The Top 5 Best GPS Trackers and Why Your Motorhome & Campervan Needs One


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Motorhome GPS trackers are useful in protecting your camper or motorhome, with top picks such as Scorpion Track, The Smart GPS Tracker by Vodafone, the FMT100 GPS Vehicle Tracking Device by TruTrak Pro, and the TK905 Strong Magnetic GPS Tracker by TKSTAR.

In this article, we will look at what trackers do, how they work, why GPS trackers are needed for motorhomes and the pros and cons of our top motorhome GPS tracker choices.

What Are Campervan GPS Trackers?

A GPS tracker sends off a signal that can be tracked, allowing for the motorhome to be located in the event of a misplace or theft. It helps local authorities to track down the motorhome and recover it.

How do Motorhome Trackers Work?

A GPS tracker is attached to a discreet location inside or under the motorhome and is paired with either a phone or a fob to arm or disarm. The signal is broadcasted to an operating centre which monitors the location in real-time. If the motorhome is moved without the owner’s authorisation, the GPS will alert the centre and monitor movement. 

The operating centre will then work with local authorities to return the motorhome as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Why Are Motorhome Trackers Important?

In the effort to prevent theft and to keep your investment (your motorhome) safe, a GPS tracker is an excellent defence. It gives a high amount of reassurance that you will be able to recover your motorhome in the event it is stolen.

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What Are Our Top Five Motorhome GPS Trackers?

1. Scorpion Track – Best Motorhome Tracker

When looking for a motorhome tracker there were a few requirements that were a must for us:

  • Mobile Tracking
  • Thatcham Approved
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Tow Away Alerts
  • Alarm Centre
  • 4G Pinpoint Tracking

After carrying out a lot of research we decided to go for a Motorhome & Campervan tracker by Scorpion Track who are the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of trackers for cars, campervans and caravans.

They offer a wide range of different trackers to choose from at different levels and options.

We went for the S5 Model as this gave us everything we were looking for in a tracker. They also provide free installation all over the UK and our tracker was fitted within an hour of them coming out to our home to fit it.

By being Thatcham approved this means it will be accepted by your insurance and should bring your premium down.

One of the best things about this tracker is the mobile app. This means that we can always keep tabs on our motorhome. In the app you can see all of the information in real time about where it is, when the engine was last used, and you also get notifications if the tracker has been tampered with or started without the key.

This means that we can be notified if anything happens and notify the police if needed. Scorpion Track also work with the authorities in helping to provide them with the tracking information.

By having this tracker installed, we have peace of mind that if anything did happen, we would always be able to get our campervan back.

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2. Apple Air Tags – Smart Tracking

apple air tags

Apple air tags are a great way of tracking things including your caravan, motorhome or campervan.

They are very small and can be hidden away where no one will find them in places such as cupboards or in a safe. We have placed some in our motorhome as a backup tracker, this way we have more than one tracker available in case anything goes wrong.

They are not Thatcham approved so your insurance won’t classify it as a tracker, but still, they give you some peace of mind and they work great and are easily accessible on your mobile phone so we would definitely recommend them.

3. Smart GPS Tracker by Vodafone

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Smart GPS Tracker by Vodafone

The Smart GPS Tracker by Vodafone is SIM connected with four different types of location technology. You are also to create safe spaces where the system will tell you if your vehicle leaves them or not. It also has a battery life of up to seven days and works in over 90 countries. For optimal functionality, the GPS does require a subscription.

4. FMT100 GPS Vehicle Tracking Device by TruTrak Pro?

FMT100 GPS Vehicle Tracking Device by TruTrak Pro

TruTrak Pro comes with an app and website. Once a subscription is purchased from their website, they offer superior customer service. It comes with a 14-day free trial, and there is no fixed contract so you can stop using the GPS whenever you need to.

5. TK905 Strong Magnetic GPS Tracker by TKSTAR?

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TK905 Strong Magnetic GPS Tracker

TKSTAR requires no installation as it has a magnetic base, is energy-saving, and has a waterproof rating of IP58 and a 90-day lifespan. It offers GPS mobile tracking on your iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac.

If you would like to know more about different motorhome security measures, then we have another blog post with lots more information – Motorhome Security: Keeping Your Home Away from Home Safe


Motorhome GPS trackers are handy for people who want extra satisfaction that their camper or motorhome is safe at all times. These are useful for long vacations, full-time van lifers, or part-time travellers.

We’ve broken down the pros and cons of the best GPS trackers on the online market so now you know how to determine which GPS tracker suits your needs the best.

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