Best Storage Hacks for Motorhome Enthusiasts


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We’ve researched to find the best motorhome organising techniques and storage hacks for maximising every inch of storage space in a motorhome or camper. Are you seeking items to assist you in setting up your motorhome? 

Here are some of the best ideas, strategies, and equipment for organising your motorhome kitchen, bathroom and cabinets, as well as ways to expand storage and make it easier to use. Continue reading to discover more about the best ways to store your things in a motorhome.

Let’s start with some motorhome storage tips BEFORE you leave for your trip:

Assess the situation.

Make a list of everything you have. This may seem like a daunting undertaking, but there is no better way to arrange your motorhome or limited area than to know exactly what you have.

Follow the rule of “one in, one out.”

When you bring something new into the motorhome, you should remove the old one. For example, If you bring a new shirt into the motorhome, you should take out an old one. This rule will allow you to improve outdated items without accumulating a lot of clutter.

Get Rid of the Stuff You Don’t Need

When travelling, I doubt you would require 20 plates and cups unless you have a large family. Everyone has items that they don’t want to part with. However, limited space requires a simplistic lifestyle. Plan to get rid of whatever you don’t use at least once a year as full-timers. If you don’t live in an motorhome, it’s a good idea to do this after each trip.

Assign a location for everything.

By assigning a location for all your items, your motorhome will stay organised and clean. Without a place for an item, things get left out, making your motorhome less organised, and increasing the chances of your things getting broken.

Maintain a Cleaning Routine

When you live in a house that travels, you must put everything away before beginning your journey. When you remain in one place for an extended period of time, everyday cleaning might go neglected, and clutter can accumulate. If you don’t build a routine, no number of motorhome storage ideas will help you.

The Best Kitchen Storage Hacks and Accessories for Motorhomes.

An Adjustable Cutlery Tray.

You can keep your cutlery drawer tidy with the help of a little adjustable tray. Although you can’t see it because it’s hidden within your drawer, it helps to reduce counter clutter by storing things away. The best cutlery tray for motorhomes can change in width from 9 to 13 inches.

A Small Dish Drying Rack.

Most motorhome sinks can accommodate this small drying rack, or you may lay it on the counter atop its drain tray and let it drip into the sink. This is preferable to just laying a tea towel on the counter and placing the wet dishes on top of it.

Even this temporary storage will make your motorhome kitchen more practical.

Collapsible Colander and Nesting Bowls Set.

Unfortunately, you don’t have endless cupboard space in a compact kitchen like a motorhome kitchen. You must make the most of your limited area. And that is precisely what collapsible items and nesting bowl sets do.

The more goods you can stack within each other, the fewer bulky objects you’ll have to store in your limited cabinet space.

Adding Sliding Pantry Shelves to your motorhome.

These sliding shelves can fit nicely in your motorhome pantry or another motorhome kitchen cabinet.

Just make sure you measure that you have enough space within a cabinet, but if you do, a sliding drawer unit can help you make the most of your space.

It takes advantage of the vertical space that is frequently wasted inside a cabinet. To keep the shelf unit from sliding around, secure it within the cabinet.

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The Best Bathroom Storage Hacks and Accessories for Motorhomes.

Using the Bathroom Door.

Using the back of your bathroom door as a storage option is a simple little bathroom storage solution. Many folks suggest hanging a shoe organizer on the inside of your motorhome bathroom door.

Shower Hanging Organisers

Shower hanging organisers are pretty useful for keeping your toiletries organised. You won’t have to clutter your sink counter with creams, lotions, shavers, and other items this way. Instead, simply place them in this organiser, and because motorhome bathrooms are so small, they will still be easily accessible.

Razor Holders on the Wall

You may install a razor holder to your shower wall or bathroom wall in a variety of ways. Men frequently shave in front of the mirror, whereas most women I know shave in the shower. As a result, razor holders are frequently required by couples in a variety of locations.

Suction cup razor holders are the most highly suggested razor holders.

Organiser for Cabinet Doors

It may be used as a trash can, but it can also store hair products, extra toothpaste, and other miniature goods. Before purchase, make sure you measure your cabinets to ensure that they will fit.

Baskets that Hang on the Wall.

Many people choose to drill and screw into their cabinets rather than screw into their motorhome walls. The majority of cabinets are sturdy enough to hold a basket. Check to see whether your cabinets are sturdy enough to carry a basket, and double-check dimensions under your cabinet to ensure it won’t snag the plumbing when you close the door.

Organization Hacks for Motorhomes to Make More Space.

Hack #1: Multi-purpose items will be your best friend.

Look for methods to employ multi-purpose things in your motorhome wherever possible. This will free up room in your rig and reduce the number of goods you have to store and clean. This means you’ll have more time to do the things you enjoy!

Multi-Use Kitchen Appliances:

Cooking gear and gadgets are required for everyone. This is why the kitchen in a motorhome is sometimes the most crowded and tight place. Here are a few objects that may be used for several purposes in your food prep area:

  • The perfect wooden cutting board may double as wall art, a serving tray, and a cutting board.
  • A roll-up dish rack serves as a dish rack in the kitchen, a drying rack for cleaned fruits and vegetables, and a surface for hot pots.
  • Mason jars may be used to store food leftovers, small things, and daily drinking cups. When you can get three uses out of one item, you’ve won at motorhome organising.

Simply Google “multi-use kitchen utensils” to find exciting devices that meet your specific culinary demands and style.

Multi-Use Bathroom Objects:

Another little place with a lot of stuff you can’t cut back on is the bathroom. Fortunately, some items serve multiple roles.

  • 3-in-1 soaps can help you save room in the shower by reducing the number of bottles you need.
  • Coconut oil may be used as a body lotion, but it also works well in the kitchen. There are several applications for this!

Hack #2: Magnets

Magnets, as most motorhome enthusiasts will attest, are your best friend. While driving, magnetize everything you don’t want to move. While preparing your vehicle for the trip, you may save time by affixing strong magnets to lightweight home goods like table decorations.

Hack #3: Make the Most of Vertical Space.

The key to motorhome organising is to make the most of your available space. This can include stacking and storing items vertically. Using vertical space will allow you to roam around more freely while freeing up counter and table space.

Shelves are another excellent choice for maximising vertical space. But, once again, be sure that everything is securely secured. Hang it from the ceiling or off the wall if you can’t stack it from the ground!

Tip #4: To avoid tripping over shoes on the floor, cut up a shoe organiser and arrange it around the bottom of your bed.

What do you do with your shoes when there isn’t much room around the bed? If you’re anything like me, you’ll pack more than one pair of shoes for a trip since you never know what you’ll be doing. A shoe organiser is an ideal solution for keeping all of your shoes tidy and out of the way.

Tip #5: For extra garment storage, hang collapsible canvas shelves from the closet rod.

These racks provide you with additional storage space for your clothes. For storing your clothing for a vacation, most campers have extremely little closet room. If the journey is more than a few days, we must improvise on effectively storing all of our belongings.

The canvas shelves are affordable and fit well in most closets next to the bed. Then you’ll be able to fit all of your clothing into the cupboards, freeing up space for other goods you will bring on the vacation.

Tip #6: Keep all of your batteries in one location by storing them in a tackle box.

Batteries may be a disorganised jumble, and we tend never to find the ones we need. Many of us tend to toss the batteries into the kitchen rubbish drawer, to lose them forever or return to find that the last one has already been taken. In order to organise these handy little tools, tackleboxes are recommended.

Use a tackle box to hold all of your batteries in one convenient location, and you’ll be able to see whether you need more quickly.

Tip #7: Make extra room in your drawers by storing your cooking equipment on a hanging rack beneath your cabinets.

This storage solution is ideal since it not only keeps your cooking equipment tidy and accessible but it also frees up space in the few drawers you do have for other goods.

Tip #8: Store and arrange all of your First-Aid Essentials in a tackle box.

It is critical to have a First-Aid Kit when travelling since you never know when you will need it. I have a first-aid kit that I purchased at the shop, but it just has the essentials. I usually find myself in need of something that isn’t included, so I go out and get the extras, only to finish up with a chaotic mass of first-aid necessities.

A tackle box is an excellent method to keep everything organised, and in one place, so you don’t have to look for it when you need it.

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