If you are wondering how much it cost to travel Europe for 90 days doing van life, then find out in this blog post where we break down our 3 month budget.

We have just come to the end of our first 90 day van life adventure in Europe, and we wanted to share with you how much this cost us, in hope that this will be helpful to anybody who is considering their own van life trip, and wondering what the cost implications are.

For us, our 90 days of travel around Europe was van life travel, and this cost would be totally different for somebody who is backpacking for example, so this costing is specific to van life travel.

We have visited 6 countries within these 90 days – France, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland, so we have travelled pretty fast, seen a lot of amazing places and done a lot of things.

This budget would be different for people travelling to different countries and travelling at different speed, but hopefully this can help to give a rough idea of the cost to travel Europe for 90 days.

We have written a previous blog post for our first month of travel, with a table breakdown of what we spent on each different category for e.g., food, fuel, campsites etc – How much does it cost to travel Europe for 1 month? (threeasabird.com) if you would like to check this out.

We also created a YouTube video to discuss this in further detail, if you would like to also have a look at this –

What is the cost to travel Europe for 90 days?

In total, the cost to travel Europe for 90 days, across 6 countries, was £7402.79

Monthly Breakdown of Travel Costs

The breakdown of our second month of travel can be found below:

Month 2 Monthly ExpensesMonth 2 – £
Lottie Pet Insurance10.41
Music Subscription (Spotify/Apple Music, Etc.)9.99
Van Finance368
Changing Expenses
Gas (LPG)51.43
Eating Out159.41
Miscellaneous (park fees, gifts, etc)68.68

The breakdown of our third month of travel can be found below:

Month 3 Monthly ExpensesMonth 3 – £
Lottie Pet Insurance10.41
Music Subscription (Spotify/Apple Music, Etc.)9.99
Van Finance368
Changing Expenses
Gas (LPG)20
Eating Out121.50
Miscellaneous (park fees, gifts, etc)107.65

Our second months budget covered the end of our travels in Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Our third month budget covered Germany, Switzerland and back to France.

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What was our monthly budget for van life in Europe?

Our rough budget for each month was around £2500, so we are really pleased to see that we have stuck within our budget for this trip.

We have managed to do everything that we wanted, we have splashed out on some attractions and have managed to save money by not eating out too much and cooking our own meals in our van. We travelled so fast we even managed to travel a few more countries that we hadn’t even planned to do!

You will see that the budget has reduced quite a lot in the third month compared to the first, and I think this is because we learnt more as we went along about how and where we could save money, and also we were so excited in our first month that I think we naturally spent more money anyway as we were getting used to everything!

We also slowed down our travel towards the end of the third month and were a lot more stationary than we were in the first month, so this too helped us to save money.

cost to travel europe for 90 days


This 90 day trip has been the best 3 months of our lives and if you are considering your own van life trip but are worried about the costs, if you have the budget, we would say just do it!! You will not regret it, and everybody’s budget will be different, so hopefully you can look at our budget and see where you might be able to save money or what you may want to spend more on.

In our opinion, material things don’t matter, and there’s nothing we would want to spend our money on more than the amazing experiences we get and memories we make through our van life travel.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment on this blog post, we would be happy to help where we can!

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