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There is a lot of gear that you need to stay comfortable while you are travelling in your motorhome or campervan. Make sure that you have the necessary Motorhome Gadgets and safety supplies as well as items for your kitchen, hygiene, comfort, and electronics.

Campervan enthusiasts know that having all the right gear is what makes the difference between a great trip and a miserable trip. If you are getting ready for your next motorhome or campervan trip, take a look at some of the most useful and fun gadgets and accessories for your next motorhome voyage.

Best Motorhome / Campervan Gadgets For Power and Technology

The modern world runs on electronics, which is why you need to make sure you have a high-quality car charging cable for your electronics. But you still need more than just a regular phone charger, because there are a lot of gadgets that will make your motorhome life easier that run on electricity.

Garmin CamperCam 795 Sat Nav

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Built-in Dash Cam and Map Updates for Europe

This is the sat nav that we have in our motorhome and it’s one of the best purchases we have made. You enter your motorhome dimensions into the sat nav and it avoids roads, bridges etc that you cannot go down. It also tells you the speed limits on all roads across the UK and Europe.

  • Built-in dash cam
  • Forward collision and lane departure warnings
  • Encourage safer driving
  • Custom routing for the size and weight of your camper

Belkin Dual USB Car Charger

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The best car charger that you can get for your next motorhome road trip

This 24-watt dual-port charger can charge two devices at once while you are on the go.

The Belkin Dual USB Car Charger comes with a three-foot micro-USB cable that can charge almost all of your electronics. This cable can charge phones, power strips, portable speakers, wireless headphones, eBook readers, tablets, and more.

  • Dual Port Charging on the Go
  • Charge Two Devices at Once
  • Ready to charge with cable included

BESTEK 200W Power Inverter

71MecdfjukL. AC SX679

Mini-inverter that you can plug into your motorhome’s 12v socket.

You can use this to charge your electronics while powering the other accessories for your trip, such as a TV or microwave.

The BESTEK 200W Power Inverter includes advanced features such as a built-in fuse and cooling fan. This keeps you safe from overheating, short circuiting, and battery problems

  • Isolation Voltage Protection
  • 2 AC Outlets and 4 USB ports
  • Durable Cigarette Lighter

BigBlue 3 Foldable Waterproof Solar Battery Charger

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Foldable Waterproof Outdoor Solar Battery Charger

The BigBlue 3 can charge up to three USB devices, while helping you avoid draining the battery on your motorhome. One of the best features of this solar battery charger is that it is compact and foldable, so it will not take up very much room in your motorhome when you are storing it.

  • Triple USB Ports Power
  • High Energy Conversion
  • Easy To Carry

Anker Soundcore Mini, Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

61WZ ZuU3oL. AC SY450

Wireless Speaker with Enhanced Bass

Anker Soundcore mini is a tiny portable Bluetooth speaker that can play up to fifteen hours of music with just one single USB charge. This is the perfect gadget to take with you on your next motorhome camping trip. It has up to 66 feet of connectivity range.

  • Compact And Powerful
  • Unstoppable Music
  • Extensive Connectivity

BioLite Campstove

71LfTqHwBEL. AC SX679

Wood Burning, Electricity Generating & USB Charging

The BioLite CampStove 2 is one of the best motorhome gadgets you can get. This stove will charge your phone while it cooks your food! It is light, compact, and it transforms the energy from the mini-wood burning stove into electricity for the rest of your gadgets.

  • Complete Camp Kitchen
  • On-Demand Electricity
  • Burn Wood Like Gas

Motorhome Gadgets

Huawei E5577 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

51htIm3O3BL. AC SX679

Fast Portable Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

This device pulls in the cell phone signals around you to create mobile Wi-Fi for up to ten devices. You can use this in your motorhome, or while exploring. This even works when you don’t have phone service.

LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern

71i2bYB3yaL. AC SY450

Lightweight, inflatable, and portable lantern with 75 lumens of warm LED light

This solar powered lantern is portable and inflatable, which means that you can easily stow it away awhile you are travelling. After spending a few hours in the sun, this lantern can illuminate your motorhome for up to ten hours.


Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

419teukTmWL. AC SX522

Use the Lightning Digital AV Adapter with your iPhone, iPad or iPod with Lightning connector

With the Apple Digital AV Adaptor, you can transmit whatever is on your phone screen to your TV screen. This hooks up to a HDMI cable which means that you can watch all of your favourite shows from your favourite streaming service while on the go.

  • Supports mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen
  • Also outputs video content
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and iPod touch

TotalCool 3000 Portable Air Cooler

51BuddlGwKL. AC SY450

Evaporative cooling system

We have this portable air cooler in our motorhome and it’s a real life saver in the summer time. We highly recommend purchasing one of these for a more comfortable time in your van in hot weather.

  • Light weight
  • Low energy use
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Low Battery Voltage Cut-out Technology

TOP PICK: ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector

51+mTbd2qFL. AC SY450

Projector for Home & Family Entertainment with WiFi

Even if you don’t have a TV, you can still watch your favourite movies and shows as a family with the ViewSonic M1+ Portable LED Projector. This connects to your phone which lets you project your screen onto the side of your motorhome or, like us, you could use a screen.


What are the best motorhome / campervan gadgets to keep me comfortable on my trip?

Let’s face it. There is no point in travelling in a motorhome if you are not going to be comfortable while you do it. These products will make you so comfortable on the road, that you will never want to go back to your regular home again.

Mattress Topper

71gzOI88w0L. AC SX679

Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper

It is important to have a comfortable bed in your motorhome to stay healthy and happy on your motorhome trip. Consider investing in the Silentnight Airmax Mattress Topper to get the best comfort on the road.

Pocket Blanket

81eqsPQVEkL. AC SY450

BEARZ Outdoor Pocket Blanket

This picnic blanket is easy to roll up into a tiny stuff sack and take with you wherever you go. This is a great way to relax on a sandy beach without making a mess everywhere in your motorhome.

Shade Canopy

71oyRUXJpIL. AC SX679

Sport-Brella Versa-Brella

While you’re at it, you also want to get a beach umbrella for your beach chair. This is portable and collapsible enough to take it anywhere and keep the sun out of your eyes.

Inflatable Air Lounger

91yhaNZJ2JL. AC SX450

Fatboy USA Lamzac The Original Inflatable Air Lounger

This is one of the most comfortable chairs that you can sit in. The best part is that it doesn’t require any electricity to inflate, it inflates automatically when you hold it open and let air into it. Because it is inflatable, it’s also compactable and easy to stow away.

Sweat Towel

51hg87q2zoS. AC SX450

Gomake Ice Cold Sweat Towel

One of the challenges of taking a motorhome trip in the summer is that it gets hot. You need a way to cool down, and you might not have reliable access to air conditioning. That’s why you should get this sweat towel, which keeps you cool even in the heat of the sun.

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71hou7SaioL. AC SX679

NATUREFUN Ultra-Hammock

If you’re camping out in your motorhome, you should consider sleeping in a hammock. This is one of the best ways to sleep comfortably while still saving space in your motorhome.

Ear Plugs

61joUCD3zML. AC SX679

Dongshen EarPlugs for Sleep

It can be hard to sleep in a motorhome if you are in an area with more noise than you are used to. A pair of high quality earplugs can make the difference in the quality of sleep you get, and there’s no better set of earplugs out there than the Dongshen EarPlugs for Sleep.

What are some motorhome / campervan gadgets that will help me with personal hygiene?

Maintaining a standard of personal hygiene on the road is as important as it is difficult. However, these gadgets will make it easier to keep you and your family clean while you travel.

Travel Toothbrush

71oGmns+uYL. AC SX679

Travel Folding Toothbrush 

Don’t let your travels keep you from brushing your teeth. With these collapsible, portable toothbrushes, you can keep your pearly whites shiny on the go.

Laundry Bag

81Y2VbyfZoL. AC SY450

Scrubba Wash Bag

This bag is the best way to wash your clothes on the go. You just put your clothes in the bag, and it washes them in a few minutes, with minimal time or effort on your part.

Portable Clothes Line

51FyDv ut6L. AC SX679

Amasawa Ratchet Hanger Pulley Ropes 

Of course, if you’re going to be washing your clothes, you also need a system to dry your clothes. That’s why you should get these pulley ropes, so that you have a portable clothes line that you can set up, to dry your clothes.

Folding Shovel

51sjLBiwalL. AC SX679

Outlife Folding Shovel

Sometimes when you’re camping in your motorhome, you won’t be able to use the toilet in your motorhome. That’s why you need to have a shovel, in case you need to take care of business in the woods. With this folding shovel you just dig a hole, do your business, and then cover the hole back in with dirt.

Biodegradable Loo Roll

61bMToO8C4L. AC SX679

Gloyy Biodegradable Soft Compressed Tissues

Of course, you also need to be able to wipe and you don’t want to have to lug around a loo roll with you wherever you go. That’s why you need these compressed tissues that expand when you add water. This is the most effective way to stay hygienic on the road.

Hillington Solar Powered Shower

Everyone is thinking about conservation these days and this solar powered shower will help you conserve both water and energy. You just set this up in the sun for a few hours and with careful showering practises, the whole family can get a turn.

Shower Tent

61BeeIqrVvL. AC SX679

WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent

The Hillington Solar Powered Shower isn’t your only option for bathing while living out of your motorhome though. If you want a little bit more privacy, you can also try the WolfWise Shower Privacy Tent. This is a portable camping tent shower that lets you bathe in complete privacy.

Hair Dryer

Maso 12v Portable Hairdryer

After you get out of the shower, you’re probably going to want to dry your hair off. This isn’t easy to do on the road and no portable hairdryer will have the strength of the hairdryer that you use at home. But this 12v portable hairdryer by Maso is the best travel-friendly option for drying your hair.

Hair Straighteners

61vqI30tdNL. AC SX679

Gas Hair Straighteners

You also might want to get a hair straightener. There are not a lot of good options for this on the road, but there are a few. The best option is the Babyliss 2581, a portable, ceramic, and cordless hair straightener that is gas powered.

Best campervan / motorhome gadgets for the kitchen?

You need to eat on the road, and it is expensive to constantly be stopping at restaurants. This also limits where you can travel, if you need to constantly stop for food. But if you bring cooking supplies, you can cook on the road and take your motorhome out into the wilderness.

Frying Pan


Lazy Man Frying Pan

Cooking while camping is fun and delicious, but clean-up can be a pain. What gear allows you to cook delicious meals on the go, without making a big mess, while being easy to travel with? Well, that would be the Lazy Man Frying Pan.

This is designed to be lightweight and limit clean-up, making it the perfect option for your travel kitchen.

Coffee Maker


Wacaco Minipresso

Coffee is an important part of breakfast. Or, if you really like coffee, it is important to have some throughout the day. That’s why you should check out the Wacaco Minipresso. This is a great way to stay caffeinated while on the road. It requires no electricity, just the power of pumping.

Multi-Purpose kitchen tool

71Em6iBCF5L. AC SX679

Znoka multi-purpose kitchen tool

This is a great tool that is no bigger than a bottle of wine. It includes a funnel, a measuring cup, an egg masher, a squeezer, a spice grater, an egg separator, a cheese grater, and even a can opener. If you are travelling in your motorhome, you need to have this in your kitchen.



Campingaz Party Grill

You want to have a couple of options for cooking out of your motorhome. A great way to cook food on the road is with this discreet, portable grill that you can take with you anywhere. This is compact, all in one portable BBQ.


61SNDm1cj4L. AC SX679

Dometic 12V Kettle

If you are trying to boil water, gas is your best option to heat the water with. Gas is not always conveniently available however, which is why you should have a backup. The Dometic 12v Kettle is a great portable kettle that uses electricity to boil water for you that you can use for tea, cooking, and cleaning.

Water Bottle

61LULa3vJdL. AC SX679

Lifestraw Go 2 Stage Water Filter Bottle

Drinking unclean water is not a good idea. This will make you sick. But if you use this filtered water bottle, you do not have to worry about getting sick. This filters out all of the germs and microorganisms that can send you to the hospital.

We wouldn’t go anywhere without this amazing bottle, when travelling we are always a little sceptical about drinking any water, so having this is brilliant.

Collapsible Dish Drainer 

61M0rXVHlQL. AC SX679

Collapsible Dish Drainer 

Collapsible items are one of the best space savers in a motorhome or campervan. We use this dish drainer in our motorhome and after we’ve finished using it, we can easily collapse it down and put it away in the cupboard under the sink where it hardly takes up any space.

Collapsible Folding Food Storage

51YdU1zQEXL. AC SX679

Collapsible Folding Food Storage

These collapsible food storage tubs are amazing for saving kitchen space. A great way to save time when cooking is to batch cook. These tubs are great for freezing meals to save time when you are travelling.

Gas Kettle

716hkjpis3L. AC SX679

Whistling Stove Top Kettle

We have this gas kettle in our motorhome and we think it’s great. Sometimes you may need to save electricity and power in your motorhome, and this is where gas kettles are essential.

Reusable Freezer Bags

51Qm7NXDZ8L. AC SX679

Ziplock Bags for Food & Freezer Storage

These reusable food bags are great for when you’re travelling in your motorhome or campervan. They’re easy to clean, leakproof and eco-friendly.

What are some other useful motorhome / campervan gadgets?

There are some gadgets that are specifically designed for your motorhome that will make life easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Security Handle

31e8WXe0 jL. AC SX450

Fiamma Security Grab Handle

You need to be able to secure your motorhome, especially at night when you are in a strange place. The Fiamma Security Grab Handle provides you with an extra layer of physical protection against any unwelcome guests trying to force their way into your motorhome.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

61Js2k2BLOL. AC SX679

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer, because people cannot see, smell, or taste it. It is still deadly though and you need to be aware if there is a build-up of carbon monoxide in your home. Installing a carbon monoxide detector in your motorhome will keep you and your family safe on the road.

Top Pick: Fire Extinguisher

Small Fire Extinguisher

Carbon monoxide is not the only danger that you face on the road. You also need to have a way to put out any fires that might start in your motorhome.

Having a suitable way of putting out a fire in your motorhome is massively important, luckily, we have never needed to use it but knowing we have a spray and also a fire blanket if anything did happen, remember this is your home and you have gas onboard, so try to put out the fire but also get away from it as fast as possible.

Make sure you have a portable fire extinguisher, that you know where it is, and you know how to use it. It is also a good idea to read up on general fire safety tips before you hit the road.

  • Easy to operate
  • Unique nontoxic formula
  • Small & lightweight
  • Environmentally safe and ozone friendly

Watering Can & Bucket

71aznXPiNuS. AC SY450

Colapz 2 in 1 Watering Can and Bucket

Sometimes you need to be able to carry water around with you on your motorhome trip, which is why you need the Colapz 2 in 1 Watering Can and Bucket.

This portable water bucket has a lid that helps keep you from spilling water everywhere. It also has a sprout so that you can easily pour water out without making a mess everywhere.

Security System

71e1HURajhL. AC SX450

Netgear Arlo Pro 3 Smart Home Security CCTV Camera System

If you are going on a long trip in your motorhome, you also want to be able to keep an eye on your permanent home.

Getting a good CCTV camera system like this one will allow you to watch over your residence while you are on the road and alert you to anything that happens there. You can also install one of these inside your motorhome for extra security.

Vacuum Cleaner

ThisWorx 12v Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your motorhome does not just include washing it. You also need to be able to vacuum up any dirt, sand, or crumbs that find their way inside. That is why you need a portable vacuum cleaner, like this one from ThisWorx. This is one of the most essential items to include in your motorhome.

Storage Boxes

71W4mrAE2RL. AC SX679

Foldable Fabric Storage Boxes

Fabric storage boxes are great because they will not scratch or chip anything in your motorhome. These are soft and compactable to save room when not in use. They also give you a place to store items that you need but are not actively using.

Clothes Hangers

810Ay7oFWiL. AC SX450

Clothes Hangers

Staying organised will help you stay happy on the road. With portable clothes hangers, you can easily keep your motorhome’s closet neat and organised.

Electric Bike

71pdB4eIqOL. AC SX679

Whirlwind C4 

It’s fun to have a bike with you while you travel, and this foldable electric bicycle is great. This gives you three gears, pedal assistance, a 35-mile range, and can go up to 15.5 miles per hour.

Mosquito Wristband

71UlRsDR6VL. AC SX679

Mosquito wristband bracelet

Another thing that you have to watch out for while travelling in your motorhome is mosquitos. Luckily, there is now a wristband that acts as a mosquito repellent. This is a must have if you are going to take your motorhome near water.

Karcher Window Vac

81wHj7RdmcL. AC SX679

Kärcher WV 1 Window Vac

This is the best thing for removing condensation in your motorhome or campervan. If you are going to be travelling in your van in the Winter, you are going to need one of these.

Folding Stool

91ZnWUzA5iL. AC SX679

Small Folding Stool

A folding stool is great for those hard to reach areas of your van, or even to reach onto the roof. Our bike rack is quite high on the back of our motorhome and we use the stool to help get bikes down from the rack.

Final Thoughts

Travelling in a motorhome is the best way to combine comfort and luxury with the thrill of the open road. The journey is only as comfortable as you make it though, so you need to make sure that you have all the gadgets you need to live your best life in your motorhome.

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