Reversing cameras are useful for motorhomes, with or without a wired connection like the Heavy Duty Camera System by DALLAX, the Reversing Camera Wireless by Uzone, and the Digital Camera Kit by AUTO-VOX.

In this article, we will look at how to install backup cameras and the pros and cons of our top selected camera.

Why Do Motorhomes Need a Reversing Camera?

Blind spots are mostly eliminated with the use of a backup camera, making driving and parking safer and easier. If you also have a tow vehicle or trailer, a reversing camera helps you to better keep an eye on it while you travel.

How Do You Install a New Reversing Camera System?

Here are some quick steps on how to instal your camera system:

  1. Before installing anything, give the electronic set a test run to make sure they work correctly. 
  2. If you have a monitor that is mounted, ensure that it is screwed into its mounting place properly, securely, and with the correct positive and negative wires.
  3. Give the monitor a test run before moving on to mounting the rear-view camera, just to ensure the wires are connected correctly.
  4. For a wired connection between the monitor and the camera, run the cable through the inner walls of the camper until it reaches the mounting area for the camera on the back of the camper. If you have a wireless connection, you can skip this step.
  5. Feed the wire into the camera and screw it into its mounting case on the back of the motorhome. Check the system to ensure the camera is feeding to the monitor.
  6. Now you can see what’s at the back of your motorhome or camper next time you need to drive, park, or check your surroundings.

For a video walk-through on how to install a motorhome reversing camera, this tutorial by the Southern Ginger Workshop goes through the steps of installing.

What Are the Top Three Best Products for a Reversing Camera for a Motorhome?

What is the Heavy Duty Vehicle Truck Bus Backup Camera System by DALLUX?

The Heavy Duty Vehicle Truck Bus Backup Camera System by DALLUX features a monitor with a pixel resolution of 800 x 480, and the camera is waterproof with an IP69K rating. The camera will work great in all weather conditions. With infra-red lights, the camera is also able to see in the dark.

Reversing Camera

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Heavy Duty Vehicle Truck Bus Backup Camera System From Amazon Customers?

Pros and Cons of the Heavy Duty Vehicle Truck Bus Backup Camera System



“Good quality camera system, [it is] easy to fit and [has] the best image quality of any reverse camera I’ve fitted so far.”

“They do not supply enough cable if you are using this on a trailer… you [will] need to buy an extension.”

“All connectors feel well-made… [the] camera and screen appear to be… well made, the camera bracket is very strong…”

“The suction bracket broke on the first use.”

“Works brilliantly… we have fitted this to our motorhome and it works… well.”

“It just [can’t] take the vibration… [and] switches colors when I’m driving down the highway.”

“The customer service [was]… [very] professional and kind.”

“Doesn’t fit [a] standard RV 4 pin connector.”

“Great picture quality and [the] night vision works well.”

“Not waterproof… [after] about [four] months these cameras are full of condensation.”

What is the Reversing Camera Wireless by Uzone?

The Reversing Camera Wireless by Uzone does not require internet or data to link, you simply connect to the camera using its own created wifi and your phone or tablet. The camera has a magnetic base that can be mounted onto any metal surface, making installation easy. It is rechargeable using the provided USB cable.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Reversing Camera Wireless From Amazon Customers?

Pros and Cons of the Reversing Camera Wireless



“[It is] super easy to install, the magnet is strong enough to hold it in place… Hit the [‘on’] button on the camera, connect your phone… click on the app and voila.”

“[The] connection between [the] camera and phones… drops… continuously… [There] was a time delay… [making it] impossible to use [this] as a reversing aid.”

“The wifi app is simple but effective.”

“The WiFi is very unstable resulting in [a] frequent loss of picture.”

“reversing… is very challenging… [this camera is] super easy to connect to my phone… [and] the magnetic base… can just attach it… without any tool.”

“[The] app doesn’t work on android.”

“I put mine on the dashboard directly above the steering wheel… it works fine in the… lighter socket as well… a great value, rotate views, waterproof, [and easy]…”

“Rarely connects to… [our phones].”

“…[The] exquisite packaging made me very shocked… They have included everything I need, including a one-year warranty card and instructions. [It is] super easy to install… [I installed it] in less than 10 minutes…The camera has… customizable options… You can turn the backup guidelines [on and off.]”

“The camera could no longer be opened in the app and [it did not emit]… a WIFI signal.”

What is the Digital Wireless Reversing Camera Kit by AUTO-VOX?

The Digital Wireless Reversing Camera Kit by AUTO-VOX has a clear image, night vision, and is waterproof with a 50full glass lens and a 0.1 Lux illumination. It can withstand temperatures of -15 to +65 degrees Celcius. It is made of durable material with a stable signal.

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Reversing Camera Wireless From Amazon Customers?

Pros and Cons of the Reversing Camera Wireless



“Looks good on my dash and is relatively easy to install.”

“may [or may not turn on]… in reverse… it is now a poor picture quality with horizontal lines.”

“Very quick pairing… as soon as you move into reverse gear the image will show up on the monitor.”

“The video quality is appalling… lane lines on the road have jagged edges… License plate numbers are… unreadable. There’s also a… delay in the footage.”

“The camera quality is great… clear and lag-free considering it’s transmitted wirelessly.”

“[The] wires [are] not even connected or soldered properly.”

“[The] wide-angle and the night vision… are very good.”

“Range of 33cm, not 33 feet.”

“Quick and easy to install, just [two] wires to connect!”

“[Due] to the bulkhead it blocks the signal to the camera.”


A backup camera is very useful for campers and motorhomes, making driving safer and easier. With our top three choices, you will be able to make a great choice on which camera will work best for you.

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