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Van life

Camper Bedding

Finding the right camper bedding can be a tedious task. There are a few things to know before you pick out your sheets, blankets, and other bedding items. Camper beds require size-specific sheets, and there are even certain bedding materials that work better than others in campers.  Below, we’ll explore the different sizes of bedding …

Van life

Getting WiFi in Your Motorhome

While some travellers can’t wait to get in their motorhome and get away from all of the technological trappings of the world. Others might still want to stay in touch with friends or family. Some travellers might travel full-time in their motorhome or camper and have to access the internet to complete work. Whatever need …

Van life

Bike Rack for a Motorhome: Why Your Motorhome Needs One and What Our Top 3 Best Bike Racks Are

Bike racks make for easy travelling in smaller transportation when you have your motorhome set up at a long-term camping ground. We’ve picked out the Foldable Towbar Mounted Cycle Carrier for Two Bikes by Westfalia, the Bicycle Bolt-on Towball Mounted Carrier for Three Bikes by Witter Towbars, and the Four-Bike version by Witter Towbars as …