Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use

When we were first considering our van-life trip, we wanted to make sure we had something to remember it by and to give us the best memories to look back on in the future and share with our family and friends.

That’s why we have decided to invest in some amazing Van Life Camera Gear and video equipment to ensure we are able to document for ourselves and our family while we are away.

Ryan loves everything tech, so this type of thing he loves, so he researched and reviewed everything before purchasing to make sure it was exactly what we needed!

We spent weeks and months looking in shops, speaking to different people, carrying out online research and really making sure we got the BEST TRAVEL EQUIPMENT.

Everything we bought for our trip can be found on the list below with links to where we purchased them from –

Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use
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Main Camera – Nikon Z50 With Z DX 16-50mm + Z DX 50-250mm

Van Life Camera Gear

After a lot of research, we decided to go for The Nikon mirrorless Z50. The kit we got came with two lenses, one for short-range images and video and also a long-range lens meaning we could get a wider range of shots.

The camera quality is amazing and being able to video record in 4k means we can shoot anything we need to, going from a camera phone to this is just amazing to see the difference, especially the 50-250mm lens.

It has a touchscreen on the back that can also be flipped down for vlogging.

GoPro Here 10 Travel Camera

GoPro are the leading brand when it comes to action cameras and having owned a couple in the past we really wanted to get the new HERO10.

Having a camera like this means we are able to capture videos and images in the sea, whilst walking in the rain, in the kayak, and we can also attach it to Lottie to capture some doggy adventures!

Having a camera that you know can withstand weather and most things you throw at it, it just gives you that peace of mind and not to have to worry too much about damaging it.

We did buy a few accessories like the media mod and attachments, I will list them below.

Go Pro Accessories

Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use

DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo

Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use

This was a big choice for us, whether to buy a drone or not. We were looking at other bloggers videos and thinking that the drone footage looked amazing, but we were just not sure what type of drone to go for, or whether it was worth getting one at all. After doing a lot of research we decided to go for Air 2s.

This is one of the most recent drones from DJI and the main reason why we picked this one was for the updated sensor on the camera but also the extra sensors for obstacle avoidance.

Being a newish drone flyer we wanted something that ensured we wouldn’t crash it, and having these extra sensors are absolutely fantastic!

Travel Tripod

After returning a number of different tripods and owning a few over the years, I must say this is one of the best tripods you can buy for travelling!

Its super lightweight at 2.6lb meaning it’s not too heavy when doing a hike and something you can quickly attach to your camera bag.

Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use

RØDE VideoMic Pro+ Compact Directional On-camera Microphone

Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use

If you are going to record any audio then a good microphone is really really important, bad audio can really ruin a very good video.

We have tested a few cheaper ones from Amazon and while they have done an ok job, once we purchased this the difference was very noticeable!

One of the best mics you can get, it will work with anything that has a 3.5mm audio jack which means we can use it on all our cameras and iPhones with an adaptor.

Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack Hardshell Backpack

Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use

The thing about travelling is getting out there and seeing the world and making sure we could carry all the kit we wanted to carry was essential.

This bag has a lot of requirements from securely carrying all the camera and drone equipment but it also has space for water and even lunch when we are on some bigger walks.

The bag has a hard-shell meaning if it’s dropped or knocked into then it’s going to be safe, the best thing we like is that when we are in the heat, the bag has air pockets at the back so it doesn’t make you all sweaty and uncomfortable when you’re wearing it!

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Van Life Camera Gear - What We Use

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