Important Motorhome Essentials Every Van Needs


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There are some motorhome essentials that you must have in order to travel securely and pleasantly in a motorhome. While looking over some motorhome must-haves, we discuss camping, motorhome travel, food, and internet connections, to name a few topics.

We strongly recommend these things for all sorts of motorhomes, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, and any other type of motorhome living or camping. Some items can be skipped for the first few days or weeks of travel, while others are required to make the trip function.

These are the greatest motorhome accessories that you should get right immediately. They’re essentials for any type of trip, whether it’s full-time motor homing or weekend camping. So, if you’re planning on taking your motorhome out for the first time, be sure to stock up on these must-haves for first-timers and seasoned travellers.

The Motorhome Essentials

Hose for Drinking

Make sure your drinking hose is clean and ready to use before connecting it to your freshwater tank. While traveling, we learned a simple trick for connecting the two ends of the hose so that nothing climbs up into it while it’s not in use.

One of the items you’ll need for a camper trailer or motorhome is a second hose, which you’ll use to flush your tanks or clean off your sewer line. We maintain a grey-coloured hose in the same container as our sewer hose, which is kept separate from our freshwater hose, for this purpose.

Sewer Hose

Sewer hoses are must-have equipment for every motorhome. Because some connections might be a bit of a stretch, it’s recommended to obtain 15 to 20 feet of the sewage line.

Transparent Sewer Connectors

It’s not appealing. However, having a transparent elbow is quite useful when dumping the tanks since it allows you to see everything.

Disposable Gloves

Make sure that you have disposable gloves on hand and wear them whenever you come into contact with a sewage hose or connector.

motorhome essentials

Chocks & Levelling Blocks

These levelling blocks come in useful whether you have a camper trailer, pop-up trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome, and are among the easy camper must-haves listed. They are frequently used by humans.

Even with levelling jacks on some motorhomes, there are times when even the most “level” site isn’t adequate. The blocks come in helpful in this situation, especially if your front wheels are off the ground owing to a steep driveway.

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Before you go in your motorhome, we recommend getting all of these must-haves. You could get by without the following camping essentials for a day or two, but we wouldn’t recommend it. You may be able to wait only if you are short on cash. But don’t wait too long to get your hands on some of these camping essentials, particularly a generator.

A Generator

If your motorhome does not come equipped with an onboard generator, then you should grab one. You’ll have more flexibility to camp anywhere you choose with the finest portable generator for motorhome camping.

You won’t have to stress over batteries or inadequate lights if you have a good generator. Your camper generator can assist you in resolving these issues.

Air Compressor

It’s important to have one on the motorhome at all times and inspect the tires on our camper and minivan before each trip. If you have the means and the room, bring your own portable air compressor with you.

Walkie Talkies

These are great if you are traveling in two or more separate vehicles. They especially come in handy when you are in mountainous areas or areas with no cell service. The batteries also last longer than your cell phones. The walkie-talkies can also be used once you arrive at the campsite or park for the night.

GPS For Motorhomes

GPS devices for motorhomes are usually mounted on the dashboard so that the driver can see the display without taking their eyes off the road.

When they perform their job well, they will give you early notice of forthcoming turns, alert you to approaching traffic due to an accident, and offer real-time information about low-hanging bridges or other impediments that motorhomes should avoid.

Regrettably, not all GPS units designed for motorhomes navigation live up to their eye-catching marketing pitch.


A New Shower Head

Sometimes the motorhome shower head isn’t the best one you could get. It’s recommended to change the showerhead out of your motorhome for an aftermarket one. Showering might seem like a home away from home when you spend a lot of time traveling in your motorhome. It makes outdoor activities like hiking, riding, and camping a lot less difficult, especially when it’s muddy outside.

A decent shower head, on the other hand, will help you save water.

shower head

A New Mattress

You probably fall into one of two groups if you sleep on an motorhome or camper mattress:

You’ve caught the travel itch and enjoy going on outdoor camping trips.

You’re completely self-contained, and you like the carefree lifestyle that comes with motorhome living.

In any case, having a comfy bed is a must. Camper and motorhome beds are renowned for being hard, fragile, and unpleasant. Even if you only use it on exceptional occasions, you are entitled to a restful night’s sleep.

There are several options available, some of which are superior to others. When it comes to making a purchase, your own preferences will, of course, play a role.

Water Pressure Valve

A pressure water valve ensures that the pressure coming in through the freshwater line isn’t too high, causing damage to your motorhomes plumbing. Every campsite has one, and we utilise it. It’s one of the most important motorhome accessories you should have.

A water pressure valve is a motorhome camping necessity that you don’t realise you need until it’s too late.

Support for Motorhome Sewer Hose

We didn’t start with this motorhome sewer hose support, but we soon purchased it after we started traveling more. When the campground isn’t particularly level, we utilise it a lot. It’s one of those necessities for living in a motorhome.

Because motorhome site sewer connection locations vary so much, this will assist maintain your sewage line on a downhill slope so that items drain AWAY from your motorhome.

Water Filter for Motorhomes

An inline water filter is standard on many motorhomes. If yours didn’t, we strongly advise you to get one of these. In most campsites, the water isn’t filtered.

Even if you have a coach filtration, they are handy for connecting up since you never know what’s going to come out of the faucet. Just to be cautious, add this to your camping goods list.

Pressure Gage for The Tires

To avoid a blowout, you’ll need a tire pressure gauge to frequently check all of your tires.

You’ll definitely require the correct equipment to check your tire pressure if you have a Class A, Class C, Class B, or tow with a dually, and this basic one won’t take up much room. This is one of the motorhome camping basics.

Laundry Bag

When camping or motorhoming, we strongly advise bringing a portable laundry bag. Laundry is a must-have, and even if your motorhome has a washer, you’ll need a hamper or bag to gather soiled items. The bag with the straps that cross your back is the best option.

laundry bag 2

Kitchen Accessories

Motorhome kitchen gadgets and accessories that fit easily into limited areas and provide excellent camper organisation are ideal. Some of the most IMPORTANT motorhome gear to have while camping is camper kitchen equipment.

They frequently fold up, are compact, or have several purposes. Motorhome kitchen gadgets are extremely handy camper equipment for cooking both indoors and outside.

Filter for Water

When camping in a, camper, motorhome, or even a pop-up trailer, you’ll need filtering and clean water. Sometimes it’s better safe than sorry when it comes to filtering your water when you’re traveling.

Instant Pot

Check out an Instant Pot if you’re looking for one of the greatest motorhome appliances. Much of what you need in a motorhome kitchen can be done with it. This is considered an essential item because you just pop whatever in there and you can cook it in one dish. There’s no need to get a bunch of pots and pans dirty when you can use an instant pot.

ibstant pot

Strainer that collapses

One of the most typical kitchen items is a foldable strainer. Motorhomes typically are limited on space and even if they aren’t, every inch counts. Using a collapsible strainer can save you some cabinet space without thinking about it.

Knives with Sheaths

Purchasing a set of sharp knives with covers is highly recommended. A sharp knife is essential in any kitchen, but the covers are especially critical in a camper trailer kitchen. This way, while you’re looking for a spoon, you won’t cut yourself digging through your drawers.


No kitchen is complete without a set of dishes. Whether you are solo-camping or taking the family out for bonding, you’re going to need some dishes to eat off of and some sturdy cups to keep with you.

Essential Camping Supplies

When you finally get to the campsite and get all set up, the memories begin to get made. Having some essential camping supplies can help make your camping experience with the motorhome a whole lot smoother.

An Outside BBQ

However, the same limits that prevent you from making a wood fire at a campsite location can also prevent you from using a BBQ. It’s critical to be prepared with a portable tabletop gas grill that fits just below your setup when it’s not in use in these unpleasant situations.

These grills normally use a one-gallon propane tank and have a large enough heating surface area for all of your motorhome camp cooking needs.



Make sure to pick up some camping chairs so when you’re sitting outside around the campfire or BBQ, you can relax comfortably. It is best to find folding or collapsible camping chairs so space can be conserved aboard the motorhome.

Utensils for Grilling

Outdoor grilling is common for camping so make sure to grab a set of utensils for your outdoor grill. Not having the right utensils at dinner time for cooking can lead to some food mishaps, prompting for takeout.


Take the extra time to get and pack a hammock so you can lay out and decompress after a long day of camping activities, fishing, hiking, or even driving. Some hammocks can take up a lot of room so make sure to pick a hammock that can be taken down and put together easily.

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