Helicopter over Disney and Universal Studios

We recently visited Orlando and after looking for top things to do we found helicopter tours which fly over Universal Studios, International Drive, Seaworld and Disney World. We decided this was something we would really like to do on our trip!

We decided to spend one day exploring International Drive and this was the day that we decided we would do the helicopter tour. We purchased our tour from a company called Air Florida Helicopter which was not far from the upside down house Wonderworks. It cost £95 each for a 20-25 minute tour.

The tour was so much fun and such an amazing experience!! Although we had visited most of the places on foot on our trip to see them from up in the air was just incredible.

Helicopter over Disney Springs

We were so happy we researched this before hand and decided to do it as it was a major highlight of our trip and we would definitely recommend it to anybody visiting Orlando.

As Ryan had been in a helicopter before he sat in the back and I sat with the pilot in the front. This is really where you get the full feel and view, with take off happening so fast, and within seconds you are flying high above Florida. We first flew over Universal Studios where we could pick out the Harry Potter Castle where we got engaged just days before! We then headed over Seaworld where we were able to see the Wales and dolphins although we didn’t go to Sea world as we don’t agree with such beautiful and big fish being kept in captivity and in such harsh conditions! We then started to head over to Disney World resort where we could see our hotel Caribbean Beach Resort, then we could see Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs. The pilot explained and pointed out and guided us all the way throughout the tour and answered a lot of questions that we had for him.

Helicopter over seaworld


Helicopter over Epcot

We would recommend this to everyone who is visiting Orlando and Disney World as this is such a unbelievable experience and is great value for money for what you see.

Let us know if you have even done this and what your views were?

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