Best Travel Accessories to keep Kids entertained in a Motorhome


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Holidays with kids can be tricky, and motorhome holidays are no exception! Keeping your little ones happy, comfy, and occupied can be a mammoth task but we’ve taken away some of the guesswork with our guide to the best travel accessories for kids in a motorhome.

We’ve included things to make long drives a breeze and help you set up camp at the end of the day. Ready for some inspo? Let’s go!

Travel pillows

A good quality travel pillow will make the back seats a comfy haven for travel-weary kids.

Driving long distance with kids in tow can be a tricky thing to navigate. But it’s no secret that long drives have a certain soothing quality to them. Keeping your kids comfy in the back can help them slip into a nap for a few hours, or at least give you a bit of peace and quiet.

If you have a fan of Peppa Pig riding with you – then check out this Peppa Pig travel pillow – a snuggly, comfortable travel pillow to encourage those miles to slip away. When you turn it inside out it becomes a Peppa Pig plush toy to take along on day trips! There’s also a George Pig reversible travel pillow so you can find a pillow that your kids will love.

If Peppa isn’t really your thing, then maybe this Very Hungry Caterpillar Travel Pillow will do the trick. The design of this cute pillow looks so much like the hungry caterpillar that you may find it quickly becomes your child’s next favourite toy.

If you’re more of a Paw Patrol household, there’s a travel pillow for you too. This bright blue Paw Patrol travel pillow can be flipped inside out to turn into a crime-fighting Chase toy!

Seat belt cushion

No one likes a seat belt chaffing against their chin or riding up – including your kids! A great way to make long drives in the motorhome more comfortable is to add some cute and colourful seat belt cushions so they can be relaxed and happy in the back.

We love this George Pig seat belt cushion for its fun cartoon detail, soft material, and easy to use Velcro. Of course, we have to include a Paw Patrol Seat Belt Cushion too so no one feels left out!

Travel safety harness

We all want to let our kids find their feet, and sometimes they need a little more help or security when exploring the world.

Once you’ve parked your motorhome up and are ready to stretch your legs don’t forget a safety harness so your little one can burn off some of that energy without straying too far. Check out this Peppa Pig Travel Safety Harness with its adjustable and comfortable straps plus super helpful child-safe clips. This ideal safety harness also comes in a lovely bright blue.

Window sunscreens

Although motorhome windows usually have a degree of UV protection, creating a little more shade is essential for long drives on a sunny day so consider keeping direct sunlight off your kids with some window sunscreens.

We love these Very Hungry Caterpillar Sunscreens for their quirky polka dot design and easy to attach suction cups. The Paw Patrol Skye and Everest Sunscreens and the Marshall and Chase Sunscreens are ideal for slightly older children and create a cool and shady back seat environment.

Car organiser

It doesn’t take you long to realise that keeping your motorhome tidy is a continuous battle but trying a seat organiser can make your job 100 times easier.

These SURDOCA Car Organisers hang over the back of the grownups’ seats and feature 9 different pockets for books, games, snacks, iPads, and whatever else your kid collects along the way. Travelling will be a breeze when your kids have everything they need right in front of them so there’s no need for constant rummaging while on the move.

Sleeping bags

So, we’ve covered accessories for life on the road – but what about when you set up camp? To grownups, sleeping bags can be a bit of a downgrade from a comfy bed but for kids, sleeping bags can add a touch of adventure to their bedtime routine.

These adorable Animal Sleeping Bags are available in a ladybird or panda design, will keep you toasty down to 6 degrees, and measure 170cm long so there’s plenty of wiggle room. They also easily pack away into a matching rucksack for easy storage while travelling.

If your kid likes the magical side of life, then they’ll love this Unicorn Sleeping Bag which is also available in Pink Kitty, Grey Shark, Purple Owl, and Green Dragon, and all pack away into a cute pillow for extra comfort while on the road.

Camping chair

Adults love a good camping chair, and so do kids!

These Monkey and Unicorn folding chairs are affordable, fun, and highly rated on Amazon UK – what’s not to love? Both designs feature a child safety lock to keep the legs secure and come with their own bag for easy storage.

If you are travelling with a baby then you could invest in the VEEYOO Travel Booster Seat designed for children between 6 and 36 months old. It has wide feet to stay upright with even the most excitable baby, plus a safety belt, and an attached tray to make mealtimes on the road that little bit easier.


Perhaps the most essential travel accessories for kids in a motorhome is lots of activities to keep them busy.

You can appoint your child as captain of the motorhome ship with the help of this Pirate Captain Box Kit which includes the perfect pirate costume and a log book to keep track of your trip. Or perhaps your little explorers could learn about the creepy crawlies they might spot on their adventures with this Insects and Bugs Sticker Book.

If you want to encourage your kids to document your trip and make memories, then try the Are We Nearly There Yet travel companion for plenty of puzzles, scrapbook ideas, and games.


The final travel accessory on our list is scooters! A scooter is an excellent way for your kids to keep up on longer urban walks or explore the area around your camp. Plus, they take up far less space than bikes and are much less likely to break if they get dropped.

The ANSIO Scooter for Boys and Girls comes in plenty of different colours, has adjustable handlebars, and an impressive 4.6 out of stars over 1795 reviews. Another option is the BOLDCUBE Kids 3 Wheel Kick Scooter which we love for its funky colours and adjustable height. The BOLDCUBE is one of the most popular scooters on Amazon UK with an average 4.7 stars out of 5.

Final Thoughts

Motorhome holidays are an eccentric blend of planning and improvisation. It’s no secret that kids can find long drives tiresome, but kitting them out with comfy seats, shaded windows, and plenty of activities to keep them occupied will have the miles flying by. Everything we’ve mentioned in this article can fit into a budget, is easily stored away, and can withstand the wear and tear of motorhome life.

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