon Towing Mirrors 

Fit System 80930 Snap And Zap Towing Mirrors 

You might want some towing mirrors that mix together sleek style and functionality; if so, look no further than these towing mirrors if you have either a GMC Sierra or Chevy Silverado. As the name would suggest, these towing mirrors are easy to snap into place so you can get on the road fast without worrying about losing your mirrors. 

When you don’t need the flat, wide range mirrors, you can simply fold them back and keep them out of the way. Aesthetically, these mirrors will blend in quite nicely to the overall look of your vehicle, as even though they look modern, they aren’t too flashy. 

Pros for the Fit System 80930 mirrors are:

  • Mirrors are very easy to install, even for newbies 
  • Mirrors come at a good price point 
  • The mirrors can be folded back or quickly removed when not in use 

Cons for the Fit System 80930 mirrors are: 

  • These only work for limited vehicles 
  • Limited range due to the flat mirror style 
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Fit System 80930 Snap & Zap Custom Fit Towing Mirror Pair

MOSTPLUS Power Heated Towing Mirrors

You’re going to pay a pretty penny for these towing mirrors, but your money will be getting you some state of the art towing mirrors. Even though they look fancy and have unique features, they also do the bare minimum that you need; they offer you wide range visibility around your vehicle and the haul attached to it. 

Some of the features include the ability to fold these mirrors multiple ways when not in use, plus the ability to heat them up when it’s cold outside to reduce frost. Additionally, you get an LED light that flashes your signal and puddle lights as well. 

Pros for the MOSTPLUS mirrors are:

  • The mirrors look stylish but are also fine quality
  • Mirrors are easy to install 
  • Great value for what they cost 

Cons for the MOSTPLUS mirrors are: 

  • They come at a high price point compared to some other models on this list 
  • Only work for some vehicle models 
6104Z5g6i7L. AC SX679

MOSTPLUS Power Heated Towing Mirrors

HF Autoparts Towing Mirrors 

Not only do these mirrors look high class, but they come with some fabulous features to make your towing as easy as possible. You get a set of two mirrors that are compatible with vehicles such as some GCM Sierras and Silverados, to name a few. The base is made of aluminum to keep the mirror in place, so they don’t shake as you drive. 

The mirrors also have lights that flash your signal, as well as lights that give you more light as you’re backing up. There are also two forms of glass for the mirror, so you can have either flat or convex mirrors for the visibility you prefer. 

Pros for the HF Autoparts mirrors are:

  • There are a plethora of features that makes driving a towing vehicle much more convenient and safe 
  • The material is built to withstand weather and activity 

Cons for the HF Autoparts mirrors are: 

  • While the availability for various vehicle models are great, they don’t work for all vehicles 
  • Mirrors come at a higher price point due to all the features included (but are affordable comparatively)
  • Some packages haven’t come with instructions 
71d3wmdFI7L. AC SX450

HF autoparts Tow Mirrors

DNA Motoring Towing Mirrors

This particular mirror is a fantastic option that allows for an extra source of safety and security as you’re driving while towing. They are designed simply and sleekly to fit in seamlessly with the look of your vehicle. Rest assured the attachment mechanisms will keep the mirror in place so you don’t have to worry about any shaking or potentially losing your mirror. 

Pros for the DNA Motoring mirrors are:

  • The price point is great for the quality of mirror 
  • They don’t add a lot of bulk to your vehicle 

Cons for the DNA Motoring mirrors are:

  • Mirrors are only available for select Sierra and Silverado models 
  • It can be difficult to attach on your own unless you are skilled with tools 
61BAz9WjlGL. AC SY450

DNA Motoring Foldable Rear View Towing Mirror

YITAMOTOR Towing Mirrors

Here you have another option for fashion and function when it comes to towing mirrors, though they aren’t as flashy as they are simply good-looking. These mirrors have a flexible functionality that can ensure you can adjust your mirrors as necessary to see your surroundings behind and beside you. 

The package comes with two mirrors, one for each side, and the mirrors themselves come with a plethora of features built into them, increasing their practicality and quality. Convex glass mirrors also allow you to see more of your surroundings than you would with flat mirrors. 

Pros for the YITAMOTOR towing mirrors are:

  • These mirrors come with various features that make driving and towing a more seamless experience 
  • Mirrors are easy to install onto your vehicle 
  • The mirrors are reported to stand up against sun glares that can block visibility

Cons for the YITAMOTOR towing mirrors are: 

  • These mirrors are only compatible with a few types of vehicles 
  • Some customers have had issues with some mirrors getting stuck 
81uviMZVa0L. AC SY450

YITAMOTOR Towing Mirrors 

Tips For Choosing The Right Towing Mirror 

Fit is going to be one of the key things to look for when selecting a towing mirror. You have to make sure its size and attachment structure will fit securely on your mirrors or else you won’t get the visibility you desire. While there are easy-to-install suction cup tow mirrors available, there is a safety concern with these as they can fall off your vehicle easily. 

You’ll also have to determine if you prefer a flat mirror or a convex mirror. Both options have their benefits, so what you find easiest to use is your best bet. When you get used to one style, stay with it. Both mirrors have their own visibility ranges, with convex mirrors showing a wider range of road with vehicles appearing closer than they are. 


Towing mirrors are an important accessory for driving safely with your vehicle when it comes to hauling things. It doesn’t matter if you haul for business or haul for travel; towing mirrors will help you keep your eyes on everything happening around you. Otherwise, it’s really easy to miss things happening in your periphery.  

Narrowing down your options takes some reflection on what you need out of your towing mirrors versus what extra features you’d like them to have, while you might also be limited depending on the vehicle you want to attach them to.

As long as they fit well and they give you the safe visibility you need, you’ll be impressed with one of the options for towing mirrors outlined here.

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