How To Drive a Campervan in The Rain: The Ultimate Guide


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‍Let’s face it, campervanning in the rain isn’t as glamorous as it sounds. It can be a miserable experience. However, you don’t have to let bad weather put a dampener on your travels.

With the right kit and knowledge, you can still enjoy your trip in the campervan in the rain.

If you are like most people and see rain as something to avoid at all costs, this article is for you! Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about driving a campervan in the rain.

What You Need to Know Before Driving a Campervan in The Rain

When you drive in the rain, there are a few things you must know.

You need to know which tyres to use, how to operate your wipers, your stopping distance and the best way to drive your vehicle.

You also need to make sure you are aware of the dangers that come with driving in the rain.

The first is hydroplaning. You will have heard of this before. It is when your car becomes airborne due to water on the road. This can be very dangerous if you are driving fast.

The second is a risk with all types of vehicles. It is when your tyres become clogged with water. This causes them to lose traction and makes steering difficult. It can even cause your vehicle to skid. You can avoid these dangers by driving slowly in the rain, keeping a safe distance behind other road users and braking in a controlled way.

How To Prepare for Bad Weather

If you are driving in the rain, you will need a little extra preparation compared to if you’re driving in good conditions.

We’ve put together a list of things you should do to prepare for bad weather when you’re driving in a campervan.

  • Make sure you have the right tyres fitted to your campervan. You’ll need to have the correct tyres for driving in wet weather. There are a few main types of tyres for driving in the rain, according to the weather conditions.
  • All Season Tyres: These are the safest option if you are driving in the rain. They are great for all seasons.
  • Winter Tyres: These are designed for snowy conditions but will be suitable for driving in the rain if the forecast is for light drizzle or showers.
  • You’ll also need to make sure your spare tyre is correctly inflated. You don’t want a flat tyre in the rain. This will make driving more difficult and will put you at risk of hydroplaning at higher speeds.

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Driving In the Rain: Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared

The best way to drive in the rain is to not be scared of it. You should be confident and prepared for everything the rain has to throw at you.

If you know how to drive in it, what the dangers are, and how best to handle them, then you should have no problems at all.

– Stay Calm: The most important thing is to stay calm. It is very easy to get worked up when you are driving in the rain. You may not be used to it or might not have driven in it for a long time. Remind yourself that you have all the skills and knowledge needed to safely drive in the rain.

– Change Your Driving Style: Driving in the rain will be very different to driving in sunny weather. You need to adjust your driving style to suit the weather conditions.

– Slow Down: You should always drive at a speed appropriate for the conditions — including the weather. But you need to drive even slower in the rain.

– Watch The Road: Don’t get distracted and make sure you are watching the road at all times. This is especially important in the rain. You need to be aware of other road users as well as potential hazards such as puddles and flooding.

– Use Your Lights: Make sure your lights are on so other road users can see you. Use your low beams when you are driving in the rain.

– Stay Alert: You need to stay alert when you are driving in the rain. It is easy to get bored or distracted when you are driving for a long time.

Don’t Hesitate: Just Drive!

You really shouldn’t hesitate when driving in the rain.

You need to take the same decisions as you would when the conditions are good. The only difference is you’ll be driving a little slower. This is particularly important when it comes to passing other road users.

Passing is a dangerous manoeuvre at the best of times and more so in the rain. You need to be very careful when passing other vehicles and need to make sure you don’t hesitate.

Campervan Safety Tips During Rainy Conditions

Although the camper is a pretty waterproof vehicle, there are still a few things you can do to make your campervan even safer in rainy conditions.

Make sure everything is closed as tightly as possible. Make sure the windows and doors are closed as tight as possible to keep water out. You should also make sure the roof is closed. If you have a pop-up roof, make sure it is raised.

Finally, make sure the vents are closed so water can’t get in that way. If the weather is really bad, it’s a good idea to park your campervan in a safe place. You don’t want to be driving around in bad weather, and you don’t want to get stuck in a flood either. Make sure you park in a place that is not going to flood and where you’re not going to get stuck if the ground is wet, boggy and muddy.


Driving a campervan in the rain can be an uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right equipment and knowledge, you can be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions. Be sure to follow the advice in this article when driving in the rain and you can be sure to stay as safe and comfortable as possible!

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