Kylesku Bridge – Everything You Need To Know


Kylesku Bridge

What Is Kylesku bridge?

The Kylesku Bridge is a reinforced concrete suspension bridge carrying the A894 road across Loch a’ Chàirn Bhàin in Sutherland, Scotland. It is one of the most photographed bridges in the north of Scotland and with good reason, the bridge is very impressive but the surrounding scenery is spectacular.

The bridge was designed to withstand high winds, heavy ice loads and severe sea conditions. It is well known for its graceful arch design, which complements the wild beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The Kylesku Bridge was opened on 8 August 1984 by the queen after 2 years of construction costing £4 million. The bridge was planned in 1987 when many residents were unhappy with the poor state of Lairg’s roads; this led to Lairg being known as “Lairgh oot o’ Sprott” or “Lairgh out o’ Spots”.

Kylesku Bridge has become an iconic landmark in Scotland and a popular tourist attraction. In addition to providing a convenient route across Loch Glencoul, it has also been used as a filming location for numerous movies and TV shows.

The bridge has been featured in Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and many other films. The bridge has appeared in many car TV adverts and also has appeared in TV programmes such as Top Gear.

Where Is Kylesku bridge Located?

The Kylesku bridge is located in the Kylestrome in North West Scotland. It crosses the Kyle of Tongue River and connects Kyleakin with Tongue. The bridge is 79 metres high and spans 276m.

There are car parks at either end of the bridge. We parked in the North car park which has a higher viewpoint of the bridge.

This car park had a food van serving fish and chips when we were there, which seemed quite a popular spot for people stopping to take photos and admire the bridge and the beautiful surrounding scenery.

How To Get to Kylesku bridge?

There are two lanes for traffic on each side of the bridge, which can carry around 4 vehicles per minute in both directions. The Kylesku Bridge provides a much-needed connection between two parts of the region which had been previously separated by a single track road.

Kylesku Bridge
Kylesku Bridge
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Do You Have to Hike to Reach Kylesku bridge?

There would be many hikes in the surrounding area that you could do to see the bridge but it is generally a bridge that you would drive over to see.

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit the Kylesku bridge?

The Kylesku Bridge can be visited at any point of the year but you may want to visit on a clear day to get the best views of the bridge and also the absolutely stunning surrounding scenery.

If the weather is bad, it can also be a very windy spot which is something to be mindful of when you are parking in the car park, especially if like us you are there in a campervan or motorhome.

kylesku bridge 2

How To Incorporate Kylesku bridge into Your North Coast 500 Route?

The Kylesku Bridge is one of the landmarks on the NC500 route so it is very easy to incorporate in as you will have to drive over it anyway!

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Final Thoughts

The Kylesku Bridge is a fantastic must-see landmark on the NC500 with some of the very best views of the Scottish Highlands surrounding it.

Kylesku Bridge is an impressive example of modern engineering and a testament to Scotland’s long history of bridge building. It provides a safe route across Loch Glencoul for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, and is a spectacular sight to behold.

Whether you’re passing through or visiting just for the scenery, Kylesku Bridge is well worth a visit – it’s one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks.

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