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Motorhome Apps
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Best 13 Motorhome Apps UK

Touring in the UK with a motorhome is easier than ever before! You have GPS gadgets. You have awesome guidebooks. You have social media where you can tap into a treasure trove of knowledge from people that have done exactly the same thing. The part we want to focus on? Those awesome mobile motorhome apps. …

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Best Leisure Battery

Leisure batteries are designed for motorhomes and caravans, supplying a low level of power over long periods of time so that you can watch TV, have lights, and use your appliances for extended periods. You don’t usually get one when you purchase a caravan but normally, they come with a new motorhome.  The best leisure …

Motorhome weight limits
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Motorhome Weight Guide

Across the UK, motorhome weight limits get put in place for several important reasons. Namely, they exist to keep you and your motorhome safe, as well as other passengers on the road. These weight limits also exist to protect your vehicle insurance, and if you exceed them, you could end up in trouble or unable …

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Buying a motorhome for the first time

When you’re buying a motorhome for the first time, it requires careful and advanced planning so that you can properly budget and afford this undertaking. A motorhome requires more supplies, financing, and maintenance than a regular car or truck would, which is why we’ve compiled advice on what you need to get in order as …