How to clean your motorhome toilet

Surprisingly, a lot of people ask what they should use to clean their campervan toilet. It is important to keep the area around the toilet clean and free from potential dangers like bacteria or germs that could cause illness. Some people prefer to spray their toilets with water before wiping down with soap and water or even just plain old vinegar. There are also chemical cleaners that can be used but make sure to read the instructions before you use them so you know how much is required for your specific campervan tank size.

To clean our motorhome toilet we use Biological toilet fluid, Zoflora, empty regularly and wipe down with bathroom cleaner.

When living in a small space in a motorhome or campervan, smells can seem much worse than when living in a house, so it’s important to keep things clean to avoid unwanted smells in your tiny home. Here’s how we keep our toilet clean and smelling fresh, and we use a Thetford cassette toilet.

How to stop your campervan toilet from smelling

Empty your toilet regularly when it needs emptying. Use the toilet fluid cleaning products and also keep the blade closed and the seat down when the toilet is not in use, as this will avoid odours coming from the toilet and into the motorhome or campervan. Also keep some air freshener available in the bathroom.

How often to empty your toilet

For us, we need to empty our toilet every couple of days. That’s with 2 people using it and not all day as we are usually out and about for a lot of the day. Obviously, if you have more people in your van and are going to be using it more frequently, then you may need to empty it more often. Our toilet alerts us to when it needs emptying with a red light that comes on the top of the toilet, but you can also tell that the toilet needs emptying when the blade is open and you can see the water level is getting high.

What products to use


Once our toilet is empty and ready to go back in to the motorhome, we add some green biological fluid which helps break down the waste and keep the toilet clean and helps with odours.

We also use general bathroom cleaners such as flash bathroom cleaner to wipe down the toilet seat and the external toilet etc, and also occasionally add some Zoflora to the toilet bowl to help freshen it up.

Can you use bleach in a Campervan / motorhome toilet

When we picked up our motorhome from our dealer, we were advised not to use bleach in the toilet because it can stain the plastic, it isn’t the same as adding bleach to a ceramic toilet bowl. Stick to the specific motorhome toilet products and products that do not contain bleach.

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