How to make money while travelling in a Motorhome / Campervan


make money while travelling

Contrary to popular belief, travelling full-time in your motorhome or campervan across Europe isn’t merely a money-eating venture. There are actually several valid ways to earn money while travelling on the road that give you the freedom to enjoy your time. 

From dropshipping to remote Airbnb management, freelance writing and editing, and other location-flexible jobs, we’re unpacking ways to make income and prioritise travel simultaneously.

How to make money doing van life is something everyone thinks about before making the jump, continue reading to learn more about the potential income you can make from various travel-work setups and what the commitment is like.

We’ll be discussing the most convenient modes of income – specifically for those travelling in motorhomes across Europe. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


Dropshipping is a type of business where you as a seller can accept orders from customers. Although you don’t keep items in stock personally, you will transfer these orders and shipping information to wholesalers and other retailers. You don’t actually ship the product; the supplier ships the order meaning its competently hands-off and all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi.

It’s a lot less expensive than managing a real retail store in person since all you’re responsible for is the beginning stage of the sale. Dropshippers will earn a profit comprised of the difference between wholesale and retail prices. Dropshipping can be extremely profitable as an online job, which you can do from the comfort of your campervan. 

So how does it work? the process is really simple:

– You receive an order

– You forward the order to your supplier

– Your supplier fulfils the order

– You receive 20-40% of the order value

if you are interested in becoming your own boss and wanting to make an income whilst on the road then dropshipping really is the way to go, it has been fantastic for us, we are able to have the time to travel and work all year round.

E-Commerce stores never sleep, never close meaning you can earn money 24 hours a day 365 days a year and you can work whichever hours suit you best. When you compare this to other business models it really is the standout option for traveling in your motorhome, camper van and RV.

If you’re thinking that you don’t know how to get started and if you don’t know much about e-commerce then please don’t let that put you off, the dropshipformula course from Simon Vernon really helps you every step of the way from setting everything up, setting ads up, and even how to set up a company.

You can be on your way to making a full-time income.

It goes into so much detail, if you are prepared to follow the steps and put in the time for learning then it really can work for you!

Click the button below to find out more or drop us an email and we can talk you through it, we really couldn’t recommend it enough.

Freelance Writing

One of the most common ways of earning part- or full-time income while van travelling is becoming a freelance writer. There are a lot of avenues to go down in the freelance writing world, from SEO writing to content writing, blogging, and writing copy for brands. 

One thing to note about freelance writing is that it can be highly competitive, so you need to do some research and find a niche that you’re good at writing about. Having a specific skill will narrow down your job pool and make you stand out to potential clients. 

Below are some of the platforms and companies you can join to earn income as a remote freelance writer. 

Freelance Writing with Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular international freelancing platforms that’s free to join. You get a few free “connects” monthly to use to apply to gigs. After that, you have to pay a very small fee to apply to extra jobs. 

However, Upwork now provides freelancers the opportunity to offer service packages on their profiles, which clients can order of their own volition. This doesn’t cost you any extra money and allows you to set your own prices. Upwork is full of freelance writing opportunities in various niches. 

Upwork takes 20% of your earnings for the first few hundred pounds earned from a particular client, then that drops to 10% when you earn more from that client. And eventually, if you stay with the same client long enough, the fee drops to just 5%. 

Freelance Writing with Fiverr

Some freelance writers prefer Fiverr to Upwork because it’s free to join AND there are no fees to post services or apply to jobs. However, you only get to keep 80% of each transaction, no matter how much you earn. 

Fiverr has a similar setup to Upwork’s, and you can use it across borders for various types of freelance writing jobs. 

Independent Freelance Writing

An alternative option for freelance writing while travelling Europe is to simply create your own website and sell your services through it. If you feel like you’re good at networking and getting your writing business out there, you can find clients and form relationships with them. 

Perhaps you even have a friend who is making their own travel blog. Situations like this allow them to contract your writing services for part-time work, and you can add this writing gig to your portfolio. 

make money

Freelance Editing/Proofreading

Freelance editing and proofreading are a nice alternative to freelance writing if you don’t have as much time to dedicate. A degree in English or writing can help you to get more competitive jobs in editing, although a degree certainly isn’t necessary. 

The platforms mentioned above for freelance writing are both suited to freelance editing and proofreading work. Whether you want to proofread academic papers, edit creative book manuscripts, or offer simple hourly proofreading skills for content writers, there are opportunities all over the Internet. 

With an internet connection you can do these jobs straight from your laptop or tablet. And all the while, you allow yourself the freedom to drive across Europe, set your own schedule, and afford the lifestyle. 

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Remote Airbnb Management

For true travel lovers, working in the Airbnb/rental realm could be much more fulfilling than writing or editing work. By working as a remote manager for Airbnb hosts, you get to stay on the road and make decent money. 

Here’s how it works – an Airbnb host who doesn’t have the time to run or manage their property on their own will hire you. If they’re okay with you remotely managing the property, they’ll assign tasks such as:

  • Communicating with property cleaners, maintenance workers, and landscapers
  • Communicating with guests regarding check-in and check-out
  • Running the Airbnb host account to book stays
  • Ensuring that the operation runs smoothly in the host’s absence

What’s nice about this gig is that for high-quality Airbnb properties, the hosts are likely willing to pay a good rate for you to assist them. And as a plus, you get some experience in the hospitality industry that you can carry into your future. 

This job may require you to stop by the property in person from time to time. However, it’s likely that you can do most of the job requirements from your mobile device or laptop in your campervan. 

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Remote Audio Transcription

Transcription is more suited to those who want passive income or supplemental income while they travel. Unless you’re really serious about transcription work and/or have a certification in specialised transcription (like medical or legal transcription), it’s hard to make a living off of it. 

However, there are some ways you can increase your efficiency and earnings with audio transcription sites, like using transcription equipment. Transcription software, speedy Internet connection, headsets, and foot pedals also go a long way in getting jobs done with accuracy and speed. 

Remote UK audio transcriptionists can make an average of about 50p-£1 per audio minute transcribed. Keep in mind that this doesn’t always translate directly to hourly wages since audio transcription also requires you to spend time editing and double-checking your files. 

Many freelance transcription sites will penalise workers for mistakes, which can lead to limitations on how much you can work. So, it’s a job that requires a lot of attention to detail and time that you can set aside while you’re travelling. Also, note that you usually have to pass a transcription proficiency exam before being accepted to take on work at these sites.

UK Freelance Transcription Opportunities 

Sell Crafts or Artwork at Fair and Festivals 

If you are a creative type or already have a small online Etsy business, you can bring that with you on the road. As long as you are able to access the post from time to time or have access to in-person markets, you can sell your artisanal goods. 

Popular items to sell include crocheted goods, hand-knit goods, paintings, prints, stickers, and other easy-to-produce items. If you can corner a niche market, that will be even better, such as paintings of customers’ pets, for example. 

And one way to make this side job even more convenient while travelling in your motorhome is to make it completely virtual. For example, if you want to sell your digital art, such as graphic designs, digital illustrations, or digital wallpapers, you can do it all from your computer or tablet. 

But if you want to meet new people and really immerse yourself in local cultures while travelling, then selling at local markets or festivals could be the way to go.

You may have to pay a small booth or table fee at festivals to sell your goods, but the pay-out could be decent. Once you’re done, simply pack up your products and get back on the road again to a new place. 

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Teach Yoga Classes Virtually 

Travellers who are also outdoor enthusiasts and/or yogis may find that their yoga-loving qualities translate well to a side income.

Virtual yoga teachers can make an average of about £47,5000 each year. Basic yoga teacher training (YTT) is the easiest way to get started offering yoga classes online, which you can do via Zoom or Skype, for example. 

And if you’re already on the road and don’t have the ability to complete in-person training, you can even learn YTT virtually while you travel. You can then learn at your own pace and on your own travel schedule. 

While it does require an investment to pursue yoga instruction, you can set great rates once you become a teacher. As long as you have a space outside or in your van to teach classes, as well as a good Internet connection, you can teach yoga virtually. 


Online Product Testing and Surveys

While this option isn’t the most fruitful, it is a good way to make a little bit of money in a pinch. Perhaps you’re travelling and you’re short a few pounds one month on your phone bill. This is a great and simple way to round up those needed pounds and meet your basic needs while travelling.

You can earn an easy side income by testing products and by taking customer surveys online. The latter is a more practical way to earn some money while travelling, as you don’t need an address to have products shipped to. However, you can in some cases pick up packages at post centres while you’re on the road. 

Online product testers generally make about £28,012/year for testing and giving their feedback to companies. 

On the other hand, taking surveys online can earn you a small side income that may supplement your travel lifestyle. Typically, you only make a few pounds per hour for completing surveys. But you can find opportunities to do so on websites such as:

Teach English as a Second Language Online

TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) is a great professional opportunity that allows you to have freedom in your work life. This freedom spurs many TEFL teachers to hit the road and see the world while they make money in the meantime. 

Most of the coursing you’ll be teaching are offered to individuals in other countries – whether you’re instructing children, college students, or adults. Therefore, you can work via your computer with a solid video call connection, which is ideal for campervan life. 

While different certification courses are set up in their own way, most people can get certified for TEFL in about six months. With a fluent understanding of the English language and the initiative to teach others, it may become a very fruitful source of income for you. 

For some companies that offer these jobs, you don’t even need to have a degree to qualify. And you generally don’t need to be fluent or have serious knowledge of other languages. 

On average, virtual TEFL teachers make about £2-£11 per hour, and some companies even let you set your own rates as you improve upon your experience. 

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Turn Your Travels into Your Career

If you are really serious about your travel lifestyle, then you might consider turning your travels into your full-time job. There is a huge market right now for travel content creators turning their trips and sight-seeing into:

  • Blogging (+affiliate marketing)
  • Vlogging
  • Travel influencing and brand deals

One thing to keep in mind is that turning your travels into your career could take some of the fun and freedom out of the experience. If you aren’t comfortable with sharing your day-to-day life in your motorhome with the Internet, then this may not be the best way for you to earn income on the road. 

However, if you like the idea of a travel lifestyle, you can use your social media accounts, YouTube channel, personal domain, or another outlet to share your adventures with others. 

Travel Blogging

Travel bloggers write everything from tips on motorhome travels to money-saving advice, and more. 

You can increase the possibility of earning money from blogging by getting involved in affiliate marketing, too, where an online retailer pays you a commission when you generate traffic or sales via referring its products.

Further, it’s pretty affordable and simple to create your own travel website via Squarespace, WordPress, and other domain hosts. 

Travel Vlogging and YouTube Channels

Vloggers have a chance to monetise their YouTube channels if they put in the right work. You can share personal tours of cities throughout Europe, as well as what your daily life looks like living in a van. 

travel vlogging

Travel Influencing

Travel influencing is another exciting market to earn money while travelling. You can use your social media accounts, particularly Instagram and TikTok, to build a following. Once your travel account has gained some traction, you can get in touch with an influencer agency to take you on. 

These people are responsible for setting you up with brand deals and sponsorships that are similar to affiliate marketing on blogs. They work with brands and businesses who pay you essentially to post ads for their products on your social media accounts. 

Influencers with at least 50,000 followers can typically make around £500 just for one post partnered with an advertiser. And these numbers only increase as your following increases, as well as your exposure. 

Freelance Voice Acting 

Freelance voice acting, similar to freelance audio transcription work, is more of a side income source. It’s not necessarily going to turn into a full-time gig, as this wouldn’t leave you much room in your schedule to enjoy your travels. 

However, it’s a valid choice for people who want to work straight from their laptops in their campervans. Small jobs will be posted on platforms, and if you’re approved to be a voice actor, you can apply to them or claim them. There are platforms online for this kind of work, including:

You’ll likely need a pop shield, quiet space, and a laptop or device equipped with a decent microphone and headphones for these gigs. Some jobs also require a small investment in some recording software, like Adobe Audition, or Audacity. 

This job also requires you to have a confident and clear speaking voice, as well as some skills in recording and editing audio from your device. Keep in mind that, similar to other online freelance work, voice acting can be quite competitive. But there are always new opportunities being posted online and across platforms. 

Eventually, if you get good enough at this form of freelancing, you could possibly start your own freelance voice acting agency and hire other voice actors to work with you. 

Become a Virtual Assistant

Working as an assistant to a professional is a competitive, well-paying job that you might not want to miss out on just because you’re travelling. Luckily, the market for virtual assistant positions is growing, and you can now apply for positions to work remotely and take on assistant tasks. In the UK, virtual assistants make an average rate/salary of £11.82/hour or around £24,789 per year.

Lots of companies hire virtual assistants these days, as they can save money this way. This is especially true for companies that are set up in multiple locations around the world or need workers with various skills. Depending on who or what type of company leader you are assisting, this work could vary and even encompasses many other freelance job skills.

For example, if you’re a virtual assistant to a web designer, you could be writing their emails to clients or running their Instagram accounts. Or, if you’re a virtual assistant to a professional photographer, you might be in charge of creating a schedule, taking phone calls, creating flyers, and/or using photo editing software after shoots are finished. 

Virtual assistants have the freedom and luxury of working from any office they want, even if that happens to be a motorhome. As long as you are diligent with your schedule and make yourself available to the person you’re assisting, you can easily manage this job on the road. 

Freelance Web Development

Freelance web developers can make anywhere between £10-£35 per hour as beginners. And as your skillset and experience increase, you can potentially increase those earnings to £70-£100 per hour. As someone desiring to live and travel in their campervan full-time, this is an exciting income prospect to consider. 

You don’t need much equipment or space for this job, either, making it an ideal way to earn income while travelling. As long as you have a small office space, a secure Internet connection, and a decent computer, you can succeed. 

In order to be a freelance developer, you don’t necessarily need a degree, but you usually need the following skills/qualifications:

  • Knowledge of different programming languages such as Python
  • Knowledge of writing and editing tech documentation
  • Network diagnostics experience
  • Efficiency
  • HTML/CSS profieciency
web design

Freelance Web Development Opportunities

There are a few ways you can seek out these freelance opportunities. If you want to create your own web development business with independent contracting, you should start by creating your own website.

This will be the hub for any potential clients to find you, learn about your services, contact you, and start working with you. 

If you want to start small, though, you can seek out freelancing platforms that regularly post web development jobs. Through platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Upstack, Toptal, and others, you can find one-off jobs, as well as long-term contracts with the same client. 

Teach Your Skills via Online Courses

Perhaps you are skilled in freelance writing of SEO articles, or you have successfully created a part-time career out of freelance editing while travelling in your campervan. You can take these valuable, money-yielding skills and teach them in online courses to other hopeful travellers and people who work from home alike. 

There are several ways to do this:

  • Offer online courses through sites like Udemy
  • Offer your own online courses through your own domain/website (you can even charge users to subscribe to your weekly emails, newsletters, and other inside resources)
  • Offer one-time webinars or learning opportunities that you stream via Twitch, YouTube, or other live platforms 

The average pay for teaching a course on Udemy, for example, is around 160 pounds per month as a beginner. But with more qualifications and education credentials, you can earn much more, and you don’t even have to instruct these courses in person. 

Other platforms where you can earn money by teaching online courses include Skillshare and Teachable. 

Create a Travel Podcast and Patreon

Just as blogs and vlogs are popular among van-life aficionados, so are podcasts. Creating a travel podcast might be a window into lots of money-making opportunities for someone who travels full-time and needs extra income. 

You can centre your podcast around travel itself, or perhaps even use it to teach other UK travellers how you make money while travelling in your motorhome across Europe.


Boost Income with Patreon

Chances are, if you are new to podcasting and don’t have connections in the entertainment world, you’ll struggle to find a network or producer that will pick up your podcast and pay you. Patreon is a platform that allows creators, such as podcasters, to provide exclusive content for their listeners.

Your listeners pay a small monthly subscription fee to get access to special podcast episodes that you don’t release for free online. You can even set up tiered subscriptions with varying prices according to how much content the subscriber wants to access. 

Think about it – even having just 10 Patreon subscribers paying £4 per month adds an extra £40 per month to your income. And as you build a listener following, you may find that more and more listeners want to hear about your travels and are willing to pay to get access to all content. 

Boost Income with Ads

Another way to earn income off of your podcast episodes is by enabling advertisements or accepting brand deals from companies. If they have a product that they believe would appeal to your podcast audience, they might reach out to you with a proposal. 

Usually, these situations require the podcaster(s) to record a short 1–2-minute ad where they read the company’s script regarding their product. In return, you get a cut of the money and make some easy income off of your podcast episodes. 

Tips for Making Money While Traveling 

When seeking out income while travelling – whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time work – there are a few strategies that may help you to find success. Consider the following tips when pursuing a freelance or remote venture from your motorhome.

Invest in a Good Internet Connection

Since a solid Internet connection will be the primary source of finding work while travelling, you don’t want to buy a bad plan. Chances are, you’ll need to use a hotspot in order to secure a private and safe connection while moving around. 

Make sure to invest a decent amount of money into this for a fast connection. You might even want to get a VPN to safeguard your devices and data. 

Don’t Pay for Opportunities

While it’s okay to spend a few pounds here and there on sites like Upwork, you shouldn’t have to pay massive amounts to join a freelancing platform.

There are opportunities galore on the Internet. You just need to be looking in the right places and stay consistent with your applications. 

Look for Passive Income to Supplement

Chances are, travelling will cause your schedule to get overwhelmed. This is why you want to be smart about the income-earning opportunities that you pursue.

Passive income, such as selling your photos to stock websites, for example, can be an easy way to make a little money without taking on hours of work. 

Investment Needed to Earn Income

Money-Making Venture

Investment Needed to Get Started

Freelance Writing

Anywhere from £200-£1500

Freelance Editing/Proofreading

Anywhere from £200-£1500


About £2000-4000

Remote Airbnb Management

Free if you’re hired by an employer, but up to a few thousand pounds if you start your own business

Remote Audio Transcription

As low as about £350 for a kit including transcription software, foot pedal, and headset or as high as a couple thousand pounds for certification and equipment (varies depending on the cost of the transcription certification program)

Sell Crafts or Artwork at Fairs and Festivals 

Varies depending on the cost of supplies and what you’re making (roughly a few hundred pounds at least)

Teach Yoga Classes Virtually 

£150-£5,500 for yoga teacher training, could cost more to open your own studio, etc. 

Online Product Testing and Surveys


Teach English as a Second Language Online

About £150-£1,200 for certification, depending on the course

Turn Your Travels into Your Career

Varies depending on the technology you use and what kind of content you’re making

Freelance Voice Acting 


Become a Virtual Assistant

Varies depending on the equipment required of you in your assistantship

Freelance Web Development

At least a few thousand pounds for a web design certification, or free if you already have the skills

Teach Your Skills via Online Courses

Free with sites like Udemy

Create a Travel Podcast and Patreon

Around a few hundred pounds to start podcasting with the right equipment, free to start a Patreon

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, our tips and suggestions on how to make money while travelling have given you some solid ideas. Taking your campervan across Europe full-time doesn’t have to result in money loss. Through freelancing niches like editing, transcribing, writing, designing, and others, you can earn part-time or full-time income. 

Make sure that you have a fast and secure Internet connection in your travel vehicle, as well as a reliable laptop, and you have most of the tools that you’ll need. Good luck making income while travelling and be sure to try out our suggestions!

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