If you are planning on going to Iceland then I’m jealous. Iceland has by far been our favourite place we have visited. Everything about this tiny country is amazing from the people to the waterfalls and if you’re planning on going in the winter with all the snow and ice it’s the most picturesque place.

When we booked our holiday to Iceland we decided to go in March as we know it’s not as cold as the earlier winter months but we still wanted to see all the snow and ice. When trying to decide what to take with us it was abit of a struggle.  Here is everything we purchased from Amazon for our trip to Iceland in March:


The weather was rather mild for Iceland when we went at -4 most days and -8 or more at night so packing some thermals are a must. They do not have to be expensive, we just ordered some cheap ones from Amazon, for a 5-day trip we would say buy two or three pairs.

You can buy all your thermals by clicking here > Amazon Thermals 

Thermal Trousers:

We researched and shopped around a lot trying to find the right trousers to wear during the day. We knew we would be walking a lot and possibly walking through snow so we needed something warm, breathable and waterproof. The trousers we went for were absolutely perfect, they gave us a lot of movement and were also a lot lighter than we thought and kept our legs very warm.

thermal trousers for walking in iceland womens waking trousers for iceland

Walking Shoes:

When researching the best footwear we saw several mixed opinions. We tried to look at photos on trip advisor to try and spot the kind of shoes people were wearing and we were seeing people wearing trainers and Uggs. I’m so glad we ignored getting tempted by this and purchased some walking boots. Kirsty wasn’t best pleased with the look of them but she managed to find some that were not too bulky and looked stylish.

Having a good walking boot is essential as we walked through snow, behind waterfalls and up mountains so having the right footwear is a must. You need something that gives you grip and supports your ankles.

walking boots for women in iceland

Tops & T-Shirts

We both took a few long sleeve t-shirts to wear over our base thermal layers, we already had lots of t-shirts at home and didn’t need to buy anymore.

Thermal fleece/jacket:

This is an essential purchase. Our biggest tip is layers. The weather can change significantly throughout a day in Iceland, it may be snowing at one point then the sun may come out and the big warm winter coat you needed a few hours ago you may not need anymore. This is where a fleece jacket comes in handy to keep you warm still but not too warm.


We both took big winter coats with us. Kirsty had a long fur Moncler that kept her very warm, I had purchased a Barbour Night Watch waterproof and breathable coat. When taking a coat you need something that keeps you warm and keeps the warm air in but also something that is breathable as you will be doing lots of walking and activities.

a couple of idiots abroad in Iceland


It can get very cold in parts and if you are searching for the northen lights at night then you will be standing around for hours not really doing much just looking at the sky waiting for this amazing light show, so you need to make sure you are wrapped up from head to toe so please make sure you have the following

  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Hat
  • Thick Thermal Walking Socks
  • Sunglasses (not the first thing you may think of taking but when the sun shines in Iceland it can be pretty strong)
  • A good backpack (essential if you’re going to be doing the type of activities that we did)

You can buy all your accessories by clicking here > Amazon Accessories

When deciding what to pack for Iceland we would say it’s really important to go for practicality over style, which is not something we usually do but we’re so happy we did for this trip. This was the first trip we had been on to such a cold climate and taking this into consideration we felt we got it spot on due to all the research we had done beforehand. The clothes you wear can play a major part on a trip like this so it’s important to pre-plan and get it right.

You can find out exactly what we got up to in Iceland in our how to spend 4 days in Iceland post by clicking here

What to wear at night in Iceland

When looking and searching for what to wear in Iceland most of the articles you find were all similar to ours above this and just mention what to pack in the day and not what to wear to go out for a nice meal at night so here are our few tips to packing for Iceland in the evening:

While both of us like getting dressed up, Iceland really isn’t the place to be walking around in heels and a dress. At night we both went for I would say similar outfit styles, we both took boots with us  (more stylish ones other than our walking boots) as you still need something that will support you as you walk across the ice in Reykjavik.

We both took jeans with us and never wore any thermals to go out for food as the restaurants are warm and wearing thermals can make you too warm. As for tops we both just wore long sleeve tops with a jumper or shirt over the top and another good coat.

night time clothing in Iceland

If you are planning on going to Iceland and have heard the rumours about how expensive it is, check out our other post about just how expensive it actually is by clicking here 

If you have been to Iceland, let us know what you packed?



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