Briksdalsbreen Glacier Norway – What You Need to Know


Briksdalsbreen Glacier

Briksdalsbreen Glacier is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway and once you get there, it’s easy to see why. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to visit this spectacular natural wonder.

What Is Briksdalsbreen Glacier?

Briksdalsbreen is a small arm of the Jostedalsbreen, the largest ice sheet in continental Europe. Jostedalsbreen Glacier has a surface area of about 487 square kilometres with ice up to 600 metres thick, whereas the Briksdalsbreen arm is around four square-kilometres and an average thickness of 50 meters.

Briksdalsbreen is one of the most easily accessible glaciers in Norway and is a popular destination for hikers, climbers, and skiers.

The glacier is dotted with a number of small ice climbing routes. The most popular route is the ascent of the north face of Breheimen, which offers stunning views of the Jostedalsbreen.

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How old is the Briksdalsbreen glacier?

Briksdalsbreen Glacier is said to be around 2500 years old. The glacier is constantly changing, as snow accumulates at its highest point and then melts away as the summer months approach.

Where Is Briksdalsbreen Glacier Located?

Briskdalsbreen Glacier is located in the municipality of Stranda in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The glacier is part of the Jostedalsbreen National Park, and lies at an altitude of 1,250 m (4,101 ft) above sea level.

How To Get to Briksdalsbreen Glacier?

A network of marked trails leads from the parking lot to the edge of the glacier. The most popular route is the three-kilometre hike to the viewing platform which takes around 45 minutes. From the platform, there are stunning views of the glacier and the surrounding mountains.

In addition to being able to witness the grandeur of the glacier, visitors can also participate in activities such as ice climbing and skiing. For those who are seeking a unique adventure, the glacier provides an exciting opportunity to explore nature at its finest.

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Briksdalsbreen Glacier

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Is There Accessible Parking Available When Visiting Briksdalsbreen Glacier?

There is accessible parking right at the start of the trailhead to the glacier, where you will also find a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a visitor centre. If you are unable to take the hike to the glacier, you can pay to take a ride on one of the buggies to transport you to the glacier instead.

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit the Briksdalsbreen Glacier?

Briksdalsbreen is a beautiful place to visit all year round. In the winter, the snow-covered glacier provides a stunning backdrop for skiing and snowboarding.

In the summer, the melting ice creates a spectacular waterfall. The meltwater flows into the lake at the base of the glacier, creating a beautiful blue-green colour. No matter what time of year you visit, Briksdalsbreen is sure to impress.

Despite its popularity among tourists, Briksdalsbreen Glacier is facing serious threats from climate change. As global temperatures rise, the glacier’s annual melting rate is increasing. This not only affects the landscape of the glacier, but also threatens its future existence.

In order to protect this beautiful natural wonder and preserve it for future generations, it’s important that we all take steps to reduce our carbon footprints. With proper care and conservation efforts, we can ensure that Briksdalsbreen Glacier remains an awe-inspiring sight for years to come


Briksdalsbreen is a must-see attraction in Norway in our opinion. It’s pretty easily accessible in terms of hikes in Norway which makes it a great place to visit for the whole family if you don’t want anything too strenuous.

With the effects of global warming on the planet, who knows how long we will be able to see these glaciers as they are now, Briksdalsbreen Glacier has shrunk significantly over the years, so it’s important to visit them whilst we have the chance.

Help preserve this beautiful glacier by doing your part to reduce your own carbon footprint. Let’s all work together to ensure this natural wonder remains for future generations!

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