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How to make money while travelling in a Motorhome / RV

Contrary to popular belief, travelling full-time in your motorhome or RV-campervan across Europe isn’t merely a money-eating venture. There are actually several valid ways to earn money while travelling on the road that give you the freedom to enjoy your time.  From dropshipping to remote Airbnb management, freelance writing and editing, and other location-flexible jobs, …

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How To Keep Kids Entertained in a Motorhome?

Kids can be hard to entertain because with so many toys and forms of entertainment available today, it’s hard for them to maintain their attention span on one thing. In a motorhome trip, it can be even trickier to provide them enough entertainment, but certainly not impossible. To keep kids entertained in a motorhome, make …

Eurotunnel Pet Reception
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Eurotunnel Travel With A Dog – Animal Health Certificate

Recently we took the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais to start our first 3 month trip travelling around Europe. We couldn’t believe how straight forward and quick the whole process was from start to finish. We wanted to write this blog post to tell you all about travelling on the Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais, …

Motorhome in winter
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Can you use a motorhome in winter? Our best winter care hints and tips

Motorhome living or travel doesn’t just have to be a summer thing and we’re here to tell you our hints and tips for staying in your motorhome in winter. Most new motorhomes are built to withstand the colder months as well as the warm, but there are plenty of alterations and additions that you can …

Motorhome Apps
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Best 13 Motorhome Apps UK

Touring in the UK with a motorhome is easier than ever before! You have GPS gadgets. You have awesome guidebooks. You have social media where you can tap into a treasure trove of knowledge from people that have done exactly the same thing. The part we want to focus on? Those awesome mobile motorhome apps. …