Hard Rock Cafe – Why we love it

Visiting Hard Rock Café has now become a bit of a tradition for me and Kirsty which we have done for a while now and is something we look for when visiting a new city or country. It started off in Rome when we just so happened to be standing next to one when the heavens opened and we got absolutely drenched and needed to get out of the rain!

The rock and Roll American chain restaurant offers a huge menu including our favorite burger ORIGINAL LEGENDARY® BURGER added mac & Cheese with Parmesan Romano Fries With Garlic Aioli as the side, it doesn’t get much better for an American style burger than this. We also love the unbelievable  desserts they offer, Kirsty is a lover of anything dessert!

The café features Rock & Roll Memorabilia from donation and purchases of items from famous artists from around the world


Hard Rock Cafe Universal Studios

The restaurant chain is one of our favorite we have ever been to but is now a running joke between us that if we see one we have got to have it and also you can’t leave without buying the famous memorabilia Hard Rock Café T-Shirt, this is something we have to collect from each one we visit. We have now been to Amsterdam, Rome, Florida and Barcelona and will try and get to many more as we visit more destinations.


Amsterdam Hard Rock cafe

Let us know if you have a tradition or something you have to do when visiting a new county?

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  1. We’ve done this too, even in Venice & Iceland where they are very frowned upon “tourist traps” but as you say, it’s became a tradition on our travels….and the nachos are unbeatable haha!!

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