Are you sick of the same old meal options while travelling? Luckily for you, the choice of unhealthy fast-food or boring cold sandwiches is a thing of the past for motorhome users thanks to 12v microwaves.

Here are 10 of our top favorite options.

12v Microwaves Are They Worth it?

A 12v battery is often found in cars, trucks, and motorhomes. These are the battery banks that can plug into a car charging port and provide enough power to work things like mobile phone chargers, portable DVD players or gaming systems, and even microwaves.

Obviously, a vehicle battery will not have the ability to supply enough power to operate an average microwave. However, these 12v motorhome “microwaves” are just as good as long as you find the best brands.

Most of the motorhome microwaves or “electric lunch boxes” can warm up, cook, and even slow cook food, providing homemade meals on the go.

Top Ten 12v Microwaves

We have 10 of the most popular 12v microwaves options for motorhome owners. These products are perfect for cooking hot meals in no time at all, eliminating the need to stop for fast food/takeaway options.

When deciding which options were the best, we tried to choose affordable, durable, non-toxic, and well-designed mini-microwave options; here’s what we found.

1. Hot Logic

The Hot Logic mini comes in a variety of different vibrant colors and an easy-to-store, compact size. You simply place your meal into the box, zip it up, plug it in, and go about your day until you are ready to eat.

This mini-microwave will evenly cook foods from scratch or quickly re-heat food leftover from the day before.


Why we like it:

  • No monitoring needed
  • Heats up food without drying it out
  • Holds temp for 12-hours once unplugged
  • Tupperware safe

2. Hpory Electric Lunch Box

This is a large-capacity, stainless steel cookware set that is made from food-grade materials. This portable microwave is easy to clean and cooks hot delicious food in 30 minutes or less right from your motorhome.

Why we like it:

  • Has duel-function insulation
  • Made with a 304 stainless steel removable container
  • Easy to clean with and dishwasher safe (just the stainless steel container)
  • It comes with a dishcloth and a placemat for eating on the go

3. TALC Portable Food Warmer

Not only is this a great food warmer for inside your RV, but it is also extremely easy to travel with, equipped with a shoulder strap and durable carrying handle. Cook your food quickly inside your vehicle, then transport it to your favorite picnicking spot.

Why we like it:

  • It has a portable oven upgraded design
  • Made from durable materials
  • It can be used as a slow cooker
  • Affordable for all budgets

4. PMALLCITY Portable Microwave

This PMALLCITY electric lunch box is a mini-microwave with a modern and fashionable look. It is leak-proof, non-toxic, and durable, giving you a safe option to take with you anywhere you go. 

The inside containers are designed with heat-resistant materials and provide the option to section off space to cook multiple items at one time.

Why we like it:

  • Modern, unique design
  • Cooks multiple food items at once
  • Simple to use
  • It comes with a nice insulated carrying bag

5. Aotto Portable Microwave

The Aotto Portable Microwave is easy to use and promotes a healthy diet. You simply plug it in and forget it. Heating or warming left-overs only take 20-30 minutes and about 1-2 hours to cook raw or frozen food items.

Why we like it:

  • Keeps food heated to around 140°F-158°F
  • Compatible with all flat-bottom food containers
  • Quick cook time
  • Versatile and convenient design

6. HengLiSam Electric Lunch Box 2 in 1

This HengLiSam offers plenty of space for a large meal and can heat up your food in as little as 25 minutes; all you need is a car cigarette lighter plug, and you are good to go.

The mini-microwave is made from non-toxic and top-quality materials, providing a safe and easy way to create healthy meals in your motorhome.

Why we like it:

  • It comes with a removable plastic food separator and utensils
  • Has a large capacity for holding big meals
  • dishwasher safe making it easy to clean
  • It comes in multiple colors

7. Skywin Road Portable Oven 

If you are not looking for a product to cook your food, just something basic for keeping your food warmed up, this is an excellent option for you. The Skywin Road portable oven has automatic temperature control and will have pre-cooked meals warmed up and ready in under two hours.

Why we like it:

  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • It has reflective insulation inside
  • The outer case is soft and easy to transport
  • Perfect size for a single person meal

8. Zone Tech Heating Lunch Box

Zone Tech brings a unique and fantastic 12v motorhome “microwave.” This heating lunch box has a hardshell case and is made from a dust-proof material, keeping dirt and dust particle from ruining your food.

You can heat your leftovers up within 20 minutes, making a quick and easy way to eat a home-cooked meal when you are away.

Why we like it:

  • Hardshell, durable case
  • Sturdy with large capacity
  • It takes less than an hour to warm up just about anything
  • Easy to wipe off pans

9. Herrfilk Portable Food Heater

This top-quality motorhome microwave comes with everything you need to warm up and enjoy a hot meal on the go, keeping your food heating to around 140°F.

This product is made from food-grade, non-toxic, PP plastic and stainless steel, making it safe and easy to use and maintain.

Why we like it:

  • Comes with utensils, carrying case, additional plastic compartment, and dishcloth
  • Made from durable high-grade, temperature-resistant stainless steel
  • Leak-proof seal ring
  • Food tastes as it came straight from the oven

10. Mataidee Portable Microwave

This Mataidee portable microwave is a great appliance for any motorhome. It is equipped with two separate split liner compartments keeping your food from mixing together and cooking much faster than other options, heating food up in about 20 minutes. 

Why we like it:

  • Comes with a unique “toolbox” design
  • Cooks food in a short amount of time
  • Designed for easy transport after cooking
  • Heated with a PTC thermostat cooking food evenly

Tip: While using a portable motorhome 12v microwave is a great way to eat healthy on the road, it is important to remember that these products can drain your vehicle battery if you do not keep a close eye on it or leave it plugged in while the vehicle is not running.

Summing Things Up

There is no longer a reason for anyone in a motorhome to have to eat cold sandwiches or service station pre-packaged food. Each product listed above provides a great way to cook or warm up any dish you like, giving you many new options and a whole new outlook on motorhome life.

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