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Between the 2 of us we have visited the Warner Brothers Harry Potter studios tour in Watford, London 5 times! As you can probably tell from some of our other blog posts, we’re both massive Harry Potter fans so when we discovered this place only a couple of hours from home for us we couldn’t have been more excited!

If ever you’re visiting London or the UK this is a massive absolute must. It’s such an amazing day out and one of our favourites in the UK.

The studio tour is where a lot of Harry Potter was actually filmed, with real sets and props.

Starting the tour

When you first arrive at the Harry Potter studios tour you enter a room which contains the Weesley’s blue car hanging from the ceiling! There are various photos of all the Harry Potter characters around the room and you join the queue to enter the tour. Along the way in the queue there are various things to see, including the cupboard under the stairs with the real glasses that Harry Potter wore! There are plenty of things to take great photos of before you even get into the tour.

As you reach the front of the queue you are walked through as a large group into a cinema room where you watch a short film on how Harry Potter started out and became the massive phenomenon all over the world that it is today, with interviews from the cast members on what it was like to work on the set of Harry Potter which is really interesting. Once the film finishes the screen lifts to reveal a set of huge doors. The doors are opened and what’s behind them you would never expect, it’s the Hogwarts grand hall!

You then get to wonder round freely and take as long as you like to take in all of the props, set’s, costumes and equipment that were actually used in the Harry Potter films, it’s so fascinating and there is SO much to be seen, you could get lost in there and spend hours.

Hogwarts express at Harry Potter tour London

Some of our favourite parts include –

  • Diagon Alley – This is a life sized Diagon Alley with some of our favourite shops from the film such as weasley’s wizard wheezes. We would say this is our favourite part of the whole tour!
  • Hogwarts Express – You actually get the chance to go on the Hogwarts Express which is great. Unfortunately you don’t get the chance to sit in any of the carriages which we think would have made this a little better but you do get to look through the windows and see the set up of the carriage when Ron, Harry and Hermione first meet with all of the sweets and the famous chocolate frog!
  • Forbidden Forest – This part has not long been added to the studio tour and is a great addition. You get the chance to walk through the creepy, dark forest and be aware of some giant creepy crawly friends that you may come across!!
  • 4 Privet Drive – There is an outside section of the tour where you can enter 4 Privet Drive, which is also a new feature of the tour, the house has always been there but you haven’t always had the chance to go in. We were so happy that this was added as it’s really fun and looks brilliant with all of the letters flying around the front room!
  • Hogwarts Castle Model – The giant model of the Hogwarts Castle which is towards the end of the tour is simply stunning. The detail and effort that went into it is incredible and it’s really interesting to watch how it was built on the screens which are scattered around the model. This makes a great end to the tour.

This is just a really brief description of what the Harry Potter studios tour includes as we don’t want to ruin the magic of it if you’re visiting! But we honestly couldn’t recommend it enough, it’s certainly one of our favourite days out in the UK.

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