Van Life France - Is the North or South of France better for Van Life?

Is the North or South of France better for Van Life? This is a question that lots of van lifers may be considering if they plan to travel France. For us, we much preferred the North of France.

Although the South of France is quite obviously very beautiful, there were some places which just didn’t live up to what we thought they were going to be like, we didn’t enjoy the driving as much as the North and the South was a lot busier.

We also enjoyed the things that we did in the North over the South, such as Mont Saint Michel.

North or South of France?
Mont Saint Michel

The North of France is 100 times easier for driving than the South! In a small van you’d obviously find it a lot easier, but for us in a large motorhome, some of the roads we had driven on in the South of France were just not enjoyable at all!

The South of France is also a lot more mountainous than the North so there are lots and lots of narrow, winding, mountainous roads, which also, when there is traffic, do not make for enjoyable driving in a large motorhome.

The North of France we feel had a more chilled out, relaxed and calm feel to it than the more bustling South.

We also found that there was more option when it comes to good, free park-ups in the north of France than there was in the South.

Vanlife France – The North or South

Easier drivingHarder Driving
Easier access to supermarketsMore mountainous
Cheaper fuelMore expensive fuel
Easier to find good free park-upsWarmer weather
More of a relaxed and chilled vibeMore busy
Beautiful sights such as Mont Saint MichelMore “touristy”
Beautiful sights such as Verdon Gorge

We do not want to put anybody off travelling to the South of France in a campervan or motorhome, because we did it and we really did see some beautiful places. The scenery is stunning, cliffside towns and crystal clear sea. But for us, the North was a lot more suited to us, and a lot less stressful driving!

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