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As a travel expert who has been exploring the UK and Europe in a campervan, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various travel cards.

After using multiple options and researching the top contenders, I can confidently say that Monzo is the best way to spend abroad and to take care of your travel money for campervan and motorhome enthusiasts like us.

Monzo started the company back in 2015 with the idea of creating a mobile-only bank.

With its user-friendly app, fee-free spending, and instant notifications, the Monzo travel card offers a seamless and convenient experience for travellers of all ages.

Monzo makes it easy to manage your travel money. It comes with a range of features designed to keep your finances secure, including instant notifications for each transaction and round-the-clock customer service.

You can also set up spending limits so that you don’t overspend, and every purchase is covered by Mastercard’s Zero Liability protection.

With Monzo, you can quickly and safely pay for things wherever you are – perfect for worry-free trips abroad.

Plus, it’s easy to reload your balance with a bank transfer or by topping up from your main account.

We love the features that Monzo provides so much that we not only use it as a travel card but for our main bank account now too.

So whether you’re planning an international trip or just getting ready for a weekend away, Monzo travel card has you covered.

In this post, we’ll look at the reasons why we think the Monzo bank card is the best and give you a Monzo travel card review.

The benefits of banking with Monzo

The benefits of banking with Monzo

  • Free Banking
  • No international travel feels
  • International money transfers
  • Send money overseas
  • A great user-friendly app
  • The ability to freeze and unfreeze your card via the app
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Great for budgeting and saving
  • Fee-free cash withdrawals

1. Fee-Free Spending Abroad

One of the most significant advantages of having a Monzo account for travel is the absence of fees for spending abroad.

Unlike traditional banks that charge hefty fees for transactions in foreign currencies, Monzo allows you to spend without incurring any additional costs.

This feature enables you to save money on your trip, which you can use for other exciting experiences.

2. Instant Notifications and Real-Time Exchange Rates

When using the Monzo card for travelling, you’ll receive instant notifications for every transaction you make.

This feature not only helps you keep track of your spending but also alerts you to any unauthorised transactions.

Moreover, Monzo provides real-time exchange rates, (Mastercard exchange rate) so you always know the exact amount you’re spending in your home or foreign currency amount.

3. User-Friendly Monzo App for Easy Money Management

The Monzo card links up with a fantastic app that can be topped up within seconds from a bank of your choice.

You get real-time notifications and it comes with many additional extra features that we feel the top banks are missing.

The Monzo app is designed with travellers in mind, offering a user-friendly interface for managing your money on the go.

With the app, you can easily monitor your spending, set budgets, and categorize your transactions.

Whilst travelling I happened to lose my wallet and my Monzo card.

I thought it would be a pain to order a new one and I was extremely worried about somebody finding it and me losing money, but no, Monzo have an answer for this.

You can freeze and unfreeze the card in seconds and order a replacement to wherever you are in the world which is an absolutely amazing security feature of Monzo.

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The company has really thought about everything the customer needs when creating this app.

There are clever budget breakdowns on all of your spending and the ability to set budgets for those people who want to save and manage their finances.

You can pay anyone using the Monzo app in seconds for easy and secure bank transfers.

We have been using this card for a while and it hasn’t let us down at all and has lived up to everything that has been thrown at it.

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4. Free Cash Withdrawals Abroad at ATMs

Need cash while travelling? No problem! The Monzo travel card allows free cash withdrawals from ATMs without any hidden fees, up to a certain limit.

This feature ensures that you have access to cash when you need it without incurring unnecessary charges to withdraw cash.

5. Worldwide Acceptance

Monzo cards are accepted at millions of locations worldwide, thanks to the Mastercard network.

This extensive acceptance ensures that you can use your Monzo card for travelling across the UK, Europe, and beyond without any hassle.

6. Easy Bill Splitting and Money Transfers

One of the lesser-known benefits of the Monzo card for travel is its built-in bill-splitting feature.

This convenient option allows you to split expenses with your travel companions easily, ensuring that everyone pays their fair share.

Additionally, the Monzo app enables quick money transfers between Monzo users, making it simple to pay back friends or family members during your trip.

7. 24/7 Customer Support

As campervan travellers, we know that issues can arise at any time of the day or night. Monzo understands this and offers 24/7 customer support through its app, ensuring that you always have access to assistance when you need it.

The responsive support team can help with any questions or concerns you may have, giving you peace of mind during your adventures.

8. Savings Pots for Travellers

Monzo’s savings pots feature allows you to set aside money for specific goals, such as future trips or campervan upgrades.

You can create multiple pots and allocate funds to each one, making it easier to manage your savings and track your progress.

The ability to separate your travel funds from your everyday spending helps you stay on track with your financial goals.

9. Overdraft Facility for Emergencies

While it’s essential to plan and budget for your campervan travels, unexpected expenses can sometimes arise.

Monzo offers an overdraft facility to eligible customers, providing a safety net for those unforeseen situations.

This feature can be particularly helpful for travellers who need a little extra financial support during their trip.

10. Environmentally Friendly Banking

As campervan enthusiasts, we often appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving our environment.

Monzo shares these values and is committed to being an environmentally friendly bank.

They are a certified B Corporation, meaning they meet high social and environmental standards.

By choosing Monzo, you’re supporting a company that shares your passion for a sustainable future.

11. Joint Account Options for Couples or Travel Buddies

Monzo offers a joint account option, which is perfect for couples or travel buddies who want to manage their shared expenses while on the road.

By opening a joint account, you can both contribute to a shared balance, track your spending together, and enjoy all the benefits of the Monzo travel card as a team.

This feature can help simplify your financial management and promote open communication about money during your campervan adventures.

12. Built-In Budgeting Tools

One of the most important aspects of travelling in a campervan or motorhome is budgeting wisely.

Monzo offers built-in budgeting tools within its app that can help you stay on top of your finances.

You can set monthly spending targets for different categories, like groceries, fuel, and entertainment, and the app will notify you if you’re close to exceeding your budget.

This feature ensures you can enjoy your travels without worrying about overspending.

13. Integration with Travel Apps

Another advantage of the Monzo card for travelling is its compatibility with popular travel apps like Airbnb and Booking.com.

By linking your Monzo account to these services, you can simplify your booking process and track your accommodation expenses within the Monzo app.

This integration makes it easier to manage your travel costs and stay organized throughout your trip.

14. Building Credit While Travelling

Many travellers worry about maintaining their credit score while on the road. Monzo’s credit-building features can help put those concerns to rest.

By using your Monzo card responsibly and paying your bills on time, you can improve your credit score over time.

This benefit can be particularly helpful for campervan enthusiasts who plan to make significant purchases, like a new motorhome, in the future.

15. Apple Pay and Google Pay Compatibility

Monzo is compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay, offering even more convenience for campervan and motorhome travellers.

By linking your Monzo card to your preferred mobile payment service, you can enjoy contactless payments, making transactions quicker and easier.

This feature is particularly handy in today’s increasingly cashless society and helps ensure you’re always prepared to pay for your expenses on the go.

Which countries can I use Monzo?

You can use Monzo in any country in the world and there are no transaction fees and no additional fees to the exchange rate.

We have been to America and most countries in Europe and the card has performed fantastic in every new country that we’ve been to with all the different currencies and provided the best exchange rates.

It takes only a few minutes to sign up, all you have to do is enter some basic details and create a little introduction video, deposit a small amount to activate the bank card, and it arrives in all it’s bright coral coloured card glory in 3 working days.

We would highly recommend this card to anyone if it’s a small trip to Europe or long term travelling, it offers everything you need.

How does Monzo work abroad?

Monzo bank is a UK-based digital bank that offers a mobile banking app and a Mastercard debit card. When travelling abroad, Monzo can be a convenient option for managing your finances and making transactions in foreign currencies. So, how does Monzo work abroad?:

  1. Currency conversion: Monzo offers competitive exchange rates when you use your Monzo card to make purchases or withdraw cash in a foreign currency. Monzo uses Mastercard’s exchange rate, which is usually very close to the market rate, with no added fees for transactions.
  2. Fee-free ATM withdrawals: Monzo allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad without charging any fees, up to a certain limit. Please check the Monzo website or app for the most up-to-date information on withdrawal limits and fees.
  3. Real-time notifications: When you use your Monzo card abroad, you’ll receive instant notifications on your smartphone, detailing the transaction amount in both the local currency and GBP. This feature helps you keep track of your spending and monitor for any suspicious activity.
  4. Travel budgeting: Monzo’s app allows you to set up a travel budget for your trip, making it easy to monitor your expenses and stay within your financial limits. You can also view a summary of your spending in different categories, such as food, accommodation, and transportation.
  5. Freeze and unfreeze your card: If you misplace your Monzo card while travelling, you can instantly freeze it using the Monzo app to prevent unauthorised use. Once you’ve located your card, you can unfreeze it just as quickly.
  6. 24/7 customer support: Monzo offers in-app customer support, so you can easily reach out for assistance or report any issues while you’re abroad.

Before travelling, make sure to inform Monzo of your travel plans through the app. This will help prevent your card from being flagged for suspicious activity when you start making transactions in a foreign country. Also, ensure your Monzo card is accepted in your destination country, as it relies on the Mastercard network.

So, are Monzo cards good abroad? From our years of experience using our cards abroad in so many different countries, we think that Monzo cards are amazing abroad, definitely one of the best banking apps out there at the moment.

How to change address on Monzo

An address change with Monzo is a really easy process to do. Customers can change their old address to their new address within the personal details section of the app, it only takes a few minutes to do.


What are the fees for using Monzo abroad?

Monzo offers fee-free spending abroad and ATM withdrawals up to £200 per month. After reaching the £200 limit, a 3% fee applies to further withdrawals.

Is Monzo accepted everywhere?

Monzo is accepted at millions of locations worldwide, thanks to its partnership with the Mastercard network.

How do I top up my Monzo card while travelling?

You can top up your Monzo card through a bank transfer or by adding money from another debit card using the Monzo app

Is Monzo safe to use while travelling?

Yes, Monzo is safe to use while travelling. The app offers robust security features, including the ability to freeze your card if it’s lost or stolen. Additionally, the instant notifications for transactions help you monitor your spending and alert you to any unauthorised activity.

Can I use Monzo as my primary bank account while travelling?

Yes, many travellers use Monzo as their primary bank account due to its travel-friendly features and user-friendly app. However, it’s always a good idea to have a backup option, such as another travel card like a Revolut card, or another bank account or credit card, in case of emergencies or unforeseen issues.

Can I use Monzo in Croatia?

Yes, we used Monzo all over Croatia and had no problems with it.

Can you use Monzo in Barcelona?

Yes, we have used our Monzo travel card in Barcelona and have had no issues.


In conclusion, Monzo is the best travel card for campervan and motorhome adventurers, thanks to its fee-free spending, instant notifications, user-friendly app, fee-free ATM withdrawals, and worldwide acceptance.

With additional benefits such as easy bill splitting, 24/7 customer support, savings pots, an overdraft facility, and environmentally friendly banking, Monzo truly is the ultimate travel companion for campervan enthusiasts.

Get ready to enjoy better management of your travel finances and spending money by using your Monzo card abroad!

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