How to Fill a Motorhome Water Tank: A Comprehensive Guide


How to fill a motorhome water tank

If you’re new to the world of motorhome travel, one of the essential things you’ll need to know is how to fill a motorhome water tank. A properly filled water tank is crucial to ensure a comfortable and safe journey. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of filling your motorhome water tank. From equipment requirements to tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered.

Equipment Required

Before you start filling your motorhome water tank, there are a few essential items you’ll need:

1. A hose: A clean hose is necessary to fill your water tank. Make sure you have a hose long enough to reach the water source and the water inlet on your motorhome. The hose that we have for our motorhome is 10m long and this has always worked great for us.

2. A water filter: A water filter is essential to ensure that the water you fill your tank with is clean and safe to drink. We have a water filter built into our fresh water tank.

3. A funnel: A funnel can make filling your water tank easier and prevent spills, especially if you are in a situation where you cannot use a water hose so you have to pour water directly into your tank from a water container.

4. A water tank sanitiser: It’s essential to sanitise your water tank before filling it. A water tank sanitiser will help you achieve this.

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How to fill a Motorhome Water Tank

Now that you have all the required equipment let’s dive into the steps to fill your motorhome water tank:

1. Choose a water source: Your motorhome water tank can be filled from any clean and safe water source such as a tap, water station or bottled water.

2. Sanitise the tank: Before filling your water tank, make sure to sanitise it to prevent contamination. Add a water tank sanitiser to the water tank, fill it with water, and let it sit for a few hours.

3. Connect the hose: Connect the hose to the water source and the water inlet on your motorhome. Make sure the hose is clean and long enough to reach your water source.

4. Open the water source: Open the water source to start filling your motorhome water tank. Keep an eye on the water level and turn off the water source once the tank is full. We have water tank sensors in our motorhome tanks that we can see our water levels from our motorhome control panel.

5. Turn on the pump: Turn on the pump to pressurise the water system. You can now use the water from your tank.

Tips and Tricks for Hassle-Free Filling

Here are some tips and tricks to make filling your motorhome water tank easier and hassle-free:

1. Check the water quality: Before filling your water tank, make sure to check the water quality. If the water is discoloured or has a strange smell, do not use it. If the water tap has a non-drinking water sign, do not use it. Only use water that you trust is drinking water and that appears clean and fresh.

2. Use a water bandit: A water bandit can help you connect your hose to water sources with unusual fittings.

3. Monitor the water level: Keep an eye on the water level while filling your tank to prevent overflowing.

4. Use gravity to your advantage: If possible, park your motorhome on an incline to help with draining the water tank

How to find places to fill your motorhome water tank

The Park4Night app is a really great way to find places to fill up with water, and we use this all the time. You are able to filter on the app by the services you need, so fresh water fill up, and then the app will show you all the locations around you where you can do this, such as campsites, motorhome aires, service stations and public water taps.


Can I fill my water tank with any water source?

No, you should only fill your water tank with clean and safe water sources.

How often should I sanitise my water tank?

You should sanitise your water tank before and after each trip, and at least every six months.

How do I know when my water tank is full?

You can monitor the water level in your tank using the water level indicator in your motorhome or by keeping an eye on the water level as it rises while filling.

Can I drink water straight from the tank?

Yes, as long as you have used a water filter and sanitised your tank properly.


Filling your motorhome water tank can seem daunting, but with the right equipment and knowledge, it can be a straightforward process. Always make sure to use clean and safe water sources, sanitise your tank regularly, and use a water filter to ensure the water you drink is clean and safe. With these tips and tricks, you can easily fill your motorhome water tank and enjoy a comfortable and safe journey. Happy travels!

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