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We visited the weird and wonderful Amsterdam in November 2016 for 2 nights. November is a great time of year to visit, the autumn atmosphere really suits the city. Here’s what we got up to in our short stay ..

Day 1 in Amsterdam 

We arrived in Amsterdam late morning and caught a taxi from the Schipol airport to our hotel, Mercure Hotel Amsterdam Centre Canal, Noorderstraat. We can’t remember exactly how much this cost but we think possibly €50. (Our taxi was a pretty luxury Tesla car which Ryan found SO fascinating!)

The hotel was within walking distance of all the main attractions. We checked in and headed straight out to the Rijksmuseum which was about a 15 minute walk away. We passed the Heinekin Experience on the way which was around an 8 minute walk.

We spent a few hours wondering around the Rijksmuseum admiring the art and of course getting a pic by the famous Iamsterdam sign which is just outside!  There are also some food stalls outside of the museum, we stopped for a burger and a yummy hot chocolate before heading to Vondelpark which was around a 15 minute walk away.


We found it really nice to get away from the hustle of the streets in Vondelpark. Amsterdam is NOT the easiest of places to be a pedestrian! There are literally bikes EVERYWHERE. If you fancy a stroll in pleasant more quiet surroundings we would suggest Vondelpark.

We then headed back towards the Rijksmuseum where we had spotted a stall earlier on in the day where you can book tickets to go on a canal cruise. This was possibly our favourite experience of Amsterdam.

It was just starting to get dark as we went on the cruise which we thought was the perfect time to do it, with all of the lights it was very romantic. The cruise took us all around the Amsterdam canals and there was an electronic tour guide which they provided ear phones to listen to. The tour guide gave some really interesting info.

Canal cruise

After this we headed back to our hotel to get ready for some dinner. We had decided on the Sea Palace Chinese restaurant after a recommendation from a friend. It is a 3-storey floating Pagoda style restaurant on the canal! We really enjoyed our meal there, the settings we must say more than the food.

Day 2 in Amsterdam 

On our second day in Amsterdam we woke up and headed towards Dam square. From our hotel this was about a 20 minute walk (If you don’t get lost like we did!) We stopped for breakfast in a cafe called CAU. We would definitely recommend the breakfast here it was delicious!

We then wondered around Dam Square for a few hours being typical tourists and taking in the sights such as the Royal Palace and doing some window shopping. Next for us was the Sex Museum! This is a part of Amsterdam, there is no way you could visit without checking one out, you won’t experience anything like it anywhere else!

Whilst on our way to visiting the Anne Frank House down a little side street we came across a shop called the Amsterdam Duck Store. It is a store full of rubber ducks!! We couldn’t resist going in and checking it out and are so glad we did, there’s something hilarious about seeing a rubber duck dressed as the queen! We bought a super cute mermaid duck and it started off a bit of a thing for us with collecting them!

We had pre booked tickets online before our trip to the Anne Frank House which we would recommend doing. It was very busy and there were huge queues. This way you get to choose the exact time slot you would like to go in too. It was such an eye opening experience.

When you walk around taking it all in the realisation hits you of what actually happened in this house and what she went through. The story really really got to us and it was very hard not to feel emotional.

We went out and purchased the Anne Frank diary after visiting and must say it is one of the best books we have read. We would recommend visiting the house 100% to anybody going to Amsterdam.

We then headed to the red light district which is something you just have to see whilst in Amsterdam. Yes it is as seedy as you will probably read about it and it will not be for everyone but it’s a part of the Amsterdam experience for sure!

After a busy day it was time for us to go back to the hotel to get ready to go out for dinner. We chose the Hard Rock Cafe which is a thing for us wherever we go. If the city has a Hard Rock Cafe, we have to go to it!

This concluded our final evening in Amsterdam as we headed back to the hotel for an early wake up call to travel back home.

We enjoyed our trip to Amsterdam so much and for us it was one of those places we just had to experience and we’re so happy we did! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, if  you got up to anything different on your trip or there’s any other experiences that we missed please let us know in the comments below. x


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