Why we book with Booking.com

We would just like to say Booking.com have not paid us to write this post but we get a lot of comments asking who we book with and why!

We always try and book most of our hotels and hostels with booking.com as they offer the best prices and the usability of the site just makes it to so simple. The option to pay on arrival and the ability to cancel and change booking dates right upto the last minute gives Kirsty a great feeling as she loves to plan everything months in advance and as travellers know plans do change very quickly so being able to have this flexibility is very good!

The site shows styles of hotels for everyone from the most luxurious to the budget hostels so you can easily choose if you would like to splash out or keep the budget tight. You can always find that 5star mega hotel but with the average person being able to list their own room on the site you can also find that absolute gem traditional tiny backstreet bed and breakfast that has been in a family for generations!

Booking.com best feature is being able to sort each listing into review and location order. This way you can find out what other people thought and wanted from the hotel. We find this is the best way in getting the best location and fit within your budget. You can also take this a step further and filter your search by reviews by couples, solo travelers, businesspeople and groups so this lets you really find the perfect place for your own situation.

We have used booking.com a lot for our trips like Iceland, Rome, Amsterdam and Barcelona plus all our UK hotels through the site and once you hit 10 bookings you then become a ‘Genius’, giving you special discounts and better bookings. This has been really good in getting an upgraded room in Iceland and 10% off lots of bookings!

When looking for the perfect place to stay the fact it shows high quality and plenty of photos is the massive reason why we use booking.com as we can see exactly what the hotel is like and get all of the relevant information we need like location and the hotels amenities plus things like bed sizes and hotel facilities. When visiting a major city you want to make sure you are in a reasonable distance from all the major attractions, this is a big thing for us when booking so having a map seeing where the hotel is based and which attractions are close by is so helpful.


Boutique Hotel H10 Montcada with booking.com


Hotel Reykjavik Marina with booking.com


Let us know if you have had any experience’s with booking.com in the comments and what your thoughts are on booking with them.


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