Whats in our travel backpacks

We have put together a list of everything that is in our backpacks at the moment. Some of these items we would suggest everyone should carry with them and some are just our favourite things that we just couldn’t travel without.

1. Travel Backpacks

Your backpack is your life, your home and everything you own! This is why it should be #1 on any list of items that you need for travelling. Choosing the right backpack for YOU is essential. You can do all the research you want but everybody is different and every body shape is different so when buying your backpack please shop around and check out all the different styles that are available

We searched and researched for months before finally deciding on Osprey. These backpacks are really the best in the travel industry and should be considered for any travel. The backpacks are made and designed for travelling with backpacking in mind they really have thought of everything.

Ryan went with the Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack and Kirsty went with the Osprey Fairview 55 Womens Travel Backpack.There aren’t too many differences in the bags other than Kirsty’s is made for women and sits on your back a little different and has different straps to make it more comfortable sitting on a woman’s back.

The two backpacks are made up of two separate bags that can be easily detachable from each other. The smaller one is a 13-litre daypack that can fit all your electricals and laptop in perfectly and the main travel bag is a 42 litre bag that can really fit everything you need for your trip.

These two bags come packed with features that really make them stand out and is why they are number #1 on most peoples list of must have travel products. It’s the small things like all the straps can be zipped away so when you check your bag in at the airport there is nothing loose that could get caught in something along the way and damaage your bag. The bag opens like a suitcase and not like the more conventional bags that only open from the top so you can get to anything at the bottom of the bag easily.

Osprey gives every customer a lifetime guarantee on all its bags but hopefully, that isn’t something we need to use just yet but is a massive selling point and give you a little comfort that they keep this bag in such high regard that they trust it will never let someone down.

You can buy these backpacks online here > Farpoint & Fairview

Osprey Fairview 55 Womens Travel Backpack
Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

2. Travel Notebook and Journal

Every time we travel we sit down and plan exactly what we might want to do and make sure we book beforehand anything we need to. I’m sure everyone plans out what they do before a big trip so getting this written down is essential but also we like to make notes as we’re exploring a new city so we can put it into our blog. We make notes of things like how much the bus was or a trip, even down to things like how much the entry cost was at a museum.

Writing things down is really important as when you arrive in an unknown city and you don’t speak the language it can be hard so planning how you’re going to get from A to B is essential. You really don’t want to get lost and wind up somewhere you don’t want to be and not being able to get back.

One of the best things we find very helpful is writing down all the places we want to go and also the names of them in home language and simple phrases so if we do need help we can easily show to someone or a taxi.

Also, we would also recommend writing down where you are staying in the native language. We always find asking your hotel or hostel reception the best place for this as they are usually trained in most languages.

a couple of idiots abroad notebook and journal

3. Packing Cubes

These are not high on everyone’s  list but if you’re anything like me then they are a must. Being an unorganised and untidy man these are essential.

These simple little cubes help keep your bag organised and make sure everything has a place. In the past I must say I have just shoved everything into my backpack and hoped for the best, until I tried this product.

When you come to want that t-shirt or a certain pair of socks it really isn’t the best going through everything, this way each cube contains certain items like label one for washing, underwear, t-shirts and so on making sure you know whats clean and what’s not!

travel bag organisers cubes for backpacking

4. First Aid Kit

Every trip you take, it doesn’t matter if just a weekend away or 6 months travel, we always pack a small first-aid kit. Making sure you have one of these is essential and if you’re like us you will hopefully only use it for plasters to put on blisters after you have just spent 12 hours walking around a new city trying to see everything you can!

These little kits hold so much and don’t take up any room what so ever so there is really no excuse for not having one and if you are in a bad situation you can be prepared.

Be prepard and get this first aid kit now > Buy Here

size of the travel first air kit for backpacking

5.Travel Plug Adapter Universal World

If you travel a lot over the years you have probably accumulated lots of the small travel plugs from all the places you go. These are not something you want to be packing lots of different adapters for the different countries as you may have far too many!

That’s where this little travel product comes in handy, a universal plug that will fit into 150 different countries plugs!!!

Having this has saved us so much space but also if we go to a new country we don’t have to worry about finding out what plug they use and trying to get one, we always know most of the places we go this little plug will fit.

Travel backpacking plug multi use in differant countries and places

6. Microfibre Towel

If you are going backpacking then fitting a normal towel into your backpack can take up a lot of room and weight but the main thing when you use it holds a lot of water and takes forever to dry!

That’s where a microfibre towel comes in handy, these towels are on every travellers must-have travel items list for the simple fact they do everything that a normal towel doesn’t. They can be compact so take up no room, they weigh next to nothing and they don’t absorb water so dry very very quickly.

These microfibre towels do take some getting used to as they don’t feel the nicest when you use them compared to your average towel but you really need something that does the job and these really do!

Microfibre Towel

7. Travel Bottle Toiletries Liquid Containers

When packing your backpack you really don’t want to be carrying big bottles of shampoo and body wash and other liquids that could take up a lot of space and weight so we just fill up these little containers then along the way on our trips we just keep refilling these bottles up.

Now the new law is that you can only carry on 100ml of liquids do by having these means you can always travel carry on only and save some money by not checking in your bag or throwing away all your liquids.

Travel clear carry on bottles hang luggage

8.Wire Rope Lock

When you go travelling having a lock is a must as they have so many uses and are one of the most popular items that people forget. We went for a rope combination one as we learned in the past having a key one, the key can always go missing then you are stuck with a lock you cant open so always make sure you use a combination one.

Using a lock on your backpack is a must so getting one that fits through the zip holes is important so make sure you test this out before you buy. When staying in a hostel there will be lockers to keep your backpacks in but most of this doesn’t come with locks so you may need to use your own so make sure you have a few spares.

2 backpacking travel locks for lockers

9. Unlocked Phone

While I’m sure nearly everyone will have a phone and take it with them but a few things people forget is how much you will rely on this little gadget. One of the main things is to make sure you have an unlocked smartphone, when you land in a new country go to the nearest shop and buy a sim card with a data plan, this way you can easily and cheaply use your phone as much as your plan will allow you.

You can use your phone for maps, translating languages, taking photos but also keeping in contact with home or anyone you may meet on the road.

All these 9 travel items are products that should be included in every backpackers bag, here are a few more that are optional but really both of us couldn’t live without them in our rucksacks.

10. GoPro HERO5 Black Action Camera

We really couldn’t decide between getting a DSLR or a GoPro for our trip. WE both researched and spent a lot of time testing different ones out that friends had or in shops but in the end, we went for a GoPro and was the best decision we made!

When we thought about it, both of us wanted to make sure we could take some brilliant photos but we didn’t really know much about cameras and we found with a DSLR you really need to know all the settings to make sure you get the right shots, also the weight and size of them was also a big factor, the GoPro really is tiny and very very durable.

This little action camera can do so much straight out the box all you do is turn on and you’re ready to go. Ther  are a few settings you can change but nothing too complicated, it has captured some great shots both on film and photos and as we both have very good iphones we thought we could get all the images we wanted.

There is also an accessory for everything when it comes to Gopros we have taken it snorkelling, behind waterfalls, climbing, bike rides and more and have bought accessories for every activity!

gopro hero 5 black

11. Apple 13-Inch MacBook Pro

Taking a laptop travelling with you can be a big no-no but I can’t go anywhere without my MacBook! When you take your laptop it can be a worry because it’s usually the most valuable item in your bag and sometimes the heaviest and isn’t protected that well so always thinking about how safe it and always having to think about your bag if its in there or how secure your locker is at the hostel.

As we run this website and a few others having a laptop with me is important but also having somewhere to store all our photos and videos so our memory cards don’t get full and being able to watch films and TV shows when we want to relax or waiting for that next flight is very good!

We would also recommend if you are taking a laptop you need to make sure you have an adequate case, using a bubble hard case makes sure it is protected against any shocks and little bumps it might  have in your backpack.

You are going to be taking a lot of unforgettable photos and videos making sure these are backed up is also important because the last thing you want to do is losenthem all so taking a hard drive is also something we would suggest.

macbook pro

12. Solar Power Bank Portable Charger

In today’s age using electrics is just something everyone does and everyone has the same problem they always run out of battery! When you are exploring a new country your phone can be your best friend as it can help you navigate exactly where you want to go or call for help so making sure you don’t run out of battery comes in this great travel product a power bank!

Having one of these is so important if you take lots of photos with your phone and use the maps as this drains the battery so we always need to charge it throughout the day also you can use it change anything with a USB so things like GoPro, iPod headphones.

When trying to decide what charger to buy as there are so many on the market we wanted to make sure we got one that could hold a lot of power then we found this solar charger that charges itself from sunlight so we just leave it out on the beach or next to the pool or hanging off our bags as we’re exploring so this way as long as there is daylight we will never run out of battery.

power bank for traveling

This concludes the list of all the main items that is currently in our backpacks while we travel, you can purchase all the products on our store though amazon.

There are also a few items that didn’t make the list but that you should always remember to include but are really something that can be purchased along the way on your travels:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun Cream
  • Travel clothes wash
  • Spork
  • Washing line
  • Head Torch
  • Travel lock safe
  • Long iPhone Charger
  • iPod
  • Headphones
  • Headphones Splitter
  • Mosquito repellent and bite cream
  • Eye mark
  • Water Bottle
  • Kindle
  • Ipad

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