Lake District – What to do?

We took a spontaneous trip to the Lake District in April 2017. We had been trying to plan a trip there for a long time and when we had a spare weekend we just decided to take the long drive up North.

Where to stay

We booked a very cute hotel called Beaumont House in Windermere. The hotel was perfect for what we wanted and was central to the things we wanted to do. It’s just a small house with roughly 8 rooms.

The lady who owns the hotel lives in the house also and was on hand to greet us on our arrival. She was so helpful and gave us lots of hints and tips on the best things to do in the area and some of the nicest restaurants to eat in which was great to hear the opinions of a local. The rooms were lovely and well decorated and kept to a very good standard with an AMAZING whirlpool bath!!

On our journey we got stuck in so much traffic. What should have taken 4 hours took almost 6 to get there so we missed most of the first day. Once we had settled in our room we took the short walk into the town centre and had a walk around to get our bearings in the local area around the hotel. We had a lovely meal in a restaurant called The Lighthouse and would highly recommend this restaurant.

In the morning we went down for our breakfast which was included in our hotel price and I must say it was delicious. There was a selection of cooked breakfast, cereals, fruits and yoghurts so plenty of selection for everybody. It’s served in a lovely little area on the ground floor, there is no need to go out for breakfast at all.

What to do

We didn’t really plan too much to do on our stay as it was a last minute trip so we adventured around the town and had a good look what to do. We walked around 20 minutes into the town centre of Windermere and took in the sights of this stunning place. We had picked the perfect weekend to visit, it was warm and the sun was shining the whole time.

After a short walk around the town, we booked a boat trip around the lake. There are so many stunning sights to see from the lake and we decided to get off and explore Ambleside. We wanted to see the most of the Lake District in the short amount of time that we had and if you ever visit one of the main things to do is to go for a hike up the huge hills and take in the beautiful scenery. We would say the Lake District is the most beautiful place we have visited in the UK.

View of Lake Windermere from boat

After stepping off the boat we decided as we didn’t have much time we would get straight into a hike. We searched on our maps and sort of figured out our own route to take. It was such a scenic walk and with the sun shining it just made it so much better! We climbed some huge hills which gave the best views over the lake. We walked for around 3-4 hours in total and ended up circling back round to the small town area of Ambleside next to where we got off the boat.

Views of Lake District

Hike in Lake District

There are some really cute cafes around this area so we stopped for a drink before getting back on to the boat and heading back over to Windermere. When we got off the boat we decided to have some lunch so we had a picnic in a park. The park was really busy as the weather was so lovely. We then headed back towards the hotel and decided to head out on another walk which was recommended by the lady who owns the hotel.

A Couple Of Idiots Abroad in the Lake District

Kirsty's view of the Lake District

We walked to Orrest Head which again gave some unbelievable views of Lake District. We couldn’t believe how unreal this place was and that we had never bothered to come here before!

That evening after going back to the hotel for a rest after a long day of walking and exploring we headed back into the town centre of Windermere and went to an Indian restaurant for a meal and to a bar for some drinks. The town centre of Windermere has some lovely restaurants, bars and cafes.

The next day we were heading back home so we didn’t do too much. Earlier on when exploring the best places to eat in Windermere we came across a restaurant called Choccobar and thought we just had to go there before heading back home!

It’s a really fun little cafe/restaurant with a menu full of chocolate! We had some delicious hot chocolates and churros which was the perfect end to our perfect weekend in the Lake District.

Chocolate in the Lake District

We wished we had more time to spend in the Lake District to explore more areas other than just Windermere and Ambleside as there is plenty more to be seen. We will 100% be returning sometime soon and hope to get the chance to spend a little longer here and see some more of this beautiful part of the UK.

If you have ever visited the Lake District and have some recommendations for other areas to visit please leave us a message in the comments below! Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post.



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