Moisture meters are used to check a caravan, camper or motorhome for dampness and signs of water damage. We recommend the Wood Moisture Meter by Dr Meter, 4 Pin Digital Moisture Meter by Neoteck, and the Digital Moisture Meter and Water Leak Detector by NoCry for checking if there is dampness in your motorhome.

In this article, we go into how to find dampness, when to check, and the pros and cons of our top selected damp meters.

What is a Moisture Meter for a Motorhome?

Using an electrical charge, the pins are touched to a surface, where the meter reads how much moisture is present. As a rule of thumb, the more water is present, the easier it is for electricity to pass from one pin to the other via the tested surface.

How to Use a Campervan Moisture Meter?

A moisture meter is a device that measures the amount of water in materials. To use a moisture meter, first turn on the unit and then press the button to select the type of material to measure. Next, insert the probe into a sample and wait for it to give you an accurate reading. Finally, compare your measurement with a chart or table corresponding with your materials type and read out what percentage of water content it has (for example “plaster: 8%”).

Using a motorhome moisture meter is all about timing, as they are a preventative tool to protect your caravan from excess moisture.

When Should I Check my Motorhome for Dampness?

The best time to check your motorhome for dampness is before a trip, after a trip, and during a wait between trips.

It is good to check during these times as, at the beginning of a trip, you are preventing the possibility of travelling miles from home only to discover that you have a moisture problem, which can affect your entire trip.

Checking for dampness after a trip is a great habit as, due to caravans being used outdoors, they are exposed to the elements a lot, and dampness may seep in during your travels that will be noticed and properly addressed upon checking your motorhome when you reach home.

While waiting for your next trip, it is always a good idea to inspect your motorhome, as dampness can still occur, and a small water problem can turn into a big problem if given enough time.

Why is Checking for Dampness Using a Moisture Meter So Important for Caravans?

For larger recreational vehicles, a dampness problem can be costly, and pose health issues as moisture can breed mould. This can all be prevented by simply doing routine checks of your motorhome with a damp meter.

Does a moisture meter really work? How accurate are they?

The simple answer is yes! A moisture meter is a scientific device which measures the amount of moisture in a particular area. It is typically used by builders to determine if new construction will be able to survive in an environment with high levels of moisture and be accurate to within less than 0.1%

If you suspect that your campervan has problematic amounts of water, a moisture meter can help identify exactly where the issue lies. You can use this information to make informed decisions about what type of mould remediation methods you may need to undertake.

Can a moisture meter detect mould?

A moisture meter is a device that measures the amount of water in an object. This can be used to help determine if there is mould growing on an object. A moisture meter is an important tool for people who are concerned that their caravan or motorhome might have mould growing inside. If there is any suspicion about mould, a moisture meter can help confirm whether or not this is the case.

What Are Our Top Three Recommended Damp Meters for motorhomes?

What is the Wood Moisture Meter by Dr. Meter?

The Wood Moisture Meter by Dr. Meter is a tool that measures the content of water in any given surface, making it ideal for finding moisture in carpets, wood, walls, and other surfaces. It is a useful water damage tool with a 9V battery that comes included and an easy-to-read LCD screen.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Wood Moisture Meter by Dr. Meter by Amazon Customers?

Pros and Cons of the Wood Moisture Meter by Dr. Meter


“[A] very neat tool – simple and compact.”

“[It’s] easy to operate, comes complete with batter, a spare set of pins and case… I am very happy with it.”

“[It is] so handy and easy to use… [I] have been using this for 3 years now and recommended it….”

“The reading is instantaneous… The spare prongs are… a nice touch.”

“[It] has a simple on/off button and is very simple to use… push the two pins onto the [surface] and it gives a reading.”

What is the 4 Pin Digital Moisture Meter by Neoteck?

The 4 Pin Digital Moisture Meter by Neoteck offers accurate measurements of dampness that are displayed on a large LCD screen, is powered by a 9V battery that is included, and is suitable to read wood, plaster, walls, caravans, RVs, concrete, and other materials.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the 4 Pin Digital Moisture Meter by Neoteck by Amazon Customers?

Pros and Cons of the 4 Pin Digital Moisture Meter by Neoteck 


“Very easy to use – just switch on and touch the four probes to the surface… by pressing ‘hold’ the reading stays so you can read it more easily… [exposed] a rainwater leak….”

“The pins do not need to penetrate the surface to gain a reading… very impressed…”

“used it… out of the box as [a] battery was already fitted… hold it against that suspected damp patch and take [a] reading – couldn’t be simpler.”

“Performs really well and is invaluable in assessing the level of [dampness] in walls.”

“Easy to use and [it] gave clear readings. Handy size and robust.”

What is the Digital Moisture Meter and Water Leak Detector by NoCry?

The Digital Moisture Meter and Water Leak Detector by NoCry offers four different measurement modes for heightened accuracy and is adjustable to over 100 different types of materials such as hardwood, oak, plywood, concrete, and drywall.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Digital Moisture Meter and Water Leak Detector by NoCry by Amazon Customers?

Pros and Cons of the Digital Moisture Meter and Water Leak Detector by NoCry


“This unit allows you to take readings at regular intervals… comprehensive… easy to use.”

“Regardless of how often you have your caravan serviced… purchase a damp meter and … [do] your own checks.”

“Does exactly what it says on the box.”

“Easy to use and very light.”

“NoCry… [provides] excellent customer service.”


Whether you need to check a suspicious damp spot on your motorhome or want to have a damp meter on hand for routine checks, now you know how to use a damp meter, and what the pros and cons are of the best meters on the market.

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