hector's highland cows

Highland Cows are the star of the show in Scotland and are high up on the Scotland bucket list for lots of people, it’s clear to see why, look how cute they are!

It can be difficult however to know exactly where you’ll be able to find Highland Cows that are located in a safe spot where you can stop to see them and take some photographs.

This is why we’re so pleased that we came across Hector’s Highland Cows.

hector's highland cows

Where are Hector’s Highland Cows

Hector’s Highland Cows are a super friendly herd of Highland Cows that can be found at Lodge on the Loch in Sconser on the Isle of Skye.

They are free to go and see however there is a donation box should you wish to donate any money for the gorgeous photos that you’re guaranteed to get of these amazing cows!

There is parking available at the Lodge on the Loch but there is also a layby over the road which is where the cows actually are that you can pull into which is fantastic, it meant we were able to pull up in our van and get out to safely go and see the cows and get those all important highland coo shots to tick off our Scotland bucket list.

The cows are very popular and attract a lot of visitors from all over the world, there were coach loads of people there when we visited!

We highly recommend a trip to Hector’s Highland Cows for a great spot to see and photograph some lovely highland cows on the Isle of Skye.

There is a small donation box there, so please help keep these amazing animals there for us all to see and drop a few coins in the box

Hector's Highland Cows - Best Place To See Highland Cows on The Isle of Skye
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Hector's Highland Cows - Best Place To See Highland Cows on The Isle of Skye

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