Best Wizarding World of Harry Potter Proposal

September was the best month for us. We were lucky enough to get to travel to our absolute favourite place so far, Disney World Orlando, and had the most amazing holiday ever, which was made even more amazing by the fact that we got engaged at Harry Potter World!

It happened right outside of the Harry Potter castle at Universal Studios and anyone that knows us will know we’re both mega Harry Potter geeks, so there couldn’t have been anywhere more special for the special moment.

Our day started with leaving Caribbean Beach Resort in Disney and catching an Uber to Universal Studios. We were so excited! Although we absolutely loved being in Disney we were both looking forward to getting out and being somewhere different, especially with all the incredible things we’d seen and heard when researching Universal Studios before hand.

universal studios

When we made it into the park we made our way straight to Diagon Alley. If you didn’t know it was there, you could completely miss it. It’s hidden behind a wall which makes it even more mind-blowing when you find what’s behind it.

With all of the Harry Potter favourites such as Olivander’s, Honey Dukes, Flourish and Blotts, and so much more you could just spend hours wondering around there. The Gringotts Bank ride was possibly the best ride of the whole trip!

The detail, creativity and imagination that goes into every little thing here are what made it by far the best day for us.

Next, we found ourselves feeling pretty close to home walking into Kings Cross Station to catch the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade over at Islands of Adventure (Yes, you actually get to ride the Hogwarts Express!!)

Harry Potter kings cross
Harry Potter hogworts express

The plan for Ryan to make that unbreakable vow

The plan for the engagement had been in place for around 6 months and very nearly all unfolded when we boarded the plane! Ryan had hidden the ring in his headphones case in his hand luggage as he wanted to keep the ring close to him incase it got lost.

Once we boarded the plane and took off Ryan got up and went to the bathroom and I decided to relax and watch a film. I went into his bag and got out some headphones. The look on Ryans face was a sight when I told him i’d been in to his bag to get them out!

I did think this was strange  but luckily we had two sets and by chance, I managed to pick out the ones that didn’t have the ring in! I don’t know what I would have done if I did find it, maybe just put it back and say nothing!!

We were wondering around Harry Potter world and he was so calm I would have never have known what was about to happen. We arrived into Hogsmeade and Ryan left me to wonder around while he went to the bathroom,

He later told me that he went in there to prepare himself. He got the  ring prepared in the Golden Snitch and placed it in his pocket. He said he knew all those months ago exactly where and how he wanted it to happen.

We walked up to Hogwarts Castle and decided we wanted a photo in front of it with the amazing castle in the background!! Ryan found two young guys and asked one of them to take a photo but strangely he asked his friend to film also on the Go Pro.

I couldn’t hear the exact conversation he had with them but did think it was strange that he handed them both devices, I just thought he was really eager to get a picture of us with the castle!

He then walked over and got down on one knee! I was so in shock I couldnt speak or do anything for what felt like forever, I just burst into tears. I was just so unaware that anything like this was going to happen but it really was one of the most magical and amazing moments of our lives and I can’t thank Ryan enough for putting so much thought and effort in to it and making it so perfect.

One of our favourite moments was the cute worker who you can see in the background of the video and photos looking super happy came up to us and offered us some free fast passes for all the rides so we quickly jumped onto the ride inside the castle! Straight after the engagement!

The experience of getting engaged at Harry Potter World will stay with us forever! And we are so happy we have the moment caught on camera so that we can watch it back in years to come and show our children and grandchildren.

Harry Potter proposal

If you’re lucky enough to visit Harry Potter world in Universal Studios we hope you have as much of an incredible time as we did, this blog only shows a tiny section of what they have on offer! (We’ll be doing a further blog all about everything else we got up to at Universal Studios)

Thank you for taking the time to read our post, it’s much appreciated and we hope you’ll enjoy reading some of our others. x

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  1. This is so lovely! Congratulations on the engagement! So lucky that you didn’t see the ring before the actual proposal. I love the reaction of the staff at Hogwarts Castle too. She looks pretty excited for the both of you! 😀

  2. Wow congratulations! I am a big harry potter fan and i love that the ring is inside a snitch!. i am sharing this to my boyfriend to give him a subtle hint. haha

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