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Did you know that Dobby’s Grave actually exists, and you can find it on a beach in Wales? This is a must visit spot for anybody who is a fan of Harry Potter. Dobby is one of the most loved characters in the Harry Potter movies and it broke a lot of people’s hearts when he died, so to be able to go and pay your respects to this much-loved elf in such a stunning location we think is very special. Continue reading to find out more about Dobby’s Grave and where you can find it.

Dobby's Grave

How to find Dobby’s Grave?

Freshwater West Beach is a beach on the Pembrokeshire Coast in West Wales and is a top surfing spot in Wales due to it’s strong currents.

It is a fabulous beach with a lovely chilled out atmosphere, and behind the beach hidden amongst the sand dunes you will find Dobby’s grave. It’s a great spot for it as it means it won’t be washed away by the sea.

What started as a few stones and messages to Dobby is now a full-blown shrine that has become a popular tourist attraction and attracts lots and lots of visitors each year.

Here are exact instructions to find Dobby’s Grave –

  • Drive to Freshwater West Car Park, SA71 5AH, where you can park for free in the car park or you can park for free on the road side if the car park is full (You can see Dobby’s grave from the car park if you look closely enough, so you should be able to see which direction to head in)
  • Head towards the lifeguard hut
  • Pass the lifeguard hut and head towards the sand dunes
  • Keep walking through the sand dunes until you reach Dobby’s grave
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What you’ll find at Dobby’s Grave

You will find a cross to mark Dobby’s grave and you will find a huge pile of pebbles and stones with paintings and messages on that visitors have come to leave for Dobby. You will also find lots of socks. If you aren’t a Harry Potter fan and are wondering, why socks? Then in the Harry Potter films, Dobby is a house elf, which is basically a slave for its master, and in order for a house elf to be freed they need to be presented with an item of clothing.

Dobby is the house elf of the Malfoy’s, and in the film the Chamber of Secrets, the way in which he becomes free is that Harry hides a sock inside Tom Riddle’s diary and passes it to Lucius Malfoy, who then hands it to Dobby before Dobby opens the diary and finds the sock hidden inside, and exclaims “master has given Dobby a sock!” making him a free elf!

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When does Freshwater West beach appear in Harry Potter?

Freshwater West Beach appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 and Part 2. The beach scenes with Dobby were filmed here and it was the location of Shell Cottage – the home of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour. Shell Cottage is no longer there and was taken down after filming unfortunately.

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How does Dobby die in Harry Potter?

One of the most emotional scenes in all of the Harry Potter films – Dobby dies protecting Harry. in Deathly Hallows part 1, Dobby helps Harry Potter and other members of Dumbledore’s army escape the Malfoy manor, where Bellatrix Lestrange throws her knife at Dobby and Harry, and it appears that she has missed them both. As Harry and the other members land back on the beach, it can be seen that her knife actually hit Dobby, and this is the cause of his heroic death – a difficult one to watch!

Dobby dies in Harry’s arms, and they bury him at Shell Cottage, which is why this is where his grave lies today at Freshwater Beach.

If you feel like having a cry – you can watch the exact moment on the YouTube video below –

Is there parking at Freshwater West Beach?

Yes, there is a free car park at Freshwater West Beach and also parking down the side of the road if the car park is full. You will also find a cafe in the car park for coffee and snacks, and free public toilets, so it really is a fantastic beach with great facilities.

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Is Shell Cottage real? Can you visit the Harry Potter Shell Cottage filming location?

Shell Cottage, the home of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, was brought to life for the movies but is not a real location that can be visited today. The cottage was constructed from shells found on Freshwater West Beach and other areas along the Welsh coastline, attracting fans to the previously untouched beach.

However, after filming wrapped up, the production team dismantled Shell Cottage to preserve the natural beauty of the area and make way for other filming projects. While it’s unfortunate that Shell Cottage no longer exists, visitors can still pay their respects at Dobby’s grave site located in the sand dunes above where it once stood.

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What is Dobby’s full name?

Dobby’s full name is never mentioned in the Harry Potter series. He is only ever referred to as “Dobby.”

What was Dobby’s last word?

Dobby’s last words were “Harry Potter”. It was a poignant moment in the Harry Potter series when Dobby, the beloved house-elf, died in Harry’s arms after being fatally wounded by Bellatrix Lestrange. Despite his pain and suffering, Dobby used his final breath to utter Harry’s name, showing the depth of his loyalty and love for the young wizard who had freed him from servitude. The scene is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by characters throughout the series in their fight against evil.

Why can’t Hermione help Dobby?

Hermione Granger was unable to help Dobby during his final moments because she did not have the magical abilities necessary to heal him. Despite her vast knowledge of magic and her proficiency in spells, some injuries are simply too severe to be healed by even the most skilled witches and wizards. In Dobby’s case, he had been fatally wounded by a cursed knife that had been thrown at him by Bellatrix Lestrange, and his injuries were beyond healing. Hermione was devastated by Dobby’s death but was powerless to prevent it.

Final Thoughts

Dobby’s grave is, in our opinion, one of the best Harry Potter filming locations and you MUST go there if you love Harry Potter as much as we do. Freshwater Beach is also a beautiful beach to spend the day surfing or relaxing and making a day of going to pay your respects to this much-loved house elf!

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