After looking around the market for months and months and comparing all the travel card options, I came across a very new company called Monzo. They started the company back in 2015 with the idea of creating a mobile-only bank.

Pre Paid Top Up Card

I was drawn to this company as you are able to use the card for FREE abroad and in the UK, yes ZERO fees and you can also use it for free ATM withdrawals. (This feature may change in the future!) This is something that just doesn’t exist with other companies.

The card can also be used like any other card online and has an online banking app. Whilst travelling I linked the card to my Uber app to make sure I wasn’t getting charged by my UK bank and using the correct currency that is set by my MasterCard.

Why Monzo Is The Best Travel Card
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The Monzo App

The card links up with a fantastic app that can be topped up within seconds from a bank of your choice. You get real-time notifications and it comes with many additional extra features that we feel the most well known banks are missing.

Whilst travelling I happened to lose my wallet and my Monzo card. I thought it would be a pain to order and I was extremely worried about somebody finding it and being able to access my money, but no, Monzo have thought about this and in the app, you can freeze and unfreeze the card in seconds and order a replacement to wherever you are in the world which is an absolutely amazing security feature of Monzo.

The company has really thought about everything the customer needs when creating this app. There are clever budget breakdowns on all of your spending and the ability to set budgets for those people who want to save and watch exactly what they spend their money on. You can pay anyone using the monzo app in seconds! As people get more and more passwords and pins the app also lets you reveal you card pin with a simple fingerprint.

Why Monzo Is The Best Travel Card

I have been using this card for the past 6 months and it hasn’t let me down at all and has lived up to everything that has been thrown at it. I have been to America, Iceland, Italy, Greece and Ireland and the card has performed fantastic with all the different currencies and provided the best exchange rates. I believe there is a small waiting list for the card but once you are signed up all you have to do is deposit £100 to activate the card and it arrives in all it’s bright orange glory in 3 working days.  I would highly recommend this card to anyone if it’s a small trip to Europe or a year travelling it offers everything you need.

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  1. love this, going to get myself one of these, been doing a lot of research and reading your articles has convinced me!!!

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