Corfu Town – The gem of Corfu

Everybody has one of those places which they just fall in love with and Corfu town is that place for me! My dad has been visiting Corfu since the early 1990’s and has continued to go every year since. From a very early age I grew up leaning about this little Greek island but never really understood why my dad didn’t travel to different places and still continued to go to this blue paradise.

Before tourism got very big in Corfu you used to fly into a tiny airport with only what can be described as a hut for passport control and baggage claim. We used to stand out the front of the airport and soak up the sun while waiting for the bags to come off the aircraft (One thing I have learnt is Greeks don’t do anything in a hurry!!).

I could see other tourists thinking ‘you’ve done this before’ while they panicked and sweated in the boiling hot baggage area in the airport!

We would walk out the front and be hit with the boiling hot sun and take the short 20 minute walk into the outstanding Corfu town! This place has a wealth of history and you can see this from all of the different styles of buildings andΒ pastel-colored Venetian architecture that has been built by the many different dominations like the French, Sicilian and the English.

We would walk down the cobblestone street with the Ionian sea next to us. The city features two fortress’s, the oldest being built in the 15th century and the cutest little chapel that you can enter.


corfu town old fort

There are so many beautiful buildings and places to visit around this city, including the town hall and the Liston Building. This lies on the western side of the city, built by the French this superb arched spot is surrounded by beautiful flowers and gardens

Our favorite part of this stunning town is the very narrow streets filled with all sorts of shops and restaurants. Getting lost in these street is our favorite thing to do as you never know what’s around the next corner!

The main street is filled with unbelievable arches and restaurants with seating across the cobble streets. This is definitely the best place to grab a coffee, socialise and enjoy the scenery.

Corfu town old town

Corfu town flowers

A big tip for anyone visiting Corfu is to really explore Corfu Town if you get the chance, there are so many hidden gems hiding around each corner and you’ll be sure to have the best day out there! Please add know your thoughts on Corfu in the comments, thanks.

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    1. Yes! We have also been to this restaurant, its amazing how you turn round corner and you can find such a amazing little table with a beautiful setting! you just don’t get that anywhere else.

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